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September 24, 20

St. Marys Challenger at South Chicago Thursday Morning - Lou Gerard
DSC_0434_16503.jpg (77667 bytes)
Challenger outbound at Torrence Ave.
DSC_0454_16523.jpg (59501 bytes)
Taking bend at 126th St.
DSC_0473_16542.jpg (68046 bytes)
 Approaching 106th St.
DSC_0475_16544.jpg (71047 bytes)
Passing 106th St. Bridge tenders tower.
DSC_0503_16572.jpg (80537 bytes)
Challenger passing KCBX at 100th St.
DSC_0531_16600.jpg (209348 bytes)
Steaming through 5 Bridges.
DSC_0569_16638.jpg (77159 bytes)
Challenger heading out to lake passing Corps Of Engineers tug Kenosha working in Calumet Harbor.

Algorail Cleveland Thursday
- Paul Magyar
1-ALGORAIL-9-23-10-PM.jpg (61050 bytes)
Algorail inbound Cleveland Harbor with a load of stone for Cleveland Road Products. Looks like she's getting a fresh coat of blue paint on her hull.
2-ALGORAIL-9-23-10-PM.jpg (60764 bytes)
Algorail assisted by the tug Iowa approaching NS Bridge #1.

- Murray Blancher
1-Commodor-Straits-09-23-10-mb.jpg (64233 bytes)
Commodore Straits & 2 Big barges upbound at Brockville
2-Catherine-Desgagnes-09-23-10-mb.jpg (52691 bytes)
Catherine Desgagnes downbound at Brockville
3-Catherine-Desgagnes-09-23-10-mb.jpg (66321 bytes) 4-Birchglen-09-23-10-mb.jpg (73377 bytes)
Birchglen upbound at Brockville
5-Birchglen-09-23-10-mb.jpg (75968 bytes)

Miedwie downbound at Mariatown
- Murray Blancher
1-Miedwie-09-17-09-mb.jpg (73176 bytes) 2-Miedwie-09-17-10-mb.jpg (47497 bytes) 3-Miedwie-09-17-10-mb.jpg (64977 bytes)    

Alpena, Mich. -
Ben & Chanda McClain
AtgGen-9-23-10-BCM-01.jpg (98694 bytes)
Alpena heading into Lafarge
AtgGen-9-23-10-BCM-02.jpg (74676 bytes) AtgGen-9-23-10-BCM-03.jpg (107483 bytes)
Tug General moving the barge around to tie up in the river
AtgGen-9-23-10-BCM-04.jpg (85665 bytes) AtgGen-9-23-10-BCM-05.jpg (127766 bytes)
AtgGen-9-23-10-BCM-06.jpg (105552 bytes) AtgGen-9-23-10-BCM-07.jpg (90627 bytes) AtgGen-9-23-10-BCM-08.jpg (81178 bytes) AtgGen-9-23-10-BCM-09.jpg (92002 bytes)  

Sarah No 1 at Port Stanley Sept. 17 -
Monty Young
Sarah-No-1---Port-Stanley-.jpg (113593 bytes)        

Detroit -
Mike Nicholls
JACKMANHENRYCAPTb02092110mn.jpg (39089 bytes)
Capt Henry Jackman upbound off Windsor.
JACKMANHENRYCAPTs03092110mn.jpg (37986 bytes) DEANANNIEMb04092110mn.jpg (59855 bytes)
Tug Annie M Dean in Windsor.
MACASSABAYb05092110mn.jpg (83570 bytes)
Macassa Bay at the Windsor Casino.
MACASSABAYs07092110mn.jpg (74987 bytes)
AMERICANSPIRITb08092110mn.jpg (37112 bytes)
American Spirit upbound at the Ambassador Bridge.
AMERICANSPIRITs09092110mn.jpg (50644 bytes) INTEGRITYs10092110mn.jpg (32925 bytes)
Integrity and G L Ostrander downbound in the Fighting Island Channel.
CARRICKJOHNJb11092110mn.jpg (46996 bytes)
John J Carrick and Victorious upbound off Zug Island.

Welland Canal -
Paul Beesley
1-cslassin-9-21-10-pb.jpg (79894 bytes)
CSL Assiniboine below Lock 2.
2-chemelb-9-23-10-pb.jpg (73033 bytes)
Chemtrans Elbe at Mile 9.
3-chemelb-9-23-10-pb.jpg (76393 bytes)
Chemtrans Elbe at Mile 9.
4-flint-9-23-10-pb.jpg (68513 bytes)
Flintermar at the Homer Bridge.
5-spruce-9-23-10-pb.jpg (73078 bytes)
 Spruceglen at the Homer bridge.

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