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October 1, 20


Segwun and Wenona II last weekend at Gravenhurst, Ontario - Graham Grattan

1-Seg-Wen--9-25-10-gg.jpg.jpg (129939 bytes)
R.M.S. Segwun and her running mate Wenona II at Muskoka Wharf, Gravenhurst, Ontario.
2-Segwun-9-25-10-gg.jpg.jpg (107541 bytes)
R.M.S. Segwun returning from a cruise.
3-Segwun-9-25-10-gg.jpg.jpg (112265 bytes)
R.M.S. Segwun backing away from the Gravenhurst dock to turn and head outbound.
4-Wenona-II-9-25-10-gg.jpg.jpg (121650 bytes)
Wenona II returning from a cruise.
5-Segwun-9-25-10-gg.jpg.jpg (121547 bytes)
R.M.S. Segwun, built 1887 and still coal fired, embarking passengers for another cruise.

CCGS Cape Roger Arrives in the Welland Canal -
Paul Beesley
1-caperog-9-30-10-pb.jpg (62407 bytes)
Cape Roger comes in off Lake Ontario after a night transit from Cape Vincent.
2-caperog-9-30-10-pb.jpg (76886 bytes)
Passing the Heloise.  Smooth water sailing for a crew used to being thrown about on the Atlantic Ocean off Newfoundland.
3-caperog-9-30-10-pb.jpg (79872 bytes)
She used to be painted grey, and I think she looked much better that way.
4-caperog-9-30-10-pb.jpg (86512 bytes)
Canadian Coast Guard Ship Cape Roger approaches Lock 1.  She is going to the drydock in Port Weller.

Recent Seaway -
Dave Bessant
1-Sabina-09-27-10-WDB.jpg (62675 bytes)
Sabina approaching Brockville
2-Sabina-09-27-10-WDB.jpg (62528 bytes)
Sabina across from Morristown NY
3-Sabina-09-27-10-WDB.jpg (75207 bytes)
Sabina in front of Blockhouse Island, Brockville
4-Sabina-09-27-10-WDB.jpg (53747 bytes)
 Accommodations and Stack
5-Sabina-09-27-10-WDB.jpg (46350 bytes)
Stern view, upbound
6-Ruisenor-09-28-10-WDB.jpg (95410 bytes)
 Ruisenor, one of two jetboat ferries being transported south from Canada, and inspected at US Customs
7-Ruisenor-09-28-10-WDB.jpg (78846 bytes) 8-Ruisenor-09-28-10-WDB.jpg (63612 bytes)    

- Bob Vincent 
1-JGMunson-9-30-10-bv.jpg (72238 bytes)
Stern view of the John G. Munson
2-JGMunson-9-30-10-bv.jpg (68991 bytes)
Loading for the Lime plant on the River Rouge
3-Michipicoten-9-30-10-bv.jpg (44385 bytes)
Michipicoten coming in, will load for Algoma Essar in Sault Ste Marie, Ont.
4-Michipicoten-9-30-10-bv.jpg (78411 bytes)
Waiting at #2 wall for the American Mariner to finish loading
5-AMariner-9-30-10-bv.jpg (71069 bytes)
American Mariner stern view
6-AMariner-9-30-10-bv.jpg (82657 bytes)
Forward view
7-AMariner-9-30-10-bv.jpg (71417 bytes)
Loaded and heading to Muskegon Michigan
8-Isolda-9-30-10-bv.jpg (70299 bytes)
Isolda at ADM Dock
9-RHPJMartin-9-30-10-bv.jpg (62133 bytes)
Rt. Hon. Paul J. Martin under Anderson K dock
10-ARepublic-9-30-10-bv.jpg (62791 bytes)
 American Republic coming in.  Tied up at Hansen Interlake Dock next to the Toledo Ship Yard.

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