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September 13, 20

Saturday at Welland Canal - Bill Bird
1-Canadian-Progress-09-11-2010-bb.jpg (67486 bytes)
Canadian Progress through Bridge 21 will tie up on the west side above Lock 8 to receive supplies and await traffic.
2-AlgomaGuardian09-11-2010-a-bb.jpg (48033 bytes)
Algoma Guardian upbound at Ramey's Bend
3-AlgomaGuardian-09-11-2010-b-bb.jpg (92227 bytes)
Stern shot-Algoma Guardian would tie up at stone dock for repairs. (63064 bytes)
Canadian Provider moving past Canadian Progress and approaching Lock 8
5-CanadianProvider-09-11-2010-a-bb.jpg (65098 bytes)
Canadian Provider out of the lock and passing stone dock.
6-CanadianProvider-09-11--2010-b-bb.jpg (73972 bytes)
Stern shot
7-Algoway-09-11-2010-a-bb.jpg (81234 bytes)
Algoway clear of Lock 8
8-Algoway-09-11-2010-b-bb.jpg (70804 bytes)
Stern shot
9-MarthaLBlackGordonCLeitch-009-11-2010-bb.jpg (73473 bytes)
Icebreaker Martha L Black and Gordon C Leitch in drydock.
10-GordonCLeitch-09-11-2010-bb.jpg (81675 bytes)
Leitch close up.
11-GordonCLeitch-09-11-2010-b-bb.jpg (101383 bytes)
Stern shot indicates work being done in engine room.  When ready Leitch will be out for the fall grain rush  

Goderich update, Friday - Bruce Douglas
1-Algorail-9-10-10-bjd.jpg (70020 bytes)
Algorail loading salt at noon.
2-Algorail-9-10-10-bjd.jpg (1020634 bytes)
View from South pier.
3-Algorail-9-10-10-bjd.jpg (110901 bytes)
View from the lighthouse.
4-Algorail-9-10-10-bjd.jpg (88103 bytes)
View from the castle.
 5-Algorail-9-10-10-bjd.jpg (107380 bytes)
Loaded, sailing into the 'diamonds' at 6 p.m.

Rough waves on Lake Superior last Sunday -
Matt Miner
1-AMA1-9-5-10-mm.jpg (41836 bytes)
Arthur M Anderson downbound
2-AMA2-9-5-10-mm.jpg (77738 bytes)
Rounding Whitefish Point
3-Niagara1-9-5-10-mm.jpg (49491 bytes)
CSL Niagara taking on some waves
4-Niagara2-9-5-10-mm.jpg (50529 bytes)
5-NiaFlinter-9-5-10-mm.jpg (37893 bytes)
CSL Niagara & Flinterrebecca passing

Seaway -
Ron Beaupre
1-mteast-10-09-10-rb.jpg (65961 bytes)
Algoeast meeting Maritime trader in the Seaway.
2-mteast-10-09-10-rb.jpg (56943 bytes)
Maritime Trader is hauling grain from Hamilton to Sorel.
3-canav-10-09-10-rb.jpg (37410 bytes)
 Canadian Navigator sailing past Mariatown.
4-canav-10-09-10-rb.jpg (46174 bytes)
 The stern section was built as Demeterton in 1967.
5-canav-10-09-10-rb.jpg (67547 bytes)
Canadian Navigator passing Mariatown.

St. Clair River -
Larry Mobbs
1-PTregurtha-9-10-2010-lm.jpg (48444 bytes)
Paul R. Tregurtha exiting Lake Huron on her way to the Edison Plant in St. Clair on 9/10
 2-Clelia2-9-9-2010-lm.jpg (62327 bytes)
Clelia II slips into the St. Clair River on her way to Toronto, 9/9

Algorail under the Mackinac Bridge on Saturday -
Dianne Donati
Algorail-2-9-11-10-dd.jpg (94142 bytes)        

Welland Canal -
Rob Hartley
algoway-002.jpg (82967 bytes)
Algoway leaving Lock 1  Sept. 12
algoway-005.jpg (85184 bytes) algoway-006.jpg (71791 bytes) algoway-008.jpg (92411 bytes) algoway-011.jpg (68943 bytes)
007.jpg (77663 bytes)
Algomarine leaving Lock 3 Sept 8
014.jpg (118759 bytes)      

Welland Canal -
 Al Howard
Atlantic-Huron-9.12.2010-ah-a.jpg (75619 bytes)
Atlantic Huron arrived at wharf 2 Sunday morning
Thalassa-Desgagne-9.12.2010-ah-a.jpg (58354 bytes)
Thalassa Desgagne
Thalassa-Desgagne-9.12.2010-ah-b.jpg (74944 bytes) Thalassa-Desgagne-9.12.2010-ah-c.jpg (88486 bytes) Hamilton-Energy-9.12.2010-ah-a.jpg (91108 bytes)
Hamilton Energy
Hamilton-Energy-9.12.2010-ah-e.jpg (77912 bytes)
Along side to fuel
Hamilton-Energy-9.12.2010-ah-b.jpg (101051 bytes) Hamilton-Energy-9.12.2010-ah-d.jpg (83803 bytes)    

Duluth/ Superior -
Travis Chadwick
1-miedwie-9-11-10-tc.jpg (101676 bytes)
New vessel Miedwie arriving at night for grain.
2-tchadwick-9-11-10-tc.jpg (60695 bytes)
A sight not seen of Duluth in years. Four salties anchored waiting for their turn to load grain and the Sam Laud departing light for Silver Bay and taconite.
3-tchadwick-9-11-10-tc.jpg (64303 bytes)
Another view of the four salties.
4-quebecois-9-11-10-tc.jpg (56561 bytes)
Quebecois unloading cement at Holcim and Birchglen passes.
5-birchglen-9-11-10-tc.jpg (85885 bytes)
Birchglen on her way to load coal at SMET, passes Edenborg loading grain at CHS.
6-kam-9-11-10-tc.jpg (49534 bytes)
Kaministiqua coming in from anchor for grain leaving another saltie waiting her turn.
7-tregurtha-9-11-10-tc.jpg (51205 bytes)
Paul R. Tregurtha arriving Duluth for coal.
8-buffalo-9-11-10-tc.jpg (49764 bytes)
Buffalo departing Duluth after unloading stone.
9-buffalo-9-11-10-tc.jpg (56707 bytes)
Stern view on the open lake
10-shelley-9-11-10-tc.jpg (127245 bytes)
 J. W. Shelley loading grain under a threatening sky.
11-bbcrhine-9-11-10-tc.jpg (52117 bytes)
BBC Rhine and Beluga Fraternity waiting their turn at the grain docks. BBC Rhine had unloaded wind turbine parts.
12-flinterrebecca-9-11-10-tc.jpg (102945 bytes)
Flinterrebecca loading grain at CHS.
13-dongeborg-9-11-10-tc.jpg (137427 bytes)
Dongeborg also loading grain on the same morning at CHS.

Duluth-Superior - Tom Caine
1-Kam-8-10-10-tc.jpg (75762 bytes)
 Kaministiqua loading at Cenex Harvest States 2
2-Kam-8-10-10-tc.jpg (76680 bytes)
Kaministiqua backing from slip assisted by tug at stern
3-HCJack-8-10-10-tc.jpg (51044 bytes)
Herbert C. Jackson approaching Duluth
4-HCJack-8-10-10-tc.jpg (46596 bytes)
Herbert C. Jackson, Beluga Fairy, Africaborg, Isa, off Duluth
5-HCJack-8-10-10-tc.jpg (87590 bytes)
Herbert C. Jackson loading at Cenex Harvest States 1
6-PRClrk-8-10-10-tc.jpg (81862 bytes)
 Phillip R. Clarke at CN Missabe Dock 6
7-PRClrk-8-10-10-tc.jpg (105990 bytes)
Phillip R. Clarke under the chutes
8-Provid-8-10-10-tc.jpg (135403 bytes)
F/V Provider at Lake Superior Fish Co. Dock

Detroit River -
Mike Nicholls
DetroitRiverLight01091010mn.jpg (41765 bytes)
Detroit River Light.
Bob-LoLighthouse11091010mn.jpg (192834 bytes)
Bob-Lo Lighthouse.
CBC1270s25091010mn.jpg (45457 bytes)
Barge CBC 1270 upbound above Detroit River Light.
CBC1270s03091010mn.jpg (38740 bytes) BOLANDJOHN-Jb05091010mn.jpg (34237 bytes)
John J Boland downbond at Detroit River Light.
BOLANDJOHN-Js06091010mn.jpg (35991 bytes) STECLAIREVb17091010mn.jpg (42269 bytes)
Ste Claire V approaching Bois Blanc Island.
Bob-LoDocks13091010mn.jpg (66944 bytes)
Bob-Lo Dock
Bob-LoDockb16091010mn.jpg (67074 bytes) EDENBORGs18091010mn.jpg (39850 bytes)
Edenborg downbound at the Hole In the Wall, Livingstone Channel.
ELJAGUARs22091010mn.jpg (40110 bytes)
Tug El Jaguar upbound at Fighting Island South Light.
SHESMYLADYb26091010mn.jpg (46521 bytes)
Yacht Shes My Lady downbound at Mama Juda.
GrassyIsland28091010mn.jpg (57130 bytes)
Grassy Island core drilling project.
BARKERJAMESRb31091010mn.jpg (39035 bytes)
James R Barker upbound at Fighting Island North Light.
ALOUETTESPIRITb32091010MN.jpg (41628 bytes)
Alouette Spirit and Wilf Seymour downbound below Nicholson's Ecorse.
ALOUETTESPIRITs35091010mn.jpg (44344 bytes) SEYMOURWILFs34091010mn.jpg (50587 bytes) SEYMORWILFb33091010mn.jpg (57025 bytes)

CALLAWAYCASONJb38091010mn.jpg (37410 bytes)
Cason J Callaway at Carmeuse Dock in the Rouge River.
CALLAWAYCASONJs39091010mn.jpg (48119 bytes)
BLOUGHROGERb40091010mn.jpg (39840 bytes)
Roger Blough downbound off Zug Island.
BLOUGHROGERs41091010mn.jpg (44619 bytes) AMAZONBORGs42091010mn.jpg (41827 bytes)
Amazonborg at Morterm in Windsor.
INTEGRITYb01091110mn.jpg (39449 bytes)
Integrity at Lafarge Springwells. 09-11-10

Historical Perspectives -
1975 Detroit River Tugboat Race - Terri Cole
TUG-BOAT-RACES-2.jpg (97303 bytes)  TUG-BOAT-RACES.jpg (150577 bytes) JAMES-A-HANNAH-PILOT-HOUSE.jpg (93019 bytes)
Capt. Nutsey Hebert
CAPT.-DADDY-1974.jpg (67522 bytes)  

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