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September 5, 20

Whitefish Bay - Matt Miner
1-FSakura1-9-4-10-mm.jpg (52009 bytes)
Upbound off Whitefish Point
2-FSakura2-9-4-10-mm.jpg (42555 bytes)
Further out in the Lake
3-Vermillon-9-4-10-mm.jpg (84943 bytes)
Looking west toward Vermillion Point
4-HCJackson-9-4-10-mm.jpg (50722 bytes)
Anchored a couple miles north of Paradise
5-Ojibway-9-4-10-mm.jpg (48428 bytes)
Anchored off Paradise

Welland Canal and Hamilton
- Eric Holmes
1-Basat-04-09-10-eh.jpg (42578 bytes)
Basat downbound below Lock 2
2-Basat-04-09-10-eh.jpg (57005 bytes)
Basat stern view
3-Carrickvic-04-09-10-eh.jpg (75673 bytes)
John J Carrick and Victorious downbound above Lock 2
4-Carrickvic-04-09-10-eh.jpg (76595 bytes)
stern view
5-Carrickvic-04-09-10-eh.jpg (70125 bytes)
1-Canolympic-03-09-10-eh.jpg (66446 bytes)
Canadian Olympic inbound Hamilton
2-Canolympic-03-09-10-eh.jpg (100868 bytes)
Canadian Olympic with the Americo Dean right behind
3-Canolympic-03-09-10.jpg (59173 bytes)
Canadian Olympic stern view

- Murray Blancher
1-Jo-Spirit-09-04-10-mb..jpg (59971 bytes)
Jo Spirit down at Mariatown
2-Cedarglen-09-04-10-mb..jpg (86550 bytes)
 Cedarglen down at Mariatown
3-Hulin-09-04-10-mb..jpg (77587 bytes)
Hulin down at Mariatown
4-Hulin-09-04-10-mb..jpg (74148 bytes)
Hulin down at Mariatown
5-Canadian-Entreprise-09-04-10-mb..jpg (72105 bytes)
Canadian Enterprise down at Mariatown

Beluga Favourisation St. Marys River -
Roger LeLievre
Beluga-Favourisation.jpg (54542 bytes)        

CSX Presque Isle Coal Dock
- Bob Vincent
1-LETregurtha-9-4-10-bv.jpg (88833 bytes)
Lee A Trequrtha loading for Algoma Essar at Sauit Ste. Marie Ontario
2-LETregurtha-9-4-10-bv.jpg (121603 bytes)
Another view
3-HRPJMartin-9-4-10-bv.jpg (96999 bytes)
Hon. Rt. Paul J. Martin waiting at # 2 wall for transit coal

Straits of Mackinac -
Dianne Donati
Mackinac-Bridge-9-4-10-dd.jpg (109473 bytes) BBC-Mississippi-9-4-10-dd.jpg (115536 bytes) Buffalo-9-4-10-dd.jpg (73309 bytes) Philip-R-Clarke-9-4-10-dd.jpg (113922 bytes)  

Salties on the St. Clair River at Harsens Island in late August
- Rod Burdick
1_bf_8_25_10_rb.jpg (67914 bytes)
 Beluga Fraternity
2_fmack_8_26_10_rb.jpg (60848 bytes)
Federal Mackinac
3_bbcm_8_26_10_rb.jpg (87366 bytes)
BBC Mississippi
4_bbcrg_8_27_10_rb.jpg (75451 bytes)
BBC Rio Grande

- Dave Bessant
2-CanadianEnterprise-09-04-10-WDB.jpg (87099 bytes) 3-CanadianEnterprise-09-04-10-WDB.jpg (85593 bytes) 4-CanadianEnterprise-09-04-10-WDB.jpg (76593 bytes) 5-CanadianEnterprise-09-04-10-WDB.jpg (90334 bytes) 8-CanadianEnterprise-09-04-10-WDB.jpg (50062 bytes)
10-TimSDool-09-04-10-WDB.jpg (99315 bytes) 11-TimSDool-09-04-10-WDB.jpg (68865 bytes) 12-TimSDool-09-04-10-WDB.jpg (83185 bytes) 15-TimSDool-09-04-10-WDB.jpg (74756 bytes) 16-TimSDool-09-04-10-WDB.jpg (57903 bytes)
2-Pineglen-09-02-10-WDB.jpg (65373 bytes) 5-AtlanticHuron-09-02-10-WDB.jpg (64612 bytes) 7-CanadianEmpress-09-02-10-WDB.jpg (84881 bytes) 9-CanadianOlympic-09-02-10-WDB.jpg (71896 bytes) 10-CanadianOlympic-09-02-10-WDB.jpg (47027 bytes)
13-GeneralBrockIII-09-03-10-WDB.jpg (77487 bytes) 14-SeaFoxII-09-03-10-WDB.jpg (79672 bytes)      

Note: Please be advised that due to the large volume of photos being submitted for inclusion in this gallery and the time constraints involved in handling each submission, only selected photos will be used.  This page will continue to generally be used only for photos related to recent news or port/area reports and will only be released as time permits. Please visit the Public Gallery to upload and share your own photos.

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