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September 2, 20

St. Marys Challenger in the Calumet River Wednesday - Lou Gerard
DSC_0368_14922.jpg (57446 bytes)
St. Marys Challenger approaching EJ&E bridge.
DSC_0373_14927.jpg (92498 bytes)
St. Marys Challenger passing under 'J' bridge.
DSC_0388_14942.jpg (99017 bytes)
Passing 92nd St. bridge tenders tower. 
DSC_0395_14949.jpg (69176 bytes)
Holding short of 95th St for NS bridge to raise.
DSC_0406_14960.jpg (84262 bytes)
Happy passengers on bridge wing.
DSC_0415_14969.jpg (108430 bytes)
Heading for 5 bridges. 
DSC_0428_14982.jpg (72782 bytes)
 Approaching 106th St. and passing tug Niki S.
DSC_0454_15008.jpg (57127 bytes)
Approaching Torrence Ave.
DSC_0464_15018.jpg (89568 bytes)
 About to pass under abandoned C&WI RR and Torrence Ave.

St. Clair River Activity at Harsens Island
- Rod Burdick
1_away_8_25_10_rb.jpg (71217 bytes)
2_cuyahoga8_26_10_rb.jpg (87138 bytes)
3_arail_8_26_10_rb.jpg (96872 bytes)
4_asoo_8_27_10_rb.jpg (62782 bytes)

FFH HMCS Fredericton St Lawrence Seaway
- Kent Malo
HMCSFredericton8-31-10-km.jpg (68345 bytes)
 Bow view of the HMCS Fredericton FFH 337, up bouind for Kingston Aug, 31
Frederictonflagmast8-31-10-km.jpg (75894 bytes)
The purple flag is the  Mohawk Confederacy flag a courtesy when transiting the Kahnawake Indian Reserve.
HMCS-Fredericton8-31-10-km-a.jpg (63698 bytes)
Stern  view

Buffalo, N.Y. -
Erich Wendley
americanmariner-8-31-10-026.jpg (54454 bytes)
American Mariner leaving  General Mills.
belugarecognition-8-31-10-011.jpg (48736 bytes)
Beluga Recognition unloading at Gateway Metroport

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