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September 1, 20

Duluth-Superior - Tom Caine 
1-AmCent-8-31-10-tc.jpg (62517 bytes)
American Century arriving Duluth Harbor
2-EdHGot-8-31-10-tc.jpg (101503 bytes)
Edwin H. Gott at CN Missabe
3-Donge-8-31-10-tc.jpg (34971 bytes)
Dongeborg at anchor
4-Donge-8-31-10-tc.jpg (66336 bytes)
Dongeborg anchored off Duluth
5-Rhine-8-31-10-tc.jpg (59414 bytes)
BBC Rhine at anchor
6-AmCent-8-31-10-tc.jpg (115568 bytes)
American Century backing up St. Louis River to be in position for SMET when PRT departs
7-Montre-8-31-10-tc.jpg (66029 bytes)
Montrealais approaching Duluth Piers

Wilfred Sykes at Bay Shipbuilding under going boom repairs
- Matt Stram
DSCN0185.jpg (64476 bytes) DSCN0184.jpg (58638 bytes) DSCN0183.jpg (66312 bytes) DSCN0173.jpg (67354 bytes) DSCN0175.jpg (90382 bytes)
DSCN0174.jpg (87929 bytes)        

American Republic at the old McLouth steel plant dock
DSCN2108.jpg (73738 bytes)
Divers attached a line to a tire that had become tangled in the propeller. - Bob Burns
DSCN2107.jpg (56682 bytes)
An excavator pulled it lose. - Bob Burns
IMG_7461.jpg (44459 bytes)
Ken Borg
IMG_7466.jpg (55120 bytes)
Ken Borg

Herbert C. Jackson heads to the Wheeling and Lake Erie ore dock in Huron with a load of taconite -
Paul Magyar
1-HERBERT-C.-JACKSON-8-31-10-PM.jpg (60315 bytes)        

Green Bay -
Scott Best
1-Stmarysconquest-08-31-10-sb.jpg (66276 bytes)
St Marys Conquest backs down the Fox River to turn around in the FRD slip.
1-PRClarke-08-31-10-sb.jpg (77196 bytes)
Stern view of Philip R Clarke backing down the Fox River.
2-PRClarke-08-31-10-sb.jpg (62545 bytes)
Philip R Clarke following the Prentiss Brown, note bow of St Marys Conquest as they turn around in the slip while the Clarke waits to do the same.
3-PRClarke-08-31-10-sb.jpg (78134 bytes)
Close up of Clarke waiting for St Marys Conquest to clear the FRD slip.

Miedwie passing Mariatown
- Ron Beaupre
1-miedwie-31-08-10-rb.jpg (56575 bytes)
She is a new ship on her first voyage into the Great Lakes.
2-miedwie-31-08-10-rb.jpg (46466 bytes)      

Robert S. Pierson unloading in Owen Sound Monday morning
- John G. Mackay
ROBERT-S-PIERSON-4.jpg (95373 bytes) ROBERT-S-PIERSON-1.jpg (79590 bytes)  

Lee A Tregurtha at Marquette -
Lee Rowe
IMG_6586.jpg (78735 bytes) IMG_6593.jpg (69220 bytes) IMG_6594.jpg (73180 bytes)    

Port of Montreal -
Kent Malo
CanadianProspector8-31-10-km.jpg (45011 bytes)
Canadian Prospector, with her forward name painted over, all these above vessel are at sec 56 north.
CanadianProspector8-31-10-km-a.jpg (61212 bytes)
Canadian Prospector with funnel painted over
AgawaCanyon8-31-10-km-a.jpg (52055 bytes)
Agawa Canyon with her bow name painted out, meaning she is done.
AgawaCanyon8-31-10-km.jpg (54085 bytes)
Agawa Canyon funnel painted over, Gordon C Leitch rafted to the Agawa Canyon was boarding supplies meaning she will be sailing soon.
CanadianProspector8-31-10-km-b.jpg (81580 bytes)
Canadian Prospector with funnel painted over, Silver Isle with her funnel still in tact and not painted over,
John-J-Carrick8-29-10-km.jpg (88218 bytes)
John J Carrick barge seen here upbound at Kanawake in the St Lawrence Seaway Aug 29.
TugVictorious8-29-10-km.jpg (75472 bytes) DutchRunner8-30-10-km.jpg (55917 bytes)
Dutch Runner seen here sec 31 Port of Montreal Aug 30
DutchRunner8-30-10-km-a.jpg (59740 bytes)
Dutch Runner in between voyages at Montreal funnel shot

St. Clair thru Death's Door -  Bob Kalal
1-8-26-10-St.-Clair.jpg (57069 bytes)        

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