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September 10, 20

Saginaw River - Todd Shorkey
1-mariner-9-9-10-ts-a.jpg (77971 bytes)
American Mariner unloading at Consumers Energy
2-mariner-9-9-10-ts-b.jpg (81918 bytes)
Another view

Mariatown -
Ron Beaupre
1-songadiam-05-09-10-rb.jpg (44638 bytes)
Songa Diamond heads up the river at Mariatown.
2-amazone-05-09-10-rb.jpg (84955 bytes)
Amazoneborg slides the wall approaching Iroquois Lock.
1-uscgalder-06-09-10-rb.jpg (65741 bytes)
USCG Alder heads up the St. Lawrence past Mariatown.
2-uscgalder-06-09-10-rb.jpg (74260 bytes)
She is returning from the east coast.

CSX Presque Isle Coal Dock
- Bob Vincent
1-RSPeirson-9-8-10-bv.jpg (93493 bytes)
Robert S. Pierson under the ship loader
2-RSPeirson-9-8-10-bv.jpg (91299 bytes)
Finished loading and heading out
3-RSPeirson-9-8-10-bv.jpg (64034 bytes)
Heading for Algoma Essar in Sault Ste. Maria, Ontario

OSC Vllistdiep passing Port Huron Thursday morning -
Bruce Hurd
101_0691.jpg (80597 bytes)        

Detroit Traffic Sept. 8 -
Mike Nicholls
ISLEROUGEb04090810mn.jpg (79826 bytes)
C.C.G.S. Isle Rouge at the Amherstburg Coast Guard Station.
ISLEROUGEs01090810mn.jpg (62434 bytes) CAPEHURDb06090810mn.jpg (73633 bytes)
C.C.G.S. Cape Hurd at Amherstburg.
CAPEHURDs02090810mn.jpg (61609 bytes) CAPEDUNDASb10090810mn.jpg (69642 bytes)
C.C.G.S. Cape Dundas at Amherstburg.
CAPEDUNDASs07090810mn.jpg (75814 bytes) PRIDEOFBALTIMOREIIb13090810.jpg (42904 bytes)
Pride of Baltimore II downbound at the Livingstone Crossing.
PRIDEOFBALTIMOREIIs14090810.jpg (53256 bytes)    

USCG Mackinaw backs from the USCG base to the Carbide Dock in Soo harbor Wednesday
- Roger LeLievre
Mackinaw-9810rl.jpg (58734 bytes)        

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