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September 8, 20

Hamilton and Bronte, Ont. -  Eric Holmes
1-Janadesganges-06-09-10-eh.jpg (63357 bytes)
Jana Desganges at the Petro Canada Pier in Bronte
2-Americodean-07-09-10-eh.jpg (76376 bytes)
Americo Dean in the Burlington Ship Canal
3-Americodean-07-09-10-eh.jpg (75113 bytes)
stern view
4-HMCSfredericton-07-09-10-eh.jpg (55510 bytes)
 HMCS Fredericton inbound Burlington Piers
5-HMCSfredericton-07-09-10-eh.jpg (64520 bytes)
6-HMCSfedericton-07-09-10-eh.jpg (110165 bytes)
stern view

Detroit Traffic - Mike Nicholls
CALUMETs01090410mn.jpg (38338 bytes)
Calumet upbound at the Rouge Short Cut.
COLUMBIAb0109090510mn.jpg (61098 bytes)
Columbia at Nicholson's Slip.
HOLLYHOCKb03090510mn.jpg (36171 bytes)
Hollyhock downbound in the Fighting Island Channel.
HOLLYHOCKs04090510mn.jpg (54420 bytes)  

Recent Upper Harbor Activity in Marquette
- Rod Burdick
1_mich_8_31_10_rb.jpg (162770 bytes)
 Michipicoten departing
2_keb_9_2_10_rb.jpg (92997 bytes)
Kaye E. Barker loading ore on a windy day
3_keb_9_2_10_rb.jpg (97899 bytes)
Stern view and rough waters

John J Boland on a rare trip to Marquette for ore
- Lee Rowe
IMG_6847.jpg (71441 bytes)        

Frontenac upbound on Lake Erie off Pelee Point on Monday afternoon, bound for Thunder Bay - Rodney Aitchison
1-Frontenac-9-6-10-ra.jpg (88212 bytes)        

 Tall ship Appledore V sailed past anchored Samuel de Champlain and barge Innovation in the Straits of Mackinaw -
Fred Stone
1-Innovation090710FS.jpg (89414 bytes)
Eastbound Appledore V approaching Samuel de Champlain and Innovation.
2-AppledoreV090710FS.jpg (65610 bytes)      

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