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September 19, 20

Agawa Canyon towed from Montreal - Kent Malo
AgawaCanyon9-18-10-km.jpg (86187 bytes)
Agawa Canyon partially away from the slip at sec 56, bound for Aliaga, Turkey for scrapping.
AgawaCanyon9-18-10-km-1.jpg (72349 bytes)
Bow of the Agawa Canyon with the white strip, the line is a marker to see if any water is being taken aboard,
AgawaCanyon9-18-10-=km-2.jpg (55123 bytes) AgawaCanyon9-18-10-km-4.jpg (66489 bytes)
Pulling away from the dock at 0645 Saturday Sept., 18, 2010
Sirocco9-18-10-km.jpg (87414 bytes)
ITC tug Sirocco on the bow, starting to tightening up the cable and slowly pulling away for a 32 day trip to Aliaga Turkey,
VigilantOne9-18-10-km.jpg (57686 bytes)
On the stern the Vigilant 1, she will break off the tow any where from Pointe au Pic, Quebec to Les Escoumins pilot station, there are 3 pilot, one aboard the Vigilant 1 and two, aboard the Sirocco.

Welland Canal Saturday -
Roger LeLievre
Fraser-tow-91810rl.jpg (54037 bytes)
Fraser scrap tow nears Lock 8. Tug Ecosse on the lead.
Fraser-tow-Lac-Manitoba2-91810rl.jpg (122714 bytes)
Steering tug Lac Manitoba pours on the power.
Fraser-tow-2-91810rl.jpg (57615 bytes)
Close up of Fraser.
Fraser-tow---Lac-Manitoba-91810rl.jpg (109096 bytes)
Lac Manitoba
Algosteel-91810rl.jpg (72204 bytes)
Algosteel in the canal.
Amazoneborg-91810rl.jpg (74028 bytes)
Amazoneborg exiting Lock 8.
CSL-Laurentien---nerds-91810rl.jpg (73330 bytes)
Watching the CSL Laurentien tie up at the old stone dock above Lock 8
Isadora-91810rl.jpg (69910 bytes)
Saltie Isolda.
Leitch,-Gordon-C.-91810rl.jpg (60312 bytes)
Drydocked Gordon C. Leitch at night.
Nerd-Shirt-91810rl.jpg (52317 bytes)
Dotti proudly wears her BoatNerd shirt (watch for them to be available on this site soon).
Orsula-91810rl.jpg (80452 bytes)
Orsula in Lock 7.
Radium-Yellowknife-91810rl.jpg (96730 bytes)
Tug Radium Yellowknife laid up at Ramey's Bend.
Roman,-Stephen-B.-91810rl.jpg (46626 bytes)
Stephen B. Roman passes the bow of Gordon C. Leitch.

Welland Canal Friday and Saturday
- Dave Wobser
1-Amazoneborg-9-18-10-djw.jpg (88713 bytes)
 Amazoneborg easing under Bridge 21 in Port Colborne Saturday morning.
2-DDH Fraser-9-18-10-djw.jpg (67188 bytes)
DDH Fraser tow approaching the stone dock at Ramey's Bend
3-Ecosse-9-18-10-djw.jpg (99802 bytes)
Lead tug Ecosse
4-DDH fraser-9-18-10-djw.jpg (70013 bytes)
DDH Fraser
5-DDH fraser-9-18-10-djw.jpg (78283 bytes)
Well worn wheelhouse
6-LacManitoba-9-19-10-djw.jpg (125698 bytes)
Trailing tug Lac Manitoba
7-Tow-9-18-10-djw.jpg (84383 bytes)
The tow holding the wall to let Amazoneborg pass
8-Photogs-9-18-10-djw.jpg (82559 bytes)
Early morning photos watching the action
9-Laurentian-9-18-10-djw.jpg (77411 bytes)
CSL Laurentian approaching the stone dock to tie up for fuel
10-Laurentia-9-18-10-djw.jpg (72765 bytes)
 Putting a man on the dock
11-Amazoneborg-9-18-10-djw.jpg (94034 bytes)
Amazoneborg finally able to pass through
12-Pass-9-18-10-djw.jpg (91571 bytes)
Amazoneborg passing CSL Laurentian
1-Algosteel-9-18-10-djw.jpg (59275 bytes)
 Algosteel returning upbound from Hamilton between Locks Two and Three
2-Algosteel-9-18-10-djw.jpg (110576 bytes)
Algosteel stern view
3-Roman-9-18-10-djw.jpg (75137 bytes)
Stephen B. Roman upbound between Two and Three
4-Roman-9-18-10-djw.jpg (55521 bytes)
Roman's snail scroll stack logo
5-Roman-9-18-10-dw.jpg (68514 bytes)
Roman stern view
2-BiscayneBay-9-17-10-djw.jpg (86727 bytes)
USCCC Biscayne Bay approaching Lock Seven down bound Friday
3-Biscayne-9-17-djw.jpg (75092 bytes)
 Biscayne Bay's banner
4-Biscayne-9-17-10-djw.jpg (88693 bytes)
Stern view entering Lock Seven
5-Montrealais-9-17-10-djw.jpg (57225 bytes)
Montrealais up bound between Lock Two and Three
6-Nerds-9-17-10-djw.jpg (99762 bytes)
Photographers along the canal
7-B-Andre-9-17-10-djw.jpg (62106 bytes)
Barbara Andrie and A-397
8-Andrie-9-17-10-djw.jpg (89461 bytes)
Barbara Andrie stern view
9-Algosea-BA-9-17-10-djw.jpg (99824 bytes)
Algosea meeting Barbara Andrie below Lock Three
10-Algosteel-9-17-10-djw.jpg (93397 bytes)
Algosteel downbound below the Glendale Bridge
11-steel-9-17-10-djw.jpg (123236 bytes)
 Algosteel stern view

The tow of the former HMCS Fraser arrived off Port Weller about 4 p.m. on Friday - David Bull

Fraser tow-9-17-10-db.jpg (47866 bytes)
View of the three vessels in the tow, tugs Ecosse and Tony McKay then the Fraser.
Ecosse--9-17-10-db.jpg (76158 bytes)
Lead tug Ecosse.  Word is that Tony McKay continued to have mechanical problems and  Ecosse can be seen towing the McKay.
TonyMcKay-9-17-10-db.jpg (46113 bytes)
Tony McKay connected on the bow to Ecosse and on the stern to Fraser.
DDH-Fraser-9-17-10-db.jpg (63025 bytes)
Fraser under tow.
DDH-Fraser-9-17-10b-db.jpg (67161 bytes)
Stern view of Fraser.  She was flying the provincial flag of Nova Scotia on the stern and an  unknown flag on the bow.
McKay-Fraser-9-17-10-db.jpg (45359 bytes)
As seen from the east pier Port Dalhousie.  The tow has gone to anchor to wait for a  canal pilot

 Tow leaving Lock 1 around 12:30 a.m. -
Matt Miner
1-FraserLauren-091810-mm.jpg (68554 bytes) 2-EcosseFraser1-091810-mm.jpg (68474 bytes) 3-Fraser-091810-mm.jpg (67940 bytes) 4-GLeitch1-091810-mm.jpg (62264 bytes) 5-GLeitch2-091810-mm.jpg (80027 bytes)
6-Isa-091810-mm.jpg (58902 bytes) 7-EcosseFraser2-091810-mm.jpg (67904 bytes) 8-EcosseFraser3-091810-mm.jpg (67758 bytes) 9-EcosseFraser4-091810-mm.jpg (63694 bytes)  

 Fraser Tow
1-fraser-9-18-10-jm.jpg (76176 bytes)
Empty weapon mount ahead of bridge
2-fraser-9-19-10-jm.jpg (107882 bytes)
 Helicopter deck/hangar added during 1965-66 refit
3-fraser-9-18-10-jm.jpg (76754 bytes)
Flag/pennant rack(?) in right center, unknown vertical structure just ahead of the starboard stack?
4-fraser-9-18-10-jm.jpg (70286 bytes)
5-fraser-9-18-10-jm.jpg (54086 bytes)
Bow pennant showing support for the troops 'till the end

Saginaw River -
Todd Shorkey
1-maumee-9-18-10-ts-a.jpg (74959 bytes)
Maumee outbound at Cass Avenue
2-maumee-9-18-10-ts-b.jpg (58850 bytes)
Stern view
3-calumet-9-18-10-ts-a.jpg (45959 bytes)
 Calumet outbound at Cheboyganing Creek
4-calumet-9-18-10-ts-b.jpg (74355 bytes)
Stern view

- Michel St. Denis  
01-MissOlympia100918msd.jpg (112246 bytes)
Miss Olympia out of the water
02-Wloclawek100918msd.jpg (64005 bytes)
Wiloclawek at section B-5
03-Sauniere-Halifax100918msd.jpg (107155 bytes)
Sauniere and Halifax on a long term lay-up
04-Sauniere-Halifax100918msd.jpg (69839 bytes) 05-Sauniere100918msd.jpg (46868 bytes)
06-Sauniere100918msd.jpg (75018 bytes) 07-Bounty100918msd.jpg (121280 bytes)
Bounty and others at Old Port
08-others100918msd.jpg (112378 bytes)    

John J. Boland in Buffalo -
Brian W.
1-John-J-Boland-9-18-BW.jpg (86926 bytes)
John J Boland after just having finished her unload at the Gateway Metroport Pier's Main Dock in Lackawanna.
2-John-J-Boland-9-18-BW.jpg (88329 bytes)
Stern of the Boland as set against the old Bethlehem Steel Coke Oven complex and the new Steel Winds windmill farm. An interesting contrast of old and new technology for sure.
3-John-J-Boland-9-18-BW.jpg (77809 bytes)
Backing away from the Metroport pier and out of the Lackawanna Ship Canal.
4-John-J-Boland-9-18-BW.jpg (83371 bytes)
Now clear of the canal and coming to a stop in the Southern Channel of Buffalo's Outer Harbor
5-John-J-Boland-9-18-BW.jpg (90988 bytes)
6-John-J-Boland-9-18-BW.jpg (62681 bytes)
The ship has now maneuvered to Starboard and is starting through the piers off Stony Point as they head for the open waters of Lake Erie in the distance.
7-John-J-Boland-9-18-BW.jpg (73779 bytes)
8-Jacklyn-Union-Canal-9-18-BW-JR.jpg (126042 bytes)
View of the Union Ship Canal showing the new improvements being made there with the tug Jacklynn and her barge blocking the entrance. This was once the site of four blast furnaces, two ore docks with Brown Hoists, Hulett unloaders, bridge cranes, and a large pig iron plant. 

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