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September 17, 20

South Chicago Thursday - Lou Gerard
DSC_0020_16083.jpg (75207 bytes)
St. Marys Challenger passing Pere Marquette/Undaunted in Calumet Harbor.
DSC_0041_16104.jpg (84860 bytes)
The Challenger passing under EJ&E bridge.
DSC_0048_16111.jpg (70942 bytes)
Approaching 95th St.
DSC_0071_16134.jpg (97059 bytes)
Steaming through 5 bridges.
DSC_0102_16165.jpg (62386 bytes)
Clear of 100th St. passing KCBX.

DSC_0119_16182.jpg (81729 bytes)
Approaching 106th St. with KCBX in background.
DSC_0146_16209.jpg (66303 bytes)
Heading for Wisconsin Steel Bend.

DSC_0162_16225.jpg (106811 bytes)
Manitowoc and tug Colorado bound for KCBX waiting for NS bridge to raise.

Goderich, Ont. Monday - Bruce Douglas
1-Liamore-9-13-10-bjd.jpg (50624 bytes)
Liamore approaching, from Netherlands.
2-Liamore-9-13-10-bjd.jpg (95016 bytes)
Liamore loading grain.
3-Algosoo-9-13-10-bjd.jpg (70585 bytes)
Algosoo backing-in with MacDonald's three tugs assisting.
4-Algosoo-9-13-10-bjd.jpg (58680 bytes)
Warm sun on the bow.
5-Algosoo-9-13-10-bjd.jpg (65877 bytes)
Algosoo from south pier.
6-Algosoo-9-13-10-bjd.jpg (112113 bytes)
Algosoo view from lighthouse area.
7-Algosoo-9-13-10.jpg (104280 bytes)
Algosoo from the castle.
8-Algosoo-9-13-10-bjd.jpg (78829 bytes)
Algosoo loading salt while the sun goes down.

Recent Activity in Marquette
- Rod Burdick
1_tugRK_9_7_10_rb.jpg (92969 bytes)
Tug Rochelle Kaye at the Lower Harbor
2_kebmich_9_8_10_rb.jpg (96288 bytes)
Kaye E. Barker and Michipicoten docked together on the south side of the Upper Harbor ore dock
3_jhtcmb_9_10_10_rb.jpg (98075 bytes)
Charles M. Beeghly arriving with Joseph H. Thompson at the ore dock

Welland Canal -
Dave Wobser
1-Cresswell-9-16-10-djw.jpg (60587 bytes)
Peter R. Cresswell leaving Lock One
2-Cresswell-9-16-10-djw.jpg (63261 bytes)
Cresswell upbound between Lock One and Two
3-Cresswell-9-16-10-djw.jpg (73343 bytes)
Cresswell stern view headed for Lock Two
4-C-Trans-9-16-10-djw.jpg (54748 bytes)
Canadian Transport downbound approaching the Homer Bridge.

HMCS Fraser tow near Eisenhower Lock -
Leo J. Ames
1-Fraser-9-16-10-la.jpg (41986 bytes)
Tony Mackay, towing the retired Canadian naval destroyer HMCS Fraser through Eisenhower Lock early Thursday morning towards Massena NY and her final destination of Port Maitland.
2-Fraser-9-16-10-la.jpg (62703 bytes)
Fully raised in Eisenhower Lock, the HMCS Fraser tow prepares to continue her final journey
3-Fraser-9-16-10-la.jpg (60163 bytes)
The tow continues it's trip to her final destination.
4-Fraser-9-16-10-la.jpg (77946 bytes)
Exiting the lock and heading towards Massena NY
5-Fraser-9-16-10-la.jpg (67151 bytes)
HMCS Fraser appearing downriver as the tow continues in the morning light
6-Fraser-9-16-10-la.jpg (67577 bytes)
Showing the lines that made her and subsequent classes of Canadian destroyers so effective at their job of hunting submarines in the tough weather of the North Atlantic
7-Fraser-9-16-10-la.jpg (61263 bytes)
The Tony Mackay with the Vigilant 1 at the stern continue the sad task of delivering a proud ship to her final destination
8-Fraser-9-16-10-la.jpg (43735 bytes)
A final shot showing the Fraser as she continues her journey upriver

Fraser at Iroquois
- Dave Bessant
HMCS Fraser was commissioned into the RCN on 28 June 1957 and given the pennant DDE 233 as a Destroyer Escort. Later she became a Destroyer Helicopter Escort DHE and she got a second life with a refit in 1982. She was decommissioned in 1994 and placed on reserve. There have been a lot of possibilities explored for her since that time including her use as a Museum, or as an artificial reef if sunk, but in the end it was decided last month to scrap her. She is being towed to Port Colborne to the Marine Recycling Facility there. She was of the St Laurent class and her sister ships were the Assiniboine, Margaree, Ottawa, Saguenay, Skeena and St Laurent.
1-Fraser-09-16-10-WDB.jpg (93787 bytes)
Heading to the Iroquois locks west of Mariatown
2-Fraser-09-16-10-WDB.jpg (73639 bytes)
HMCS Fraser entering the lock towed by the tug Tony Mackay and followed by the tug Vigilant I
3-Fraser-09-16-10-WDB.jpg (85513 bytes)
Her Bow with some workers and her pennant to "Support Our Troops"
4-Fraser-09-16-10-WDB.jpg (64590 bytes)
Fraser still has lovely lines
5-TonyMackay-09-16-10-WDB.jpg (86834 bytes)
Tug Tony Mackay
6-Fraser-09-16-10-WDB.jpg (94905 bytes)
She is 371 ft long
7-Fraser-09-16-10-WDB.jpg (100622 bytes)
Bridge looking forlorn
8-VigilantI-09-16-10-WDB.jpg (114051 bytes)
Tug Vigilant I
9-Fraser-09-16-10-WDB.jpg (90678 bytes)
On her way through the lock
11-Fraser-09-16-10-WDB.jpg (26849 bytes)
Her Plaque

HMCS Fraser towed through the 1000 Islands
- Fritz Hager
1-HMCSFraser-DeadShipTow-091610-fhh.jpg (81906 bytes) 2-HMCSFraser-DeadShipTow-091610-fhh.jpg (57525 bytes)
 Deadship Fraser tow approaching the 1000 Islands Bridge. Seaway CIP Cape Vincent (NY) and Lake Ontario about 20 miles ahead (normally 1.5 hours).

 Iroquois on Wednesday -
Dave Bessant
1-MarthaLBlack-09-15-10-WDB.jpg (70690 bytes) 2-MarthaLBlack-09-15-10-WDB.jpg (107263 bytes) 3-Halees-09-15-10-WDB.jpg (94272 bytes) 4-Unity-09-15-10-WDB.jpg (112510 bytes) 5-MarthaLBlack-09-15-10-WDB.jpg (117674 bytes)
6-MarthaLBlack-09-15-10-WDB.jpg (79537 bytes) 7-SongaSapphireMLBlack-09-15-10-WDB.jpg (95546 bytes) 8-MarthaLBlack-09-15-10-WDB.jpg (66176 bytes) 9-SongaSapphire-09-15-10-WDB.jpg (92196 bytes) 10-SongaSapphire-09-15-10-WDB.jpg (121712 bytes)
11-SongaSapphire-09-15-10-WDB.jpg (76668 bytes) 12-Lynx-09-15-10-WDB.jpg (133946 bytes) 13-Lynx-09-15-10-WDB.jpg (38694 bytes) 14-Lynx-09-15-10-WDB.jpg (99031 bytes) 15-Lynx-09-15-10-WDB.jpg (114950 bytes)
16-Cuyahoga-09-15-10-WDB.jpg (112474 bytes) 17-Cuyahoga-09-15-10-WDB.jpg (103526 bytes) 18-Cuyahoga-09-15-10-WDB.jpg (117475 bytes) 19-Cuyahoga-09-15-10-WDB.jpg (133387 bytes) 20-Cuyahoga-09-15-10-WDB.jpg (97304 bytes)
21-Cuyahoga-09-15-10-WDB.jpg (71176 bytes) 22-RoaldAmundsen-09-15-10-WDB.jpg (89798 bytes) 23-RoaldAmundsen-09-15-10-WDB.jpg (131232 bytes) 24-RoaldAmundsen-09-15-10-WDB.jpg (96031 bytes) 25-RoaldAmundsen-09-15-10-WDB.jpg (93749 bytes)
26-RoaldAmundsen-09-15-10-WDB.jpg (91460 bytes) 27-RoaldAmundsen-09-15-10-WDB.jpg (66853 bytes) 28-PrideofBaltimore-09-15-10-WDB.jpg (118622 bytes) 29-PrideofBaltimore-09-15-10-WDB.jpg (31585 bytes) 30-PrideofBaltimore-09-15-10-WDB.jpg (35769 bytes)
31-PrideofBaltimore-09-15-10-WDB.jpg (96016 bytes) 32-PrideofBaltimore-09-15-10-WDB.jpg (87249 bytes)      

Nunavut -
Canadian Coast Guard
SWLwithClipper.jpg (63511 bytes)
With the help of four commercial tugs, the cruise ship M/V Clipper Adventurer was freed from its grounding Sept 14. in the Coronation Gulf, Nunavut. The vessel, which ran aground August 29, was towed late yesterday to Port Epworth, a small protected bay approximately 25 nautical miles south of where the ship was aground.  The Canadian Coast Guard Sir Wilfrid Laurier (foreground) is seen here monitoring the first attempt to refloat the vessel on Saturday.
HenryLarsenWithNanny.jpg (46491 bytes)
The MT Nanny, which ran aground in the eastern approach to the Simpson Strait near Gjoa Haven, Nunavut Sept. 1st, was successfully refloated Sept. 15. The vessel is seen here with the Canadian Coast Guard Ship Henry Larsen, which has been monitoring the situation along with the Coast Guard's Environmental Response personnel. The refloating effort, which began on Monday, involved the transfer of fuel off the M/T Nanny and onto another Woodward’s ship, the M / T Tuvaq. Lightering a ship reduces the ship’s weight, allowing it to refloat.

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