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August 26 - 27, 20

CSX Presque Isle Coal Dock - Bob Vincent
1-Algomarine-8-26-10-bv.jpg (85445 bytes)
Algomarine unloading stone at Midwest Terminal Stone Dock
2-Algomarine-8-26-10-bv.jpg (100976 bytes)
Unloading stone from Bruce Mines 
3-Algomarine-8-26-10-bv.jpg (75965 bytes)
Another view
4-JJBoland-8-26-10-bv.jpg (73585 bytes)
John J. Boland loading for Ecorse Michigan
5-JJBoland-8-26-10-bv.jpg (92340 bytes)
Another view
6-Innovation-8-26-10-bv.jpg (68506 bytes)
Innovation coming into Toledo
7-HLWhite-8-26-10-bv.jpg (99850 bytes)
H. Lee White finishing unloading iron ore from Marquette at Torco
8-HLWhite-8-26-10-bv.jpg (87644 bytes)
Backing out of Torco Slip
9-HLWhite-8-26-10-bv.jpg (56152 bytes)
another view
10-HLWhite-8-26-10-bv.jpg (64196 bytes)
Heading for the coal dock
11-KRLuedtke-8-26-10-bv.jpg (153003 bytes)
Tug Kurt R. Luedtke
12-AFortitude-8-26-10-bv.jpg (76776 bytes)
American Fortitude in lay-up
13-AFortitude-8-26-10-bv.jpg (76296 bytes)
another view

Tug Michigan passing Brockville Wednesday with the barge Great Lakes - Dave Bessant
1-Michigan-08-25-10-WDB.jpg (63582 bytes)
Approaching Blockhouse island
2-Michigan-08-25-10-WDB.jpg (77903 bytes)
Tug Michigan with her barge Great Lakes
3-Michigan-08-25-10-WDB.jpg (76924 bytes)
Michigan close up
4-Michigan-08-25-10-WDB.jpg (52198 bytes)
5-Michigan-08-25-10-WDB.jpg (80517 bytes)
Stern view as she heads to the narrows

Wilfred Sykes at Bay Shipbuilding in Sturgeon Bay, Wisc. undergoing unloading boom repair Wednesday - Matt Ludvigson
wsykes-8-25-10-ml.jpg (97058 bytes)        

Beluga Fraternity upbound at Mariatown
- Murray Blancher
1-Beluga-Fraternity-08-23-10-mb..jpg (62439 bytes) 2-Beluga-Fraternity-08-23-10-mb..jpg (65114 bytes) 3-Beluga-Fraternity-08-23-10-mb..jpg (70301 bytes)    

Michigan guides the barge Great Lakes into the lock at Iroquois -
Ron Beaupre
1-michigan-25-08-10-rb.jpg (80467 bytes)
They are taking a cargo from Montreal to Cheboygan
2-michigan-25-08-10-rb.jpg (66087 bytes)      

Presque Isle out of the fog -
Timothy Eklund
PSQIsle-8-21-10-tce.jpg (24505 bytes)
Presque Isle was inbound at Two Harbors for a load of taconite pellets Saturday. 

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