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September 7, 20

Duluth-Superior - Tom Caine
1-Manist-9-6-10-tc.jpg (87305 bytes)
Manistee entering Harbor
2-JLBlk-9-6-10-tc.jpg (75045 bytes)
Joseph L. Block entering Harbor
3-EdwH-9-6-10-tc.jpg (91885 bytes)
Edward H. inside Piers
4-EdwH-9-6-10-tc.jpg (73387 bytes)
Edward H. alongside Edenborg
5-EdwH-9-6-10-tc.jpg (69594 bytes)
Edward H. hooked-up
6-EdwH-9-6-10-tc.jpg (73819 bytes)
 Edward H. assisting Edenborg
7-EdwH-9-6-10-tc.jpg (89453 bytes)
 Edward H. close up
8-McCar-9-6-10-tc.jpg (51355 bytes)
 Walter J. McCarthy Jr. trimming with CSL Niagara standing by
9-McCar-9-6-10-tc.jpg (49446 bytes)
McCarthy departing SMET, Niagara approaching dock, and Manistee unloading salt at Hallett 8
10-McCar-9-6-10-tc.jpg (65003 bytes)
CSL Niagara making dock
11-McCar-9-6-10-tc.jpg (68246 bytes)
McCarthy clear of dock
12-McCar-9-6-10-tc.jpg (107721 bytes)
McCarthy entering Piers outbound
13-McCar-9-6-10-tc.jpg (83759 bytes)
NE wind at 32 mph, gusting to 40 mph
14-McCar-9-6-10-tc.jpg (70581 bytes)
Clearing Aerial Bridge
15-McCar-9-6-10-tc.jpg (50820 bytes)
Nearing Pierheads
16-McCar-9-6-10-tc.jpg (40805 bytes)
North Pier Light
17-McCar-9-6-10-tc.jpg (45971 bytes)
Entering Lake Superior
18-McCar-9-6-10-tc.jpg (56231 bytes)
Bridge lowering
19-McCar-9-6-10-tc.jpg (57917 bytes)
On Lake Superior

CSX Presque Isle Coal Dock - Bob Vincent
1-Maumee-9-6-10-bv.jpg (62984 bytes)
Maumee coming into Toledo
2-Maumee-9-6-10-bv.jpg (69941 bytes)
Backing under the ship loader
3-Maumee-9-6-10-bv.jpg (78841 bytes)
Maumee Plimsoll line
4-Maumee-9-6-10-bv.jpg (69590 bytes)
Darft marks on the rudder
5-Maumee-9-6-10-bv.jpg (86996 bytes)
6-Maumee-9-6-10-bv.jpg (86568 bytes)
Forward end
7-Maumee-9-6-10-bv.jpg (111556 bytes)
8-Maumee-9-6-10-bv.jpg (110423 bytes)
Twenty four foot center, telescoping hatch
9-Maumee-9-6-10-bv.jpg (91075 bytes)
Aft deck housing
10-Maumee-9-6-10-bv.jpg (76357 bytes)
Loaded and heading for Menominee Michigan

St. Marys River-
 Roger LeLievre
Federal-Rideau-9610rl.jpg (77947 bytes)
Federal Rideau at Mission Point
Federal-Rideau-9610rl-2.jpg (64978 bytes) Speer,-Edgar-9610rl.jpg (32740 bytes)
Edgar B. Speer upbound for Two Harbors
DSC_3926.jpg (351094 bytes)
Speer passengers were winners of a Lake Superior Maritime Museum trip raffle.
Speer-Passengers-9610rl.jpg (45583 bytes)

St. Mary's River over the Labor Day Weekend -
Scott McLellan
1-BelFav-4-9-10-SM.jpg (61033 bytes)
Beluga Favourisation approaching Green Point while upbound with windmill parts for Thunder Bay on September 4th
2-CSLNiag-5-9-10-SM.jpg (63675 bytes)
CSL Niagara upbound near Coyle Point. September 5th.
3-Alway-5-9-10-SM.jpg (76687 bytes)
Algoway upbound for Thunder Bay on one of her few trips to Lake Superior. September 5th.
4-Algsar-5-9-10-SM.jpg (75077 bytes)
Algosar upbound for Thunder Bay on September 5th near Everens Point.
5-SamRis-5-9-10-SM.jpg (85757 bytes)
CCGS Samuel Risley upbound at the Dark Hole.
6-CanPro-5-9-10-SM.jpg (66668 bytes)
Canadian Provider making the turn at Johnson's Point on September 5th.
7-CanPro-5-9-10-SM.jpg (90395 bytes)
Canadian Provider passing the sign noting the history of Sailor's Encampment.
8-Buffa-5-9-10-SM.jpg (70898 bytes)
Buffalo was following closely behind the Provider.
9-PRCres-6-9-10-SM.jpg (95799 bytes)
Peter R Cresswell at Coyle Point on September 6. She is in ballast at heading for Superior, Wisconsin.
10-PRT-6-9-10-SM.jpg (63734 bytes)
Paul R Tregurtha at Johnson's Point.
11-FedRid-6-9-10-SM.jpg (70382 bytes)
Federal Rideau turns at Johnson's Point on her trip to Essar Steel. September 6th.

Marquette, Mich.
- Lee Rowe
MichipicotenLR09061015.jpg (46918 bytes)
Michipicoten backing away from the dock
CMBeeghlyLR09061012.jpg (84016 bytes)
Charles M Beeghly departing
MesMinerLR09061002.jpg (65416 bytes)
Mesabi Miner arriving with a load of coal.

Sandusky, Ohio -
Dawn Roberts
1-Algolake-9-6-10-dcr.jpg (71980 bytes)
Algolake inbound to Sandusky, as seen from Marblehead Lighthouse.
2-Algolake-9-6-10-dcr.jpg (34424 bytes)
Algolake with Sandusky Coal Dock
3-Algolake-9-6-10-dcr.jpg (34359 bytes)
Algolake moving into position

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