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August 25, 20

Duluth-Superior - Tom Caine
1-Calli-8-23-10-tc.jpg (68559 bytes)
Callie M. and Indiana Harbor in Superior Front Channel after I/H underwent repairs at Enbridge Ogdensburg Dock
2-IndHbr-8-23-10-tc.jpg (45977 bytes)
Indiana Harbor in Superior Front Channel
3-Calli-8-23-10-tc.jpg (56560 bytes)
Callie M. plus Indiana Harbor backing into Murphy Fuel Dock
4-Meteor-8-23-10-tc.jpg (91646 bytes)
Whaleback Museum Ship Meteor at Barker's Island
5-FedPow-8-23-10-tc.jpg (92954 bytes)
Federal Power at Cenex Harvest States 2

St. Marys Challenger in Calumet River Monday
- Lou Gerard
DSC_0131_14687.jpg (185411 bytes)
St. Marys Challenger waiting between the 92nd St. and 95th St. bridges for NS bridge to go up.
DSC_0151_14707.jpg (73158 bytes)
Coming through the 95th St. bridge.
DSC_0162_14718.jpg (78671 bytes)
Heading through the 5 bridges complex.
DSC_0171_14727.jpg (138124 bytes)
|Approaching 100th St.
DSC_0178_14734.jpg (169389 bytes)
Passing the 100th St. west Bridgetenders tower.
DSC_0192_14748.jpg (73828 bytes)
Passing tug Niki S. at 106th St.
DSC_0212_14768.jpg (68397 bytes)
Taking the bend approaching Torrence Ave.

St. Marys River Tuesday
- Roger LeLievre
Algobay-82410rl.jpg (44648 bytes)
Algobay at Six Mile Point
Queensville-82410rl.jpg (48155 bytes)
Pleasure tug Queensville
Speer-Algobay-82410rl.jpg (52336 bytes)
Edgar B. Speer passes Algobay
Speer,-Edgar-82410rl.jpg (40922 bytes)
Edgar B. Speer upbound

Saturday Blockhouse Island - Dave Bessant
1-AlgomaGuardian-08-21-10-WDB.jpg (97340 bytes)
Algoma Guardian approaching Blockhouse Island
5-AlgomaGuardian-08-21-10-WDB.jpg (48422 bytes)
Accommodations and stack
6-Everlast-08-21-10-WDB.jpg (53410 bytes)
 Everlast heading down towards Prescott
7-Everlast-08-21-10-WDB.jpg (41915 bytes)
Everlast stern view
8-CanadianTransport-08-22-10-WDB.jpg (53321 bytes)
Canadian Transport passing Oakland cemetery west of Brockville in the pouring rain on Sunday

J.R. Jensen at Manistique, Mich. in July 2009 -
Harvey Hadland
jrjensen.jpg (95172 bytes)        

Detroit Traffic -
Mike Nicholls
JOHNFRANCISb03081910mn.jpg (53476 bytes)
Tug John Francis in Nicholson's slip, River Rouge, MI. 8/19
JOHNFRANCISs01081910mn.jpg (58067 bytes) MCCARTHYWALTERJJRb12081910m.jpg (34172 bytes)
Walter J Mc Carthy Jr upbound in the Ballard's Reef channel.
MCCARTHYWALTERJJRs15081910m.jpg (46461 bytes) MARVINOGORRYs16081910mn.jpg (94330 bytes)
Ex Bob-Lo tugs Marvin O and Gorry at Amherstburg.
BBCEMSb05081910mn.jpg (32236 bytes)
BBC Ems (Antigua) downbound in the Ballard's Reef channel.
BBCEMSs06081910mn.jpg (41404 bytes) LEiTCHJOHNDb07081910mn.jpg (43340 bytes)
John D Leitch downbound in the Fighting Island channel.
LEITCHJOHNDs08081910mn.jpg (42614 bytes) DIAMONDBELLEb01082010mn.jpg (65536 bytes)
Diamond Belle downbound at the Ambassador Bridge. 8/20
DIAMONDBELLEs04082010mn.jpg (79934 bytes)
SINBADb07082010mn.jpg (75277 bytes)
Sinbad downbound off Joe Louis Arena.
SINBADs09082010mn.jpg (65518 bytes)
COLUMBIAsign01082210mn.jpg (93951 bytes)
The only change to the Str. Columbia, a perimeter fence and a sign. 8/22
FEDERALKIVALINAb04082210mn.jpg (38688 bytes)
Federal Kivalina (Hong Kong) in Ojibway Anchorage.
FEDERALKIVALINAs06082210mn.jpg (40617 bytes)
CANADIANJUBILEEb12082210mn.jpg (42975 bytes)
Dean Construction's crane barge Canadian Jubilee off the Dean Dock in La Salle.
CANADIANJUBILEEs09082210mn.jpg (38471 bytes) ISLEROUGEb14082210mn.jpg (77866 bytes)
C.C.G.S. Isle Rouge at Amherstburg.
ISLEROUGEs13082210mn.jpg (67198 bytes)
CARIBOUISLEb19082210mn.jpg (70614 bytes)
C.C.G.S. Caribou Isle at Amherstburg.
CARIBOUISLEs16082210mn.jpg (69783 bytes) ALGOWOODb20082210mn.jpg (38401 bytes)
Algowood downbound at the Livingstone Channel entry.
ALGOWOODs21082210mn.jpg (47050 bytes)  

Seaway -
Kent Malo and Capt Clarence Vautier
Evans-McKeil8-21-10-cv.jpg (113471 bytes)
Close up to the Evans McKeil
FederalKivalina8-21-10-cv.jpg (60272 bytes)
Passing the Federal Kivalina
CSL-Tadoussac8-21-10-cv.jpg (31798 bytes)
CSL Tadoussac near Hamilton.
SichemParis8-14-10-km.jpg (83338 bytes)
Sichem Paris upbound Aug. 14 at Kahnawake
CanadianNavigator8-14-10-km.jpg (86708 bytes)
Canadian Navigator downbound

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