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September 3, 20

Ships at Hamilton - John McCreery
1-Hulin-9-2-10-jm.jpg (103450 bytes)
Hulin's arrival at Hamilton seemingly unscathed after her grounding on Horseback Shoal and subsequent delay for inspection below the Snell Lock
2-Hulin-9-2-10-jm.jpg (132452 bytes)
 Passage under the bridges
3-Hulin-9-2-10-jm.jpg (102822 bytes)
Detail being followed in by Laprairie
4-Hulin-9-2-10-jm.jpg (100725 bytes)
Stern view
5-Maineborg-9-2-10-jm.jpg (81758 bytes)
Maineborg departing for Burns Harbor
6-Maineborg-9-2-10-jm.jpg (120280 bytes)
Stern view
7-Kelso-9-2-10-jm.jpg (172725 bytes)
Kelso arriving in port
8-Americo-Dean-9-2-10-jm.jpg (118071 bytes)
Americo Dean continues work on the refurbishing of the south pier
9-Americo-Dean-9-2-10-jm.jpg (105207 bytes)
 Dean departs as the Hamilton Police Zodiac appears
10-Hamilton-police-9-2-10-jm.jpg (98692 bytes)
Officers in the new 600hp Zodiac capable of speeds of 70mph
11-CanProgress-9-2-10-jm.jpg (104516 bytes)
Canadian Progress outbound
12-CanadianLeader-9-2-10-jm.jpg (70025 bytes)
Canadian Leader moved again but no signs of any activity
13-Hulin-9-2-10-jm.jpg (100650 bytes)
Hulin at Eastport assisted by Laprairie

South Chicago Thursday afternoon
- Lou Gerard
DSC_0471_15025.jpg (68230 bytes)
H. Lee White backing up Calumet River just clear of 92nd St.
DSC_0475_15029.jpg (84435 bytes)
Waiting for NS bridge to go up so she can proceed to KCBX.
DSC_0504_15058.jpg (59060 bytes)
Alpena passing Edenborg at North American Terminal.
DSC_0512_15066.jpg (102902 bytes)
Steaming under 'J' bridge.
DSC_0521_15075.jpg (72269 bytes)
Alpena clear of 92nd St. bridge
DSC_0529_15083.jpg (80576 bytes)
Approaching 95th after getting clearance from NS bridge
DSC_0536_15090.jpg (82250 bytes)
Alpena passing through 95th St. Bridge
DSC_0556_15110.jpg (91042 bytes)
Approaching 106th St. with H. Lee White in background at KCBX.

St. Marys River -
Roger LeLievre
Algocape-9210rl.jpg (33497 bytes)
Algocape at 4 Mile Beach, under a threatening sky.
McKee-Sons-9210rl.jpg (69595 bytes)
McKee Sons departs the Mac Lock.
Tuscarora-9210rl-1.jpg (65548 bytes)
Saltie Tuscarora in the Mac Lock.
Tuscarora-9210rl-2.jpg (86718 bytes)
Unusual deck cargo - 2/3 of a trimaran
Tuscarora-9210rl-3.jpg (79747 bytes)
Stern view. Note the trees in the locks park beginning to turn color.

CSX Presque Isle Coal Dock Toledo, Ohio
- Bob Vincent
1-Algolake-9-2-10-bv.jpg (77988 bytes)
Algolake under the ship loader
2-Algolake-9-2-10-bv.jpg (110459 bytes)
Another view
3-Algolake-9-2-10-bv.jpg (98597 bytes)
Taking on water
4-Algolake-9-2-10-bv.jpg (86590 bytes)
Stern view
5-Algolake-9-2-10-bv.jpg (69609 bytes)
Heading for Hamilton Ontario
6-Basat-9-2-10-bv.jpg (100155 bytes)
Atlas Chemical Tanker Basat
7-Basat-9-2-10-bv.jpg (77588 bytes)
Another view in front of the Algolake
8-Algomarine-9-2-10-bv.jpg (114831 bytes)
Algomarine coming into Toledo
9-Algomarine-9-2-10-bv.jpg (81013 bytes)
Algomarine turn around to back into the slip
10-Algomarine-9-2-10-bv.jpg (59343 bytes)
Getting ready to unload stone from Bruce Mines at Midwest Terminal Stone Dock

Hulin in the St. Lawrence after sunset a mile above Mariatown -
Ron Beaupre
1-hulin-01-09-10-rb.jpg (41066 bytes)        

Sturgeon Bay Activity at Bay Ship; Dorothy Ann in the dry dock  and the Sykes on the outer wall
- Matt Stram
DSCN0169.jpg (79013 bytes) DSCN0170.jpg (97081 bytes) DSCN0171.jpg (129714 bytes) DSCN0172.jpg (73532 bytes)  

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