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August 17, 20

Mississagi in Alpena  - Ben & Chanda McClain
Miss-8-16-10-BCM-01.jpg (65658 bytes) Miss-8-16-10-BCM-02.jpg (76096 bytes) Miss-8-16-10-BCM-03.jpg (78418 bytes) Miss-8-16-10-BCM-04.jpg (84989 bytes) Miss-8-16-10-BCM-05.jpg (67402 bytes)

Seaway -
Ron Beaupre
1-salarium-16-08-10-rb.jpg (37904 bytes)
Salarium has just completed unloading salt at Prescott Elevators. She waits for Beluga Recognition to pass. 
2-recognition-16-08-10-rb.jpg (70127 bytes)
Beluga Recognition passing Ogdensburg.

Iroquois and Morrisburg Monday -
Dave Bessant
1-CaptBudBisso-08-16-10-WDB.jpg (89042 bytes)
Capt Bud Bisso entering Iroquois lock
2-CaptBudBisso-08-16-10-WDB.jpg (147914 bytes)
up close
3-CaptBudBisso-08-16-10-WDB.jpg (74848 bytes)
Stack markings
4-CaptBudBisso-08-16-10-WDB.jpg (75409 bytes)
Stern name
5-CaptBudBisso-08-16-10-WDB.jpg (139684 bytes)
Capt Bud Bisso leaving the lock
6-CaptBudBisso-08-16-10-WDB.jpg (84445 bytes)
Stern view as she begins the turn towards Morrisburg
9-Algobay-08-16-10-WDB.jpg (83211 bytes)
Algobay approaching Loyalist Park west of Mariatown
10-Algobay-08-16-10-WDB.jpg (67262 bytes)
bow pushing a lot of water
12-Algobay-08-16-10-WDB.jpg (85885 bytes) 13-Algobay-08-16-10-WDB.jpg (69348 bytes)
passing the park, bow again
14-Algobay-08-16-10-WDB.jpg (80386 bytes)
Algobay accommodations and stack
15-Algobay-08-16-10-WDB.jpg (73361 bytes)
Heading to the lock at Iroquois under the moon

Paul R. Tregurtha nearing Six Mile Point under a double rainbow -
Roger LeLievre
TregurthaPaul-rainbow-RL.jpg (29981 bytes)        

BBC Rio Grande backing into Menominee, Michigan Monday -
Mike Bancroft
Jacqueline-Nicole-1--09-16-10-mdb.jpg (95707 bytes) Menominee-Michigan-Light.jpg (53828 bytes) BBC-RIO-GRANDE-1--09-16-10-mdb.jpg (73787 bytes) BBC-RIO-GRANDE-3--09-16-10-mdb.jpg (93251 bytes) BBC-RIO-GRANDE-7--09-16-10-mdb.jpg (71210 bytes)

Lake Ontario traffic 8/12 -
Rob Wolcott
 rspeirson-8-14-10-rw.jpg.jpg (55091 bytes)
The Robert S. Pierson heads towards Hamilton with a load of Canola.
2-rspeirson-8-14-10-rw.jpg.jpg (84347 bytes)
Catching up to her after she departed the Welland canal we see her in a stiff head wind.
3-rspeirson-8-14-10-rw.jpg.jpg (87496 bytes)
The Pierson heads west as the limping Canadian Progress is making the best progress she can with one engine out.
5-rspeirson-8-14-10-rw.jpg.jpg (56821 bytes)
Bow shot of the Pierson with a "bone in her teeth"
4-rspeirson-8-14-10-rw.jpg.jpg (46057 bytes)
The Pierson now frequents Lake Ontario often. Quite a change from her time as the Wolverine where she spent most of her time on the upper lakes.
C.Progress-8-14-10-rw.jpg.jpg (81208 bytes)
The Canadian Progress limps along on one engine as seen by her stacks.
2-C.Progress-8-14-10-rw.jpg.jpg (61158 bytes)
The accommodation block of the Progress.
3-C.Progress-8-14-10-rw.jpg.jpg (71184 bytes)
Making little head way, but close to Hamilton.
6-rspeirson-8-14-10-rw.jpg.jpg (84628 bytes)
In six-foot waves the Pierson makes easy work heading to her destination.
7-rspeirson-8-14-10-rw.jpg.jpg (86289 bytes)
Close up of the Pierson's accommodation block and some of the white caps on Lake Ontario.
Algocape-8-14-10-rw.jpg.jpg (53688 bytes)
Bow shot of Algocape as she heads out of Port Weller piers.
2-Algocape-8-14-10-rw.jpg.jpg (71957 bytes)
Heading out into Lake Ontario Algocape throttles up.

Detroit Traffic
- Mike Nicholls
FRIENDSHIPb03080710mn.jpg (76739 bytes)
Friendship downbound in the Ecorse Channel. 8/7
FRIENDSHIPs05080710mn.jpg (74629 bytes) LAUDSAMb12080710mn.jpg (31851 bytes)
Sam Laud upbound in the Ballard's Reef Channel.
LAUDSAMs14080710mn.jpg (39460 bytes) ALGOSOOb16080710mn.jpg (34375 bytes)
Algosoo downbound in the Fighting Island Channel.
BOLANDJOHNJs02080810mn.jpg (48116 bytes)
John J Boland unloading at the Wyandotte Municipal Power Plant. 8/8
BOLANDJOHNJs05080810mn.jpg (44566 bytes) BELUGAFIDELITYb08080710mn.jpg (46716 bytes)
Beluga Fidelity (Antigua) in Ojibway Anchorage.
BELUGAFIDELITYs10080710mn.jpg (47356 bytes) MAUMEEb56081010mn.jpg (45061 bytes)
Maumee unloading at the Motor City Dock in the Rouge River.
MAUMEEs49081010mn.jpg (44331 bytes) STMARYSCEMENTIIb16081410mn.jpg (44710 bytes)
St Marys Cement II unloading at the St. Marys Cement Dock in the Rouge River.
STMARYSCEMENTIIs24081410mn.jpg (45566 bytes) CBC1268BISSOs07081010mn.jpg (51431 bytes)
Barge CBC 1268 and tug Capt Bud Bisso upbound at Fighting Island North Light. 8/10
BISSOBUDCAPTs29081010mn.jpg (49320 bytes)
CBC1268b20081010mn.jpg (50703 bytes) CSLASSINIBOINEs51081010mn.jpg (31046 bytes)
CSL Assiniboine in the Ojibway Anchorage.
CSLASSINIBOINEb53081010mn.jpg (29218 bytes) BARKERKAYEEb03081110mn.jpg (30377 bytes)
Kaye E Barker inbound the Rouge River at the Fort Street Bridge. 8/11
BARKERKAYEEs07081110mn.jpg (46096 bytes)
TATJANAb02081210mn.jpg (38270 bytes)
Tatjana (Antigua) upbound at Fighting Island South Light. 8/12
TATJANAs04081210mn.jpg (38153 bytes) ALGOEASTs01081310mn.jpg (39253 bytes)
Algoeast upbound off USS Great Lakes Works. 8/13
SALARIUMs05081310mn.jpg (40860 bytes)
Salarium loading at Ojibway Salt.
SALARIUMb04081310mn.jpg (34245 bytes)
KATMAIBAYb11081310mn.jpg (42081 bytes)
Katmai Bay upbound at Fighting Island South Light.
KATMAIBAYs14081310mn.jpg (41842 bytes) STECLAIREVs15081310mn.jpg (45491 bytes)
Car ferry Ste Claire V crossing to Bob-Lo Island.
ALGOWAYb18081310mn.jpg (41408 bytes)
Algoway downbound in the Ballard's Reef Channel.
ALGOWAYs20081310mn.jpg (36239 bytes)
MANITOWOCb02081410mn.jpg (35238 bytes)
Manitowoc upbound off Sterling Fuel in Windsor. 8/14
MANITOWOCs03081410mn.jpg (39726 bytes)
HOEYPATRICIAb10081410mn.jpg (61173 bytes)
Tug Patricia Hoey upbound off Zug Island
HOEYPATRICIAb23081410mn.jpg (57092 bytes)
At the N & S Bridge in the Rouge River.
BISSOBUDCAPTb30081410mn.jpg (49333 bytes)
Tug Capt Bud Bisso at Waterfront Petroleum in the Rouge River.
ALGOSARb32081410mn.jpg (40511 bytes)
Algosar upbound off Nicholson's Detroit.
ALGOSARs34081410mn.jpg (48741 bytes) ATLANTICHURONs36081410mn.jpg (36248 bytes)
Atlantic Huron downbound off USS Great Lakes Works.
BUFFALOs37081410mn.jpg (28842 bytes)
Buffalo downbound in the Fighting Island Channel.
MARINESEVENb03081510mn.jpg (49641 bytes)
Marine Seven upbound in the Hennepin Channel. 8/15
MARVINOGORRYs0608150mn.jpg (87880 bytes)
Marvin O and Gorry in Amherstburg.

Historical Perspectives -
Bob Hale
3-KIndependent-6-25-88-RH.jpg (55439 bytes)
 Kinsman Independent 6-25-88
5-KIndependent-6-25-88-RH.jpg (75566 bytes) 4-KIndependent-6-25-88-RH.jpg (76259 bytes) 1-Oakglen(1)-5-88-RH.jpg (55708 bytes)
Oakglen 1988
2-Oakglen(1)-5-88-RH.jpg (60356 bytes)

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