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August 16, 20

Welland Canal Saturday - Bill Bird
1-Saginaw-8-14-10-a-bb.jpg (72482 bytes)
Saginaw upbound approaching Allanburg
2-Saginaw-08-14-10-b-bb.jpg (72074 bytes)
about to pass through Bridge 11
3-EnglishRiver-08-14-10-a-bb.jpg (71358 bytes)
English River clear of Lock 7
4-EnglishRiver-08-14-10-b-bb.jpg (73381 bytes)
Stern shot-bound for Buffalo
5-BBCRioGrande-08-14-10-a-bb.jpg (63566 bytes)
BBC Rio Grande with more windmill parts approaching old bridge 9
6-BBCRioGrande-08-14-10-b-bb.jpg (57396 bytes)
Stern view

Recent Welland Canal -
Paul Beesley
1-limnos-08-7-10-pb.jpg (100830 bytes)
CCGS Limnos entering Lock 2,  Downbound.
2-mich-08-8-10-pb.jpg (70228 bytes)
Michiganborg below Lock 2.
3-mich-08-8-10-pb.jpg (65878 bytes)
Michiganborg approaching Lock 1.
4-carib-08-12-10-pb.jpg (67612 bytes)
CCGS Caribou Isle above Lock 1. 
5-carib-08-12-10-pb.jpg (81306 bytes)
CCGS Caribou Isle approaching Lock 2.
6-algguar-08-13-10-pb.jpg (57700 bytes)
Algoma Guardian downbound toward Lock 7.
7-algguar-08-13-10-pb.jpg (62488 bytes)
Algoma Guardian approaching the wall above Lock 7 while the Canadian Progress leaves.
8-soo-08-13-10-pb.jpg (67939 bytes)
Algosoo below Lock 1.
9-soo-08-13-10-pb.jpg (78871 bytes)
Algosoo and Canadian Progress pass below Lock 1.
10-canpro-08-13-10-pb.jpg (49555 bytes)
Canadian Progress above Lock 7.
11-chest-08-13-10-pb.jpg (74995 bytes)
Chestnut clear of the flights, downbound.
12-chest-08-13-10-pb.jpg (69068 bytes)
Chestnut at Glendale Bridge toward Lock 3.
13-kam-08-13-10-pb.jpg (66113 bytes)
Kaministiqua below Lock 1.
14-piers-08-13-10-pb.jpg (54101 bytes)
Robert S Pierson passing the Spruceglen.
15-piers-08-13-10-pb.jpg (62364 bytes)
Robert S Pierson approaching the Homer bridge.
16-spruce-08-13-10-pb.jpg (79257 bytes)
Spruceglen eases out of Lock 4 East.
17-spruce-08-13-10-pb.jpg (58217 bytes)
Spruceglen with deck cooling below the Flight locks.

Lock 5 Welland Canal Saturday -
John van der Doe
P1140001.jpg (135197 bytes) P1140002.jpg (92939 bytes) P1140003.jpg (45890 bytes)    

John J. Boland loading ore at the Upper Harbor in Marquette
- Rod Burdick
1_jjb_8_10_10_rb.jpg (133381 bytes)
Scenic view
2_jjb_8_10_10_rb.jpg (121022 bytes)
Stern view

American Mariner leaving South Chicago on Saturday morning, August 14 -
Gary Clark
AmMariner-8-14-10-gc.jpg (47292 bytes)        

Paul R. Tregurtha slips under the Blue Water Bridges at dawn, on her way to deliver coal to the Edison Plants at St. Clair and Monroe -
Larry Mobbs
1-PTregurtha-8-14-10-lm.jpg (71880 bytes)        

Algosea outbound the Schuylkill River, Philadelphia PA. -
Brian M. Henesey
algosea1-8-14-10-bh.jpg (92270 bytes)
Algosea outbound the Schuylkill River
algosea2-8-14-10-bh.jpg (85556 bytes)
With no turning basin, the Algosea is being assisted astern by the Tug Timothy McAllister.
algosea3-8-14-10-bh.jpg (77432 bytes)
Half mile to go, where she will be let loose and outbound the Delaware River for sea.
algosea5-8-14-10-bh.jpg (52114 bytes)

Recent Detroit River -
J. Bantau
BBC-RIO-GRANDE-8-15-10.jb.jpg (57063 bytes)
BBC Rio Grande upbound with Windmill Parts
Chestnut1-8-6-10.jb.jpg (84421 bytes)
Chestnut offloading in Windsor
Chestnut-8-6-10.jb.jpg (62009 bytes)
Chestnut offloading sand in Windsor
Flinter-8-15-10.jb.jpg (65819 bytes)
Flinter anchored above Grassy Island
IRYDA-8-6-10.jb.jpg (72450 bytes)
Sychronized-Offloading-8-12-10.jb.jpg (50060 bytes)
Synchronized offloading in Windsor
BBC-EMS-8-6-10.jb.jpg (65252 bytes)
BBC EMS offloading in Windsor
grayfox-8-6-10.jb.jpg (77354 bytes)
Grayfox upbound Detroit River
Algoma-Guardian-8-6-10.jb.jpg (63746 bytes)
 Algoma Guardian upbound near Ambassador Bridge
Lake-Guardian-8-9-10.jb.jpg (84501 bytes)
Lake Guardian downbound north of Grassy Island

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