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September 22, 20

Recent Duluth-Superior Scenes - Tom Caine
1-bumbot-9-20-10-tc.jpg (87448 bytes)
Last Kaner bumboat departs Duluth-Superior
2-ChMB-9-20-10-tc.jpg (76195 bytes)
Charles M. Beeghly in South Channel
3-ChMB-9-20-10-tc.jpg (75294 bytes)
Beeghly and John B. Aird loading at CN Missabe
4-JWShel-9-20-10-tc.jpg (106143 bytes)
J W Shelley
5-JWShel-9-20-10-tc.jpg (93206 bytes)
J W Shelley loading at Cenex Harvest States 2
6-JWShel-9-20-10-tc.jpg (83761 bytes)
J W Shelley bow
7-Algocp-9-20-10-tc.jpg (109981 bytes)
Algocape loading at Cenex Harvest States
8-Algocp-9-20-10-tc.jpg (104441 bytes)
Algocape under grain spouts
9-CalPat-9-20-10-tc.jpg (87712 bytes)
Calliroe Patronicola at Murphy
10-CalPat-9-20-10-tc.jpg (73950 bytes)
Calliroe Patronicola fueling
11-AmInt-9-20-10-tc.jpg (61778 bytes)
American Integrity rounding turning buoy
12-AmInt-9-20-10-tc.jpg (91455 bytes)
American Integrity departing

Cleveland, Ohio -
Thomas Seiler
RSPierson-9-20-10-TS.jpg (62759 bytes)
Robert S. Pierson passing the Dorothy Ann Pathfinder on the Cuyahoga River
DAPathfinder-9-20-10-TS.jpg (111619 bytes)
Dorothy Ann Pathfinder passing under Norfolk Southern Railway Bridge 1

Flinterstream and Tim S. Dool at Brockville Tuesday -
Dave Bessant
1-Flinterstream-09-21-10-WDB.jpg (87615 bytes)
Flinterstream approaching Brockville carrying windmill parts
2-Flinterstream-09-21-10-WDB.jpg (53070 bytes)
Stack markings and bridge
3-Flinterstream-09-21-10-WDB.jpg (100038 bytes)
Heading into the Brockville Narrows
4-TimSDool-09-21-10-WDB.jpg (69741 bytes)
Tim S Dool sounding 5 short blasts for the sailors
5-TimSDool-09-21-10-WDB.jpg (97262 bytes)
Approaching Blockhouse Island downbound
6-TimSDool-09-21-10-WDB.jpg (42176 bytes)
Under an end of summer moon
7-TimSDool-09-21-10-WDB.jpg (56298 bytes)      

St. Marys River -
Chad Alexander 
1-Cedarglen-8-17-2010-CA-JPG.jpg (71984 bytes)
Cedarglen port downbound Detour Passage from Drummond Islander II
2-Presque-Isle-8-17-2010-Ca-JPG1.jpg (63529 bytes)
Presque Isle Starboard downbound St. Mary's River from Sault Ste. Marie
3-Lake-Guardian-8-17--2010-Ca-JPG.jpg (60815 bytes)
Lake Guardian Starboard at Sault Ste. Marie
4-Quebecois-8-17-2010-CA-JPG.jpg (46540 bytes)
Quebecios Bow upbound to Soo Locks
5-James-R.-Barker-8-17-2010-Ca-JPG1.jpg (83343 bytes)
James R Barker downbound in Poe Lock
6-James-R.-Barker-08-17-2010-CA-JPG.jpg (65822 bytes)
Barker downbound in the rock cut
DSC04113.jpg (120781 bytes)
McKee Sons loading limestone from Drummond Island

Note: Please be advised that due to the large volume of photos being submitted for inclusion in this gallery and the time constraints involved in handling each submission, only selected photos will be used.  This page will continue to generally be used only for photos related to recent news or port/area reports and will only be released as time permits. Please visit the Public Gallery to upload and share your own photos.

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