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September 20, 20

St. Marys Challenger in Milwaukee Sunday - Lou Gerard
DSC_0193_16254.jpg (61567 bytes)
St. Marys Challenger unloading short of Kinnickinnic Ave. Bridgetenders tower.
DSC_0222_16283.jpg (94527 bytes)
 Backing away from St. Marys Cement Terminal.
DSC_0237_16298.jpg (93311 bytes)
Backing past Skipper Bud's Marina.
DSC_0254_16315.jpg (75412 bytes)
Backing out of the Kinnickinnic River.
DSC_0265_16326.jpg (66818 bytes)
 Turning in the Inner Harbor.
DSC_0275_16336.jpg (66035 bytes)
Heading into Channel with Allen-Bradley building and clocktower in background.
DSC_0281_16342.jpg (80445 bytes)
Steaming under Hoan Bridge.
DSC_0284_16345.jpg (58314 bytes)
Heading out to Lake Michigan passing Lighthouse and fisherman.

Straits of Mackinac Traffic Sunday -
Dianne Donati
Manitowoc-2-9-19-10-dd.jpg (126709 bytes) Manitowoc--9-19-10-dd.jpg (114895 bytes) U-S-Coast-Guard-Boat-No-255041-9-19-10-dd.jpg (112541 bytes)    

St. Clair River Sunday -
George Lee
Misc-371.jpg (84271 bytes)
Evalina upbound near Port Lambton
Misc-372.jpg (61866 bytes) Misc-375.jpg (67048 bytes)
Krista S. downbound at Algonac bound for dredged material disposal site on Dickenson Island

Straits of Mackinac Sunday
Matt & Anita Lemon
P1030056.jpg (79147 bytes) P1030064.jpg (74776 bytes) P1030067.jpg (66539 bytes)    

Dorothy Ann and Pathfinder in Marquette
- Rod Burdick 
1_kebdapath9_16_10rb.jpg (112823 bytes)
Passing the Upper Harbor and Kaye E. Barker en route to the Lower Harbor
2_da_path_9_16_10_rb.jpg (91870 bytes)
Backing in to the Lower Harbor Shrias Dock to unload stone

James R. Barker in the Upper Harbor in Marquette Sunday -
Danielle Adams
1-jrbarker-9-19-10da.jpg (50652 bytes)
Wide view of the James R. Barker
2-jrbarker-9-19-10da.jpg (91418 bytes)
James R. Barker unloading coal into the hopper
3-jrbarker-9-19-10da.jpg (36113 bytes)
As the Barker is unloading the bulldozer is pushing the coal

Detroit River -
Mike Nicholls and Richard T. Nicholls
ANDERSONARTHURMs07091910rtn.jpg (52777 bytes)
Arthur M Anderson, tug Carolyn Hoey and Pathfinder in the Rouge River.
PATHFINDERb06091910mn.jpg (38188 bytes)
Pathfinder and Dorothy Ann outbound the Rouge River at the Jefferson Street Bridge.
MACASSABAYb03091810mn.jpg (75428 bytes)
Windsor's newest cruise boat, Macassa Bay downbound below the Ambassador Bridge.
MACASSABAYs04091810mn.jpg (55683 bytes)  

Detroit River Saturday -
Kenneth Borg
IMG_7659.jpg (67164 bytes)
Mapleglen downbound with the Lee Tregurtha going into Sterling fuel
IMG_7660.jpg (57721 bytes)
 Mapleglen downbound, Montrealais upbound
IMG_7666.jpg (46719 bytes)
Montrealais upbound passing the L. Tregurtha  going for fuel
IMG_7669.jpg (53954 bytes)
Montrealais upbound meeting the downbound 

Detroit River Traffic Saturday -
Dawn Roberts
1-westct-9-18-1-dcr.jpg (69722 bytes)
J.W. Westcott bucking waves to service the Kubler/Victory.
2-Victory-9-18-10-dcr.jpg (63450 bytes)
Tug Victory
3-Chpla-9-18-10-dcr.jpg (71506 bytes)
Innovation & S. Champlain
4-Mpgl-9-18-10-dcr.jpg (73065 bytes)
5-Alest-9-18-10-dcr.jpg (87494 bytes)
6-DQ-9-18-10-dcr.jpg (75650 bytes)
Diamond Queen passengers checking out the action
7-Traf-9-18-10-dcr.jpg (53440 bytes)
Mapleglen and Algoeast downbound with Montrealais upbound.  Lee A. Tregurtha waits for the traffic to pass before moving over to the Sterling Fuel Dock.
8-Montr-9-18-10-dcr.jpg (62884 bytes)
Montrealais approaching the Ambassador Bridge
9-MacBay-9-18-10-dcr.jpg (50790 bytes)
Macassa Bay Tour Boat
10-Thmsn--9-18-10-dcr.jpg (66358 bytes)
The Thompsons downbound at Belle Isle
11-LAT-9-18-10-dcr.jpg (51998 bytes)
Lee A. Tregurtha upbound on Lake St. Clair
12-LATst-9-18-10-dcr.jpg (56400 bytes)
 Lee A's freshly-painted stack
13--Bristol-9-18-10-dcr.jpg (117337 bytes)
USCG Bristol Bay
14--Buoys-9-18-10-dcr.jpg (126088 bytes)
Colorful buoys in the USCG supply yard

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