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September 28, 20

9/28 - Salties in the Welland Canal - John McCreery

Olympic Melody exiting Lock 6 west

Approach to Lock 7

Africaborg downbound at Bridge 11, Allenburg

Stern view

Olympic Melody upbound at Allenburg

Stern view approaching Bridge 11

Pochard at Port Colborne

Pochard stern view with the John B Aird

Olympic Melody under Bridge 21, upbound headed to Duluth to load export grain

Pilot exchange to occur on the port side

9/28 - Dean Marine & Excavating Co. tug Marissa Rose passing the Gaelic Tugboat Co. Dock in the Rouge River
- Mike Nicholls
Information needed for this tug

9/28 - St. Marys Challenger in Calumet River
Lou Gerard

St. Marys Challenger taking bend at 126th St.

Another view

Heading for Torrence Bridge and almost to Lake Calumet

9/28 - Canadian Progress delivers a load of Salt to Hancock
- Danielle Adams

Canadian Progress turning around so they can back in through the canal

Getting docked at Mattila's Dock in Hancock

Unloading the 20,00 tons of road salt

These guys are working on trying to get hatch covers back in place

View from the Houghton side an hour into unloading. Notice the huge salt pile and still more to unload

9/28 - Some scenes from the St. Clair Whistle Blow -
Marc Vander Meulen

9/28 - Recent Welland Canal Visitors
- Paul Beesley

Africaborg below Lock2

Algoma Guardian upbound toward Lock 2.  She is trimmed quite a bit by the stern.

Chemtrans Elbe passes the Olympic Melody below Lock 3


Olympic Melody above Lock 3.

Olympic Melody approaching Lock 3.

Canadian Olympic clear of the flight locks

Heloise unloading below Lock 1.

Heloise is new and must have been designed for Great Lakes trading as she has booms to swing men over the side

Peter R Cresswell passes the Heloise below Lock 1.

Pochard clear of Lock 1.

Pochard passes the Cresswell

Mrs. C, when by herself, looks substantial.  This is not the case when alongside a ship

Busy morning below Lock 1

Home port
Yuma, Arizona.  Yeah, right!

9/28 -
CSX Presque Isle Coal Dock - Bob Vincent

Buffalo turning around in the shipping channel

Backing under the ship loader

Another view

Will load for Harbor Beach Michigan

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