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September 21, 20

Sunday morning at the Welland Canal - Dave Wobser
1-Welland-9-19-10-djw.jpg (84960 bytes)
Gordon C. Leitch ready to leave the drydock
2-Welland-9-19-10-djw.jpg (72183 bytes)
Canadian Transport  heading into Lock One before the big event
3-Welland-9-19-10-djw.jpg (97799 bytes)
Transport stern view
4-Welland-9-19-10-djw.jpg (92046 bytes)
Laprairie arriving
5-Welland-9-19-10-djw.jpg (82069 bytes)
Omni Richelieu arriving
6-Welland-9-19-10-djw.jpg (94743 bytes)
Checking the water level inside the dock
7-Welland-9-19-10-djw.jpg (93189 bytes)
Private yacht Trilogy heading into Lock One
8-Welland-9-19-10-djw.jpg (155332 bytes)
Waiting for some action
9-Welland-9-19-10-djw.jpg (152986 bytes)
More waiting
10-Welland-9-19-10-djw.jpg (76805 bytes)
The gate is lowered on the dry dock
11-Welland-9-19-10-djw.jpg (86608 bytes)
 Jana Desgagne upbound out of Lock One
12-Welland-9-19-10-djw.jpg (78485 bytes)
Omni Richelieu starts the pull
13-Welland-9-19-10-djw.jpg (75440 bytes)
Getting closer
14-Welland-9-19-10-djw.jpg (60697 bytes)
All the way out
15-Welland-9-19-10-djw.jpg (71864 bytes)
Tug Ecosse changing position
16-Welland-9-19-10-djw.jpg (87354 bytes)
 Pushing her over to the fitout wall
17-Welland-9-19-10-djw.jpg (98210 bytes)
Her Cort Nozzle
18-Welland-9-19-10-djw.jpg (82897 bytes)
All secured for the final work

St. Lambert Lock
Michel St-Denis
01-Richelieu100920msd.jpg (65999 bytes)
Richelieu Upbound at the entrance of St-Lambert Lock
02-Richelieu100920msd.jpg (61439 bytes)
Richelieu former name Federal Ottawa
03-Richelieu100920msd.jpg (60400 bytes)
Richelieu accommodations
04-Richelieu100920msd.jpg (40872 bytes)
Richelieu stack and former name.
05-Clipper-Mari100920msd.jpg (72181 bytes)
Clipper Mari downbound at St-Lambert Lock
06-Clipper-Mari100920msd.jpg (64917 bytes)
07-Maritime-Trader100920msd.jpg (51152 bytes)
Maritime Trader downbound at the upper-wall of St-Lambert Lock
08-Maritime-Trader100920msd.jpg (80103 bytes)
Maritime Trader in St-Lambert Lock
09-Maritime-Trader100920msd.jpg (77086 bytes)
10-El-Jaguar100920msd.jpg (91623 bytes)
Tug El Jaguar at lower wall of St-Lambert Lock
11-El-Jaguar100920msd.jpg (82279 bytes)
El Jaguar passing Elevator 4 at Montreal
12-Ruddy100920msd.jpg (57218 bytes)
Ruddy with Montreal Olympic Stadium on left
13-Ocean-Jupiter100920msd.jpg (65290 bytes)
Ocean Jupiter at Montreal

St Lawrence Seaway Saturday and Monday -
Kent Malo.
CSLNiagara9-18-10-km-a.jpg (78692 bytes)
CSL Niagara up bound for Toledo at Mohawk Reserve Saturday noon
CSL-Niagara9-18-10-kmJPG.jpg (85243 bytes) ElJaguar9-20-10-km-a.jpg (83441 bytes)
Tug El Jaguar and her barge CBC 1230 at the Mohawk reserve down bound for Morgan City, Louisiana Monday
Tug-El-Jaguar9-20-10-kmJPG.jpg (75343 bytes)  

Maumee unloading at Durocher's on the Cheboygan River Monday -
 Dianne Donati
Maumee-9-20-10-dd.jpg (145231 bytes) Maumee-Helmsman-Jay-Love-9-20-10-dd.jpg (74889 bytes)
Maumee's helmsman Jay Love
Maumee-Crewman-with-donuts-9-20-10-dd.jpg (90875 bytes)
Crewman leaving the boat to get a gift of a box of donuts for the crew.
Maumee-leaving-Cheboygan-River-into-Lake-Huron-9-20-10.jpg (89545 bytes)
Maumee leaving Cheboygan River
Westbound-Maumee-after-passing-under-Mackinaw-Bridge.jpg (93287 bytes)
 Maumee in Lake Michigan just after going under the Mackinac Bridge headed for Brevort.

Edwin H. Gott Sunday -
Larry Mobbs
1-EGott-9-19-2010-lm.jpg (57491 bytes)
 Edwin H. Gott makes the turn at Buoys 1 & 2 and into the St. Clair River on her way to Nanticoke, Ontario.
2-EGott-9-19-2010-lm.jpg (96486 bytes)
Gott slips under the Blue Water Bridges.

Port Stanley and Port Dover
Katelyn-j---Port-Stanley-.jpg (117414 bytes)
The Katelyn J at Port Stanley Sept. 17
Unknown---Port-Dover-.jpg (104162 bytes)
 Port Dover on Monday

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