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September 15, 20

Tuesday at Brockville - Dave Bessant
1-Everlast-09-14-10-WDB.jpg (22569 bytes)
Everlast with her barge Norman McLeod approaching Blockhouse Island
2-Everlast-09-14-10-WDB.jpg (53229 bytes)
Stack markings
3-Everlast-09-14-10-WDB.jpg (83511 bytes)
Upbound stern view
4-Orsula-09-14-10-WDB.jpg (62041 bytes)
Orsula approaching Blockhouse Island
5-Orsula-09-14-10-WDB.jpg (66091 bytes)
Orsula's bow
6-Orsula-09-14-10-WDB.jpg (64176 bytes)
Accommodations and stack
8-Orsula-09-14-10-WDB.jpg (57053 bytes)
Stern view heading upriver
9-Richelieu-09-14-10-WDB.jpg (59603 bytes)
Richelieu downbound across from the Brockville Yacht Club
10-Richelieu-09-14-10-WDB.jpg (74241 bytes)
11-Richelieu-09-14-10-WDB.jpg (64365 bytes)
Accommodations in the sun
12-Richelieu-09-14-10-WDB.jpg (45379 bytes)
This happens a lot here
13-Richelieu-09-14-10-WDB.jpg (75151 bytes)
Heading down to Prescott past Blockhouse Island
14-MontrealaisRichelieu-09-14-10-WDB.jpg (66325 bytes)
Montrealais approaching while Richelieu heads away at Maitland
15-Montrealais-09-14-10-WDB.jpg (60650 bytes)
Montrealais across from Morristown, N.Y.
16-Montrealais-09-14-10-WDB.jpg (57980 bytes)
Approaching Blockhouse
17-Montrealais-09-14-10-WDB.jpg (39297 bytes)
Stern view with the lights on in the dusk

Duluth-Superior - Tom Caine
1-PRT-Mc-9-13-10-tc.jpg (84801 bytes)
Paul R. Tregurtha backing into position for SMET while Walter J. McCarthy Jr. loads coal
 2-BFairy-9-13-10-tc.jpg (104191 bytes)
Beluga Fairy finishes loading at Cenex Harvest States 1
3-Miedwie-9-13-10-tc.jpg (69508 bytes)
Miedwie departs loaded with Durum Wheat for Italy

Joseph H. Thompson at the Upper Harbor in Marquette
- Rod Burdick
1_jht_9_10_10_rb.jpg (103897 bytes)
Loading ore

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