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August 31, 20

Duluth - Tom Caine
1-Donge-8-30-10-tc.jpg (61130 bytes)
Dongeborg waiting at anchor
2-Rhine-8-30-10-tc.jpg (52936 bytes)
BBC Rhine waiting at anchor
3-BeFrat-8-30-10-tc.jpg (65996 bytes)
Beluga Fraternity unloading at Port Terminal
4-MTSP-8-30-10-tc.jpg (65629 bytes)
Marine Tech Dredging off South Pier
5-RoenPT-8-30-10-tc.jpg (113894 bytes)
Roen Salvage cofferdam at Duluth Port Terminal sheet piling preservation job 

Detroit River from Windsor Monday -
John van der Doe.
Windsor-etc.-30-Aug.2010-(5).jpg (61795 bytes)
Algorail unloading gravel
Windsor-etc.-30-Aug.2010-(8).jpg (50542 bytes)
Birchglen upbound with a deck cargo windmill parts
Windsor-etc.-30-Aug.2010-(13).jpg (75717 bytes) Windsor-etc.-30-Aug.2010-(16).jpg (61867 bytes)
CSL Laurentien upbound
Windsor-etc.-30-Aug.2010-(20).jpg (60689 bytes)

Birchglen upbound the Detroit River Monday -
 Ken Borg
IMG_7457.jpg (49232 bytes)
Windmill towers as deck cargo
IMG_7456.jpg (44473 bytes)      

CSX Presque Isle Coal Dock
- Bob Vincent
1-Saginaw-8-30-10-bv.jpg (84407 bytes)
Saginaw loading for Essar Algoma
2-ARepublic-8-30-10-bv.jpg (80305 bytes)
American Republic loading for Trenton Michigan

Marquette and Menominee Sunday
- Calvin Wadzinski
1-HJackson-8-29-10.jpg (53110 bytes)
Herbert C. Jackson waits to be loaded on the north side of the ore dock in Marquette
2-KBarker-8-29-10.jpg (64661 bytes)
Kaye E. Barker waits to be loaded on the south side of the ore dock at Marquette
3-BBC-RIO-GRANDE-8-29-10.jpg (53292 bytes)
BBC Rio Grande uses its cranes to finish unloading wind turbine parts at the K&K Logistics dock in Menominee

Africaborg passing Mariatown loaded for Windsor -
Ron Beaupre
1-africa-30-08-10-rb.jpg (53685 bytes)        

Port of Montreal Sunday -
Adrian Platts
0-DMcAllister-8-29-10-AP.jpg (117153 bytes)
Museum Tug Daniel McAllister (launched as Helena 1907)
1-Theodore-8-29-10-AP.jpg (126460 bytes)
The 65' tug Theodore in the Clock Tower Basin
2-HMCSFredericton-8-29-10-AP.jpg (122977 bytes)
The 4,800 tonne frigate HMCS Frederitcon open for public tours
3-HMCSFrdericton-8-29-10-AP.jpg (83242 bytes)
HMCS Fredericton was layed down in 1992 at St John Shipbuilding, St John, primarily working as a helicopter carrier with considerable onboard radar.
4-HMCSFredericton-8-29-10-AP.jpg (124493 bytes)
Fredericton is capable of 30+ knots from Two GE LM 2500 Gas Turbines (50,000 SHP)
5-Halifax_and_Sauniere-8-29-10.jpg (89637 bytes)
Halifax and Sauniere in extended layup.  Their berths look to be shifted relative to their winter layup by the absence of Mapleglen
6-Halifax-8-29-10-AP.jpg (103156 bytes)
Close up of the Halifax, there since Dec 2008.
7-YachtClub-8-29-10-AP.jpg (97678 bytes)
Yacht club moorings in the Clock Tower Basin
8-DutchRunner-8-29-10-AP.jpg (67312 bytes)
Dutch Runner in sector 25, expect out Sunday

St. Clair River Activity at Harsens Island
- Rod Burdick 
1_rhpjm_8_23_10_rb.jpg (95469 bytes)
Rt. Hon. Paul J. Martin
2_jjb_8_24_10_rb.jpg (62786 bytes)
John J. Boland
3_acent_8_25_10_rb.jpg (51089 bytes)
American Century
4_manit_8_25_10_rb.jpg (74930 bytes)

Fish Tugs -
Shaun Vary
Ontario-Explorer-Aug-26-10-5.jpg (77003 bytes)
The second of 2 new Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources vessels, the Ontario Explorer, is now fitting out at Hike Metal Products in Wheatley. 
Lewis-Lass-Aug-26-10.jpg (83082 bytes)
Liddle Lady and Lewis Lass are idle at Wheatley.
Liddle-Lady-Aug-26-10-3.jpg (112947 bytes) Mummery-Bros.-Aug-27-10.jpg (78407 bytes)
Mummery Bros. and Royka Bros. are fishing at Port Stanley. Good catches of perch and pickerel have attracted many tugs from the west end of Lake Erie to Port Stanley.
Royka-Bros.-Aug-26-10.jpg (98225 bytes)

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