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September 16, 20

Seaway and Port of Montreal - Kent Malo
Tony-Mackay9-15-10-km.jpg (68174 bytes)
Tony Mackay and former Canadian destroyer Fraser at sec 50 waiting to depart for Port Maitland, Ontario.
Sirocco9-15-10-km.jpg (62533 bytes)
The red tug Sirocco fueling from tanker trucks at sec 52 before leaving with the Agawa Canyon scrap tow.
SandraMary9-15-10-km.jpg (73498 bytes)
Tug Sandra Mary entering the Seaway at CIP 2 Oshawa bound.
MaritimeTrader9-15-10-km.jpg (67027 bytes)
Maritime Trader close behind the Sandra Mary also Seaway bound at CIP 2.
GeorgieBain9-15-10-km.jpg (72050 bytes)
Ocean Georgie (short for Georgette) Bain combining fire exercises with the Montreal F D on a barge in the old port.
AgawaCanyon9-15-10-km.jpg (61399 bytes)
Agawa Canyon as she looks today she is the one in the centre with boom. Men are working on the Algoilse getting her ready for a tow overseas, notice the stack marking have been painted over.
TonyMackay-and-Frasertow915-10-km.jpg (53087 bytes)
Tony Mackay and the ex Canadian Navy DDH Fraser up bound in the south shore canal above Montreal.
Vigilant1-9-15-10-km.jpg (78262 bytes)
Vigilant 1 bringing up the rear.
DDHFraser9-15-10-km.jpg (65550 bytes)
Ex Canadian Destroyer  Fraser commissioned 1957 at Vancouver Burrard Dry Dock, paid off 1994,
TonyMackay9-15-10-km.jpg (86928 bytes)
Tony Mackay
ExDDHFraser-km.jpg (60916 bytes)
Another view of the once state of the art DDH Fraser up bound in the south shore canal

Alpena at South Chicago Wednesday
- Lou Gerard
DSC_0335_15888.jpg (92130 bytes)
Alpena steaming under EJ&E bridge.
DSC_0363_15916.jpg (105398 bytes)
Heading for 5 bridge complex.
DSC_0371_15924.jpg (113683 bytes)
Approaching 100th St.
DSC_0386_15939.jpg (88390 bytes)
Passing Manitowoc loading at KCBX.
DSC_0396_15949.jpg (69137 bytes)
Alpena coming up to 106th St.
DSC_0434_15987.jpg (56716 bytes)
Rounding the bend at 126th st. approaching Torrence Ave.
DSC_0460_16013.jpg (65865 bytes)
Clear of NS and Torrence Ave Bridges.
DSC_0484_16037.jpg (72517 bytes)
Backing up to LaFarge dock at 130th St.

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