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August 28, 20

Menominee & Marinette (Aug. 21 - 26) - Dick Lund
1-Mac-08-21-10-dl.jpg (68607 bytes)
1 - USCG Mackinaw arrives from Sturgeon Bay, where the ship had been since June 17
2-Mac-08-21-10-dl.jpg (82214 bytes)
 While there, the ship was totally repainted; here they stop in the middle of the Menominee River
3-Mac-08-21-10-dl.jpg (70061 bytes)
and use their bow and stern thrusters to move the ship sideways to the dock
4-Mac-08-21-10-dl.jpg (85110 bytes)
All tied up looking great
5-Mac-08-21-10-dl.jpg (75649 bytes)
A view from Marinette's Red Arrow Park
6-Mis-08-23-10-dl.jpg (85984 bytes)
BBC Mississippi is led stern-first by the Selvick tug, Jacquelyn Nicole, into the inner harbor on Monday
7-Mis-08-23-10-dl.jpg (95331 bytes)
 In the inner harbor heading for the Ogden Street (Menekaunee) Bridge
8-Mis-08-23-10-dl.jpg (94132 bytes)
 Part-way through the bridge
9-Mis-08-23-10-dl.jpg (76561 bytes)
Dock workers tie up the ship
10-Mis-08-25-10-dl.jpg (95398 bytes)
The tug, Jacquelyn Nicole follows the BBC Mississippi departing through the bridge on Wednesday
11-Mis-08-25-10-dl.jpg (84272 bytes)
Approaching Menominee North Pier Lighthouse heading back to Becancour
12-BF-08-26-10-dl.jpg (65849 bytes)
Beluga Fraternity turning around in the bay of Green Bay off Menominee on Thursday
13-BF-08-26-10-dl.jpg (73356 bytes)
G-Tug, Indiana, leads the ship toward Menominee North Pier Lighthouse
14-BF-08-26-10-dl.jpg (75807 bytes)
Strong winds made the stern-first entry a bit tricky at times
15-BF-08-26-10-dl.jpg (78957 bytes)
In the inner harbor the battle against the wind continues as the tug straightens out the ship as they head for the Ogden Street (Menekaunee) Bridge
16-BF-08-26-10-dl.jpg (88807 bytes)
 Safely through the bridge with no apparent difficulty, the pair arrive off the KK Integrated Logistics Dock
17-BF-08-26-10-dl.jpg (78624 bytes)
The tug pushes the stern into the dock as the ship ties up

Duluth - Superior -
Tom Caine
1-Stephan-8-25-10-tc.jpg (69297 bytes)
 Stephania 1 at anchor off Duluth
2-Kamin-8-26-10-tc.jpg (79052 bytes)
Kaministiqua departing Duluth
3-Flint-8-25-10-tc.jpg (54689 bytes)
Flinterrebecca undergoing repairs at Garfield 'C' Dock
4-Flint-8-26-10-tc.jpg (90161 bytes)
5-PRT-8-25-10-tc.jpg (40242 bytes)
Paul R. Tregurtha backing from East Gate Basin
6-PRT-8-25-10-tc.jpg (61072 bytes)
Paul R. Tregurtha backing to Murphy Fuel Dock
7-JAW-8-25-10-tc.jpg (47869 bytes)
J.A.W. Iglehart with storage cement, Lafarge Superior
8-FedPow-8-26-10-tc.jpg (86696 bytes)
 Federal Power at Cenex Harvest States 2
9-AmMar-8-26-10-tc.jpg (90156 bytes)
American Mariner at General Mills Elevator 'S'
10-JLeitc-8-26-10-tc.jpg (87157 bytes)
John D. Leitch at Cenex Harvest States 1
11-RHPJM-8-26-10-tc.jpg (82609 bytes)
Rt. Hon Paul J. Martin backing to CN Missabe 6
12-Pineg-8-27-10-tc.jpg (83418 bytes)
Pineglen loading at Cenex Harvest States 1
13-Tusca-8-27-10-tc.jpg (68567 bytes)
Tuscarora anchored off Duluth
14-Callie-8-27-10-tc.jpg (94222 bytes)
Dredge Tender Callie M. off Duluth Piers

Recent Salties Along the Seaway
- John McCreery
2-Beluga-Recognition-8-16-10-jm.jpg (99826 bytes)
 Beluga Recognition upbound near Alexandria Bay
3-Beluga-Recognition-8-16-10-jm.jpg (107778 bytes) 4-BBC-Mississippi-BRecog-8-16-10-jm.jpg (90389 bytes)
Recognition meets the downbound BBC Mississippi
5-BBC-Miss-B-Recog-8-16-10-jm.jpg (85454 bytes)
 Passing in the American Narrows
6-Flinterrebecca-8-11-10-jm.jpg (65204 bytes)
Flinterrebecca upbound at Prescott
7-Umiak-I-8-13-10-jm.jpg (99778 bytes)
Umiak I at Quebec City
8-OOCL-Montreal-8-14-10-jm.jpg (57910 bytes)
OOCL Montreal downbound passing Neuville Quebec
9-Charlevoix-8-14-10-jm.jpg (80411 bytes)
Salty dwarfed in the landscape as it passes upbound around the Isle-aux-Coudres
10-Isle--aux--Coudres-8-13-10-jm.jpg (47910 bytes)
View of the shipping channel and Isle-aux-Coudres from Les Eboulements

Seaway -
Ron Beaupre
1-olympic&clelia-27-08-10-rb.jpg (66035 bytes)
Clelia II passing Canadian Olympic above Mariatown.
2-chemtrans-27-08-10-rb.jpg (67909 bytes)
 Chemtrans Havel sliding the wall into Iroquois Lock
3-chemtrans-27-08-10-rb.jpg (95514 bytes)
Cabins and stack colours for Chemtrans Havel.
4-dongeborg-26-08-10-rb.jpg (49383 bytes)
Dongeborg passing Mariatown.

Algobay downbound at Brockville, Ont. after 6 a.m. Friday morning -
 Murray Blancher
1-Algobay-08-27-10-mb.jpg (56954 bytes) 2-Algobay-08-27-10-mb.jpg (55192 bytes)      

Edgar B. Speer passing under the Mackinac Bridge
- Rod Burdick
1_ebs_8_27_10_rb.jpg (99347 bytes)
Heading into Lake Michigan

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