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August 30, 20

Saturday At Hamilton - John McCreery
1-Chemtrans-Havel-8-28-10-jm.jpg (99937 bytes)
Chemtrans Havel arriving at Hamilton
2-Chemtrans-Havel-8-28-10-jm.jpg (107603 bytes)
Stern view
3-Chemtrans-Havel-8-28-10-jm.jpg (77900 bytes)
Crossing the harbour towards Eastport
4-Chemtrans-Havel-8-28-10-jm.jpg (73309 bytes)
Assisted by the tug Laprairie
5-Chemtrans-Havel-8-28-10-jm.jpg (81746 bytes)
Backing towards her berth

Welland Canal Saturday
- John McCreery
1-Algocape-8-28-10-jm.jpg (72282 bytes)
Algocape out of the dry dock and on the move again
2-Algocape-8-28-10-jm.jpg (88059 bytes)
Approach to lock three
3-Algocape-8-28-10-jm.jpg (126005 bytes)
Close-up with the downbound Clipper Lancer
4-Algocape-8-28-10-jm.jpg (84991 bytes)
About to enter lock 4 west
5-Clipper-Lancer-8-28-10-jm.jpg (138171 bytes)
Clipper Lancer clear of 4 east
6-Clipper-Lancer-8-28-10-jm.jpg (73859 bytes)
Bow view approaching the Glendale bridge
7-Clipper-Lancer-8-28-10-jm.jpg (74263 bytes)
Stern view on the approach to lock 3 downbound

Duluth-Superior - Tom Caine
1-CanEnt-8-29-10-tc.jpg (81403 bytes)
Canadian Enterprise at Cenex Harvest States Elevator
2-Sundw-8-29-10-tc.jpg (53044 bytes)
Sundew was built at the slip in the background
3-Sundw-8-29-10-tc.jpg (73971 bytes)
 Retired USCGC Sundew departing
4-Sundw-8-29-10-tc.jpg (121933 bytes)
Sundew at Aerial Bridge
5-Sundw-8-29-10-tc.jpg (68358 bytes)
Sundew on Lake Superior

Toledo Docks
- Bob Vincent
1-JGMunson-8-28-10-bv.jpg (72605 bytes)
John G. Munson waiting under the CSX ship loader
2-JGMunson-8-28-10-bv.jpg (81874 bytes)
Another view
3-JGMunson-8-28-10-bv.jpg (90812 bytes)
Loading for Detroit
4-JGMunson-8-28-10-bv.jpg (100314 bytes)
Looking forward
5-JGMunson-8-28-10-bv.jpg (85258 bytes)
Aft mooring winches
6-JGMunson-8-28-10-bv.jpg (89758 bytes)
Looking into the cargo hold
7-JHThompson-8-29-10-bv.jpg (61898 bytes)
Joseph H. Thompson unloading iron ore from Marquette at Torco

Grande Mariner upbound at Brockville Saturday night
- Dave Bessant
1-GrandeMariner-08-28-10-WDB.jpg (92096 bytes)
Bow on approaching Brockville, around Maitland
2-GrandeMariner-08-28-10-WDB.jpg (79845 bytes)
At Morristown NY across from Brockville
3-GrandeMariner-08-28-10-WDB.jpg (105925 bytes)
At Blockhouse Island
4-GrandeMariner-08-28-10-WDB.jpg (89454 bytes)
5-GrandeMariner-08-28-10-WDB.jpg (80379 bytes)
Stern and stacks

Soo -
Matt Ludvigson
01-Hcjackson-8-28-10-ml.jpg (82104 bytes)
Herbert C. Jackson against the wall
02-Sjcort-8-28-10-ml.jpg (75373 bytes)
Stewart J. Cort against the wall
03-Kebarker-8-28-10-ml.jpg (77651 bytes)
Kaye E. Barker upbound above the locks
04-Kebarker-8-28-10-ml.jpg (51798 bytes)
Kaye E. Barker into the sunset
05-Bfraternity-8-28-10-ml.jpg (155912 bytes)
Beluga Fraternity locking through to Lake Superior
06-Aguardian-8-28-10-ml.jpg (78042 bytes)
Algoma Guardian along side the Stewart J. Cort

Saginaw River -
 Todd Shorkey
1-manistee-8-29-10-ts-a.jpg (61467 bytes)
 Manistee inbound at Independence Bridge
2-manistee-8-29-10-ts-b.jpg (72974 bytes)
Stern view at Bay City Wirt

Toledo -
Ken Borg
IMG_7380.jpg (38127 bytes)
Kurt Ludtke pushing a dump scow past Toledo  Light inbound to Toledo for more dredge spoils.
IMG_7384.jpg (88221 bytes)
Luedtke dredge working in Maumee Channel
IMG_7390.jpg (45198 bytes)
American Valor laid-up opposite CSX Coal  Pier 4. Oregon, OH
IMG_7404.jpg (94644 bytes)
 Diamond Belle at Maritime Center
IMG_7400.jpg (83882 bytes)
Such Crust IV on display at Marine Mart in  Toledo, Ohio
IMG_7431.jpg (50705 bytes)
John G. Munson inbound to Toledo
IMG_7450.jpg (78598 bytes)
Happy passenger on Diamond Belle  on way home.

Diamond Belle arrives at the Toledo Antique and Classic Boat Show Saturday -
Roger LeLievre
Diamond-Belle-82810rl.jpg (87217 bytes)        

Detroit River -
Mike Nicholls
TREGURTHALEEAb11082910mn.jpg (35914 bytes)
Lee A Tregurtha upbound the Detroit River. 8/29
TREGURTHALEEAs02082910mn.jpg (35807 bytes) FLINTERSTREAMb02082810mn.jpg (36057 bytes)
Flinterstream upbound off Nicholson's Ecorse. 8/28
FLINTERSTREAMs03082810mn.jpg (41719 bytes) OjibwayAnchorage06082810mn.jpg (37807 bytes)
Ojibway Anchorage.  Catherine Desgagnes, Federal Shinamto and Saginaw.
AMERICANINTEGRITYb03082710m.jpg (29632 bytes)
American Intergity dowmbound off Nicholson's Ecorse. 8/27
AMERICANINTEGRITYs0408271mn.jpg (34474 bytes) QUEENSTONs01082710mn.jpg (70105 bytes)
Bob-Lo boat landing dock, the hull of the str. Queenston.
DeanConstructionSlip0108261.jpg (58635 bytes)
Dean Construction Co. South Slip.  In La Salle, Ont.  Canadian Jubilee, Annie M Dean.  Macasssa Bay on the marine lift. 8/26
AIRDJOHNBb03082610mn.jpg (31481 bytes)
John B Arid upbound above Fighting Island North Light.
BOLANDJOHNJb06082610mn.jpg (41786 bytes)
John J Boland upbound off Nicholson's Ecorse.
BOLANDJOHNJs07082510mn.jpg (48391 bytes)      

- Ron Beaupre
1-onomichi-29-08-10-rb.jpg (89703 bytes)
Sichem Onomichi upbound at Mariatown.
2-onomichi-29-08-10-rb.jpg (99732 bytes)
She is bound for Nanticoke.
3-krystal-29-08-10-rb.jpg (55401 bytes)
Clipper Krystal sails past Mariatown on her way out of the Great Lakes.
4-maemi-28-08-10-rb.jpg (56934 bytes)
Maemi on her first trip up the Seaway.
5-maemi-28-08-10-rb.jpg (53750 bytes)
Maemi is heading for Mississauga.

Buffalo, N.Y. -
Brian W.
1-Beluga-Recognition-8-29-10-BW.jpg (94530 bytes)
North end of the Gateway Metroport Pier with a possible cargo spread out for the Beluga Recognition to take on.  It seems to be some sort of dust collection equipment or something similar.
2-Beluga-Recognition-8-29-10-BW.jpg (114144 bytes)
Ship's aft superstructure showing the company signage and the tall pilothouse area.

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