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August 29, 20

Duluth - Superior - Tom Caine
1-Algolk-8-28-10-tc.jpg (77217 bytes)
Algolake loading at SMET
2-StCl-8-28-10-tc.jpg (77857 bytes)
St. Clair arriving Duluth for coal
3-Alpena-8-28-10-tc.jpg (107952 bytes)
Alpena in Duluth Ship Canal
4-Alpena-8-28-10-tc.jpg (106627 bytes)
Alpena enters harbor
5-Alpena-8-28-10-tc.jpg (59737 bytes)
 Alpena heads toward Superior Front Channel

 Marine City -
Dawn Roberts
1-Saginaw-8-28-10-dcr.jpg (41252 bytes)
Saginaw silhouetted against the brightening sky
2-Front-8-28-10-dcr.jpg (34954 bytes)
 Frontenac reflecting the sun off her bow
3-Calumet-8-28-10-dcr.jpg (64934 bytes)
Calumet pushing water, upbound
4-Dongbg-8-28-10-dcr.jpg (42756 bytes)
Dongeborg, headed to Duluth
5-BBCRh-8-28-10-dcr-.jpg (49463 bytes)
BBC Rhine, also headed to Duluth

St. Clair River activity at Harsens Island
- Rod Burdick
1_arail_8_22_10_rb.jpg (70836 bytes)
2_tad_8_22_10_rb.jpg (78676 bytes)
CSL Tadoussac
3_miss_8_23_10_rb.jpg (83795 bytes)
4_rb_8_24_10_rb.jpg (57202 bytes)
Roger Blough
5_aguar_8_24_10_rb.jpg (78613 bytes)
Algoma Guardian
6_abay_8_25_10_rb.jpg (74756 bytes)
7_manis_8_25_10_rb.jpg (82186 bytes)
8_amarine_8_25_10_rb.jpg (75743 bytes)

Port Huron and Marysville Saturday -
Bruce Hurd
101_0618.jpg (62306 bytes)
Flinterstream upbound off Marysville
101_0625.jpg (47758 bytes)
Edwin H Gott
101_0628.jpg (81682 bytes)
Thalassa Desgagnes
101_0631.jpg (69918 bytes)
 Desgagnes passing the Gott
101_0636.jpg (78651 bytes)
Charles M Beeghly downbound off Port Huron

- Bob Vincent
1--JHenry-8-28-10-bv.jpg (68174 bytes)
The King Company tug John Henry 
2-DiamondBelle-8-28-10-bv.jpg (81109 bytes)
Diamond Belle in front of CSX Presque Isle
3-DiamondBelle-8-28-10-bv.jpg (71093 bytes)
another view
4-DiamondBelle-8-28-10-bv.jpg (82994 bytes)
Diamond Belle leaving Marine Mart
5-DiamondBelle-8-28-10-bv.jpg (76907 bytes)

St. Clair River
- Herm Klein
1-BBC-8-27-10-HK.jpg (87304 bytes)
BBC Grande up below Marysville
2-SAL-8-27-10-HK.jpg (73541 bytes)
 Sam Laud up above St Clair
3-KAR-8-27-10-HK.jpg (81238 bytes)
Karen Andrie and barge Endavour
4-ASO-8-27-10-HK.jpg (63520 bytes)
Algosoo up at Recors
5-MIP-8-27-10-HK.jpg (76535 bytes)
Michipicoten up at Marine City

Soo earlier in the month -
Herm Phillips
IMG_2223.jpg (51677 bytes)
 In the little Rapids Cut.
IMG_2227.jpg (54807 bytes)
Below Mission Point.
IMG_2238.jpg (48302 bytes)
St Mary's River.
IMG_2244.jpg (63360 bytes)
Above Six Mile Point.
IMG_2251.jpg (50013 bytes)
 St Mary's River
John-Sherwin2166-10.jpg (62837 bytes)
Sherwin at Detour.
IMG_2179.jpg (60675 bytes)
 Stern View.
IMG_2182.jpg (49987 bytes) IMG_2184.jpg (89871 bytes)
Carferry Arthur K, Atkinson in background.

Soo Locks -
Michael Hurd
100_0237.jpg (55646 bytes)
Stewart J. Cort approaching the Poe Lock.
100_0229.jpg (91761 bytes)
Beluga Fraternity approaching the MacArthur Lock.

American Spirit going under the Mackinac Bridge on August 28 -
Dianne Donati
American-Spirit-8-28-10-dd.jpg (125517 bytes)        

American Century Amherstburg Channel Saturday
- John van der Doe
Colchester-28-Aug.-2010-(30).jpg (45116 bytes)

Yacht Lady Sandals on the St. Lawrence River
- Michael Folsom
Lady-Sandals-Calumet-Island,-Michael-Folsom-2010.jpg (80085 bytes)        

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