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September 30, 20

Manistee in Calumet River Wednesday Morning -  Lou Gerard
DSC_0810_16870.jpg (60609 bytes)
Manistee in Calumet Harbor with a little fall color at 9 am.
DSC_0824_16884.jpg (75071 bytes)
 Approaching EJ&E bridge.
DSC_0828_16888.jpg (90980 bytes)
Passing under "J" Bridge approaching 92nd St.
DSC_0846_16906.jpg (80128 bytes)
Coming up to 95th St.
DSC_0855_16915.jpg (78818 bytes)
 Pilot House detail.
DSC_0888_16948.jpg (115414 bytes)
Clear of 5 Bridges and Skyway she approaches 100th St.
DSC_0953_17013.jpg (80747 bytes)
Tall stack and counter stern clears the tug Niki S. and barge at 106th St.
CSC_0990_17050.jpg (82389 bytes)
At Wisconsin Steel Bend she heads for turning basin and her destination of Chicago Fuel Terminal ( CFT) .
Cheboygan, Mich. tug salvage - Jon Paul & Brent Michaels
1.whoey-9-30-10.a.jpm.jpg (72280 bytes)
Former Bois Blanc ferry still aground on shore in the background of the first photo.
2.whoey-9-30-10.b.jpm.jpg (79554 bytes)
Pontoon boat was used to help free the former William Hoey
3.whoey-9-30-10.c.jpm.jpg (92709 bytes)    

CSX Presque Isle Coal Dock
- Bob Vincent
1-CSLLurentien-9-29-10-bv.jpg (74736 bytes)
CSL Laurentien taking a part load
2-CSLLurentien-9-29-10-bv.jpg (112223 bytes)
Looking aft
3-CSLLurentien-9-29-10-bv.jpg (92682 bytes)
another view
4-CSLLurentien-9-29-10-bv.jpg (97191 bytes)
Bow thruster at work
5-CSLLurentien-9-29-10-bv.jpg (69682 bytes)
Heading to Sandusky for the rest, after loaded, to Nanticoke (US Steel) to unload

Michipicoten at the Upper Harbor in Marquette
- Rod Burdick
1_mich_9_22_10_rb.jpg (101344 bytes)
Morning view, loading ore

Eastbound Calumet in Lake Huron passing Bois Blanc Island Wednesday evening - 
Dianne Donati
Calumet-2-9-29-10-dd.jpg (108628 bytes) Calumet-9-29-10-dd.jpg (112036 bytes)      

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