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August 22, 20

Buffalo Traffic - Brian Wroblewski

The tug Jacklyn moored with her spud barge across the entrance to the Union Ship Canal above the Father Baker Bridge. They were acting as a blockade to keep pleasure craft away from the environmental work being done inside the waterway.

Here we can see the fabric being laid down the Union Ship Canal to cover over the contaminated silt on the bottom of the channel. The entire waterway is being filled with fresh silt to hold down the fabric and seal off and leakage of sediment.

The tug Rebecca Lynn pushing her barge past the foot of Ontario St. in the Tonawanda Channel of the Niagara River.

The Rebecca Lynn with her bow fixed tightly inside the notch of the A-397 and pushing for the Black Rock Lock in Buffalo.

Lynn/A-397 passing through the draw on their way out to the lake in the Black Rock Canal.

CSX Presque Isle Coal Dock -
Bob Vincent

American Republic loading for Trenton Michigan

Operator's view looking forward

Another view looking aft

To take off #1 and #2 hatch covers, the mooring cables have to be release and place down between the gap in rail for the hatch crane to pass.

Sandpiper cruising  on the Maumee River

Saginaw River traffic - Todd Shorkey

Algoway outbound nearing Veteran's Memorial Bridge

Stern view

Alpena inbound at Veteran's Memorial Bridge

Joe Thompson unloading at Bay City Wirt

Putting stone on the pile

Goderich scenes -
Bruce Douglas

Saginaw unloading grain

Algoway loading salt

Mike J passing Algoway

View from the south pier

View from the lighthouse

Ludington scenes
Lou Gerard

Badger turning after arriving in Ludington Inner Harbor

Badger and Spartan as seen from Marina across the harbor.

Tug/barge Alouette Spirit/Wilf Seymour leaving Ludington after departing Dow

Badger departing Ludington in the evening

Badger passing North Pier Lighthouse and fans and heading for Manitowoc

Duluth action - Tom Caine

Isadora at anchor off Duluth


1910-built tug Callie M. at work in Superior Front Channel

Recent St. Clair River traffic - Lou Gerard

Arthur M. Anderson downbound at Port Huron

Cuyahoga upbound

Cuyahoga under the Blue Water Bridges

Canadian Transfer laid up at Sarnia

Frontenac downbound off Point Edward

McKee Sons upbound

Montrealais upbound passing Marysville

Arthur M. Anderson upbound  at Port Huron

Mississagi downbound

Stern view

American Century downbound

Going away view

Maumee upbound after sunset

Going into Lake Huron

CSL Assiniboine downbound passing Lightship Huron.

James R. Barker downbound from stern of Huron.

Robert S. Pierson upbound from Stern of Huron

Cuyahoga passing Vantage Point

Cuyahoga passing Marysville

Algosteel upbound

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