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September 14, 20

Duluth-Superior - Tom Caine
1-Maineb-9-11-10-tc.jpg (83980 bytes)
Maineborg at General Mills 'A'
2-FedShi-9-11-10-tc.jpg (72228 bytes)
Federal Shimanto with tugs
3-Minnes-9-11-10-tc.jpg (95853 bytes)
Tug Minnesota
4-Kentuc-9-11-10-tc.jpg (107517 bytes)
Kentucky starting turn
5-Kentuc-9-11-10-tc.jpg (76562 bytes)
Kentucky close up
6-Kentuc-9-11-10-tc.jpg (76137 bytes)
Tug Kentucky
7-Kentuc-9-11-10-tc.jpg (91695 bytes)
Kentucky completing turn
8-AtlEri-9-11-10-tc.jpg (81611 bytes)
Atlantic Erie departing SMET
9-FedRid-9-12-10-tc.jpg (82567 bytes)
Federal Rideau at anchor off Duluth
10-Avenge-9-12-10-tc.jpg (88033 bytes)
Avenger IV and PML 9000 outbound with scrap iron loaded at Hallet 5
11-Miedw-9-12-10-tc.jpg (57087 bytes)
Miedwie loading at Peavey Elevator
12-CalPat-9-12-10-tc.jpg (61236 bytes)
Calliroe Patronicola and Africaborg at anchor
13-CalPat-9-12-10-tc.jpg (62859 bytes)
Calliroe Patronicola and Baluga Fairy at anchor
14-CalPat-9-12-10-tc.jpg (61355 bytes)
Calliroe Patronicola at anchor off Duluth
15-JRBar-9-12-10-tc.jpg (116145 bytes)
James R. Barker approaching Murphy Fuel Dock

St. Marys Challenger in Calumet River Monday -
Lou Gerard
DSC_0105_15660.jpg (79131 bytes)
St. Marys Challenger approaching 95th St.
DSC_0130_15685.jpg (98785 bytes)
Clear of 5 bridges approaching 100th St.
DSC_0143_15698.jpg (155891 bytes)
Her ever present steam plume.
DSC_0165_15720.jpg (77916 bytes)
Coming up to 106th St. 
DSC_0212_15767.jpg (60113 bytes)
Rounding bend approaching Torrence Ave.
DSC_0233_15788.jpg (80818 bytes)
About to steam under Torrence Ave bridge. 

Algoway entering the Black River in Lorain
- Paul Magyar
1-ALGOWAY-9-13-10-PM.jpg (63140 bytes) 2-ALGOWAY-9-13-10-PM.jpg (79565 bytes)
Algoway rounds the bend on the approach to the Charles Berry Bridge.

Clelia II passing Port Huron upbound Sept. 9 -
Larry Mobbs
1-Clelia_II-9-13-2010-lm.jpg (95799 bytes)        

Brockville Saturday -
Dave Bessant
2-CuyahogaPochard-09-11-10-WDB.jpg (47167 bytes)
Cuyahoga leading Pochard upstream past Brockville
6-Pochard-09-11-10-WDB.jpg (51967 bytes)
Pochard approaching Blockhouse
9-Pochard-09-11-10-WDB.jpg (69696 bytes)
Stern view
10-ThalassaDesgagnes-09-11-10-WDB.jpg (60911 bytes)
 Thalassa Desgagnes approaching Blockhouse
12-ThalassaDesgagnes-09-11-10-WDB.jpg (41339 bytes)
Stern view

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