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October 3, 20


Canadian Prospector scrap tow on October 1 - Michel St-Denis 

01-Cnd-Prospector101001MSD.jpg (41185 bytes)
Tug Simoon will tow the Canadian Prospector to Turkey.
02-Cnd-Prospector101001MSD.jpg (39647 bytes) 03-Cnd-Prospector101001MSD.jpg (49082 bytes) 04-Simoon101001msd.jpg (49013 bytes) 05-Cnd-Prospector101001MSD.jpg (60941 bytes)
On the Bow, the name of Canadian Prospector is cover by paint. The white strip on the Bow indicates the draft and will warn the crew if the hull takes on water.
06-Cnd-Prospector101001MSD.jpg (50621 bytes)
Stack and logo covered by black paint.
07-Cnd-Prospector101001MSD.jpg (39755 bytes) 08-Vigilant101001MSD.jpg (73549 bytes) 09-Cnd-Prospector101001MSD.jpg (44626 bytes)
Tug Vigilant 1 on the stern
10-Vigilant-Prospector101001MSD.jpg (35653 bytes)

Salties in the Welland Canal
- John McCreery
1-Amur-Star-10-1-10-jm.jpg (75219 bytes)
Amur Star approaching the Homer bridge
2-Amur-Star-10-1-10-jm.jpg (90350 bytes)
Emerging from under the Skyway
3-Amur-Star-10-1-10-jm.jpg (80134 bytes)
 Stern view heading to lock 3
4-BBCMississippi-10-1-10-jm.jpg (89563 bytes)
BBC Mississippi exiting from lock 3 with Algocanada in the background
5-BBCMississippi-10-1-10-jm.jpg (86162 bytes)
BBC Mississippi passing the Amur Star
6-BBCMississippi-10-1-10-jm.jpg (82182 bytes)
 Closeup bow view
7-BBCMississippi-10-1-10-jm.jpg (99074 bytes)
Stern with Barry Andersen's car in the foreground - it's for sale
8-Avonborg-10-1-10-jm.jpg (82062 bytes)
Avonborg out of lock 7 and Windsor bound
9-Eider-10-1-10-jm.jpg (89270 bytes)
Meeting the downbound Eider
10-Eider-10-1-10-jm.jpg (97856 bytes)
Avonborg and Eider passing
11-Eider-10-1-10-jm.jpg (109775 bytes)
Eider against the light
12-Eider-10-1-10-jm.jpg (83888 bytes)
Stern view
13-Avonborg-10-1-10-jm.jpg (124401 bytes)
Avonborg passing under the bridge at highway 20
14-Avonborg-10-1-10-jm.jpg (88917 bytes)
Bow view
15-Avonborg-10-1-10-jm.jpg (78776 bytes)
Stern view as she heads toward Port Robinson

Duluth-Superior - Tom Caine
1-SamLaud-10-2-10-tc.jpg (70980 bytes)
Sam Laud departing Duluth for Silver Bay Saturday
2-SamdC-10-2-10-tc.jpg (64908 bytes)
Samuel de Champlain and Innovation arriving Duluth Piers
3-CJCala-10-2-10-tc.jpg (116454 bytes)
Cason J. Callaway unloading limestone at CN Missabe
4-JLBloc-10-2-10-tc.jpg (103310 bytes)
 Joseph L. Block at CN Missabe
5-CalBlc-10-2-10-tc.jpg (81474 bytes)
Callaway and Block at CN Missabe Dock 6
1-FedDan-9-27-10-tc.jpg (75688 bytes)
Federal Danube at Gavilon Elevator
2-AlGard-10-1-10-tc.jpg (83617 bytes)
Algoma Guardian loading at Cenex Harvest States 2
3-AlGard-10-1-10-tc.jpg (72019 bytes)
Algoma Guardian and Tug Minnesota
4-HJack-10-1-10-tc.jpg (70738 bytes)
Capt. Henry Jackman departing Duluth with Taconite
5-OlymMd-10-1-10-tc.jpg (80331 bytes)
Olympic Melody at Cenex Harvest States 1
6-Kentuc-10-1-10-tc.jpg (88389 bytes)
G-Tug Kentucky standing by
7-BlHer-10-1-10-tc.jpg (81787 bytes)
R/V Blue Heron
8-OlyMr-10-1-10-tc.jpg (59625 bytes)
Olympic Miracle arriving and Olympic Melody departing Duluth-Superior. Both ships used the same lift of the Aerial Bridge.
9-OlyMr-10-1-10-tc.jpg (76143 bytes)
Olympic Miracle and Olympic Melody
10-OlyMr-10-1-10-tc.jpg (56972 bytes)
 Olympic Miracle and Olympic Melody exchange 3 blast salute followed by 1 blast salute
11-AlGard-10-1-10-tc.jpg (68924 bytes)
Algoma Guardian and Olympic Miracle meet off Rice's Point
12-OlyMr-10-1-10-tc.jpg (102827 bytes)
Olympic Guardian and tug Minnesota on stern
13-Minn-10-1-10-tc.jpg (112472 bytes)
Tug Minnesota
14-Minn-10-1-10-tc.jpg (94509 bytes)
Minnesota at stern of Olympic Miracle
15-Minn-10-1-10-tc.jpg (112246 bytes)
Minnesota initiates last turn to CHS 1
16-Minn-10-1-10-tc.jpg (109031 bytes)
Minnesota and Olympic Miracle
17-Gott-10-1-10-tc.jpg (80598 bytes)
Edwin H. Gott arrives Duluth
18-CJCal-10-1-10-tc.jpg (71998 bytes)
Cason J. Callaway arrives Duluth

Welland Canal -
Paul Beesley
1-algocan-10-01-10-pb.jpg (72028 bytes)
Algocanada downbound below Lock 2.
2-algocan-10-01-10-pb.jpg (83852 bytes)
Algocanada passes the Federal Ems above Lock 1.
3-amurstar-10-01-10-pb.jpg (74611 bytes)
Amur Star approaching Lock 1 from Lake Ontario.
4-amurstar-10-01-10-pb.jpg (61688 bytes)
A familiar funnel to the Great Lakes and Eastern Canada.  Rigel, formerly sailing the Diamond, Emerald & Jade Star.
5-amurstar-10-01-10-pb.jpg (74886 bytes)
Amur Star slides the wall toward Lock 1.
6-avonb-10-01-10-pb.jpg (85614 bytes)
Avonborg above Lock 3 passes the Algocanada.
7-avonb-10-01-10-pb.jpg (90097 bytes)
 Avonborg above Lock 3.
8-avonb-10-01-10-pb.jpg (70727 bytes)
Avonborg approaching Lock 4 west of the Flight locks.
9-bbcnis-10-01-10-pb.jpg (84113 bytes)
BBC Mississippi below Lock 1. 
10-bbcnis-10-01-10-pb.jpg (82237 bytes)
BBC Mississippi glides towards Lock 1.
11-fedems-10-01-10-pb.jpg (85325 bytes)
Federal Ems passes the Algocanada above Lock 1.
12-fedems-10-01-10-pb.jpg (77357 bytes)
Federal Ems moving toward Lock 2.
13-hori-10-01-10-pb.jpg (85256 bytes)
Horizon, from Dunkirk, NY.
14-hori-10-01-10-pb.jpg (85660 bytes)
Horizon heads for Lake Ontario on a windy day.
15-radyel-10-01-10-pb.jpg (115729 bytes)
Meantime, the Radium Yellowknife shelters below Lock 1 because of the wind.
1-wood-9-30-10-pb.jpg (65951 bytes)
Algowood leaving Lock 2.
2-sabina-9-30-10-pb.jpg (56469 bytes)
Sabina at the Homer bridge on her way to Lock 3.
3-sabina-9-30-10-pb.jpg (88921 bytes)
Dunnage on deck of the Sabina.
4-seaowl-9-30-10-pb.jpg (51630 bytes)
Sea Owl waiting for Lock 2 to open.  Hooooo owns this yacht?
5-seaowl-9-30-10-pb.jpg (65374 bytes)
Sea Owl moving slowly toward Lock 2.

Goderich Ontario, Friday - Bruce Douglas
1-Algosteel-10-2-10-bjd.jpg (92823 bytes)
Algosteel loading salt in its third day here.
2-Algosteel-10-2-10-bjd.jpg (132113 bytes)
View from south pier.
3-Algosteel-10-2-10-bjd.jpg (207400 bytes)
View from lighthouse.
4-Algosteel-10-2-10-bjd.jpg (131069 bytes)
 View from castle.
5-Algosteel-10-2-10-bjd.jpg (107371 bytes)
Moving to let Cuyahoga enter channel, strong winds.
6-Algosteel-10-2-10-bjd.jpg (112759 bytes)
MacDonald's tugs shoving hard.
7-Algosteel-10-2-10-bjd.jpg (113113 bytes)
Tugs shifting position
8-Cuyahoga-10-2-10-bjd.jpg (79107 bytes)
 Cuyahoga approaching harbor.
9-Cuyahoga-10-2-10-bjd.jpg (139894 bytes)
Turning in basin, Algosteel backing around again.
10-Cuyahoga-10-2-10-bjd.jpg (135508 bytes)
Cuyahoga loading grain.

CSX Presque Isle Coal Dock
- Bob Vincent
1-RSPierson-10-1-10-bv.jpg (100718 bytes)
Robert S. Pierson under the ship loader
2-RSPierson-10-1-10-bv.jpg (81622 bytes)
Heading for Essar Steel Algoma in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario

Straits of Mackinac Saturday -
Dianne Donati
Olive-L-Moore-Lewis-J-Kuber-2-10-2-10-dd.jpg (118627 bytes)
Olive L. Moore/Lewis J. Kuber
BBC-Rio-Grande-10-2-10-dd.jpg (54346 bytes)
BBC Rio Grande in Lake Huron passing Bois Blanc Island.
Buffalo-10-2-10-dd.jpg (104347 bytes)
Eastbound Buffalo

Salties in the Welland Canal
- John McCreery
1-Federal-Ems-10-1-10-jm.jpg (83892 bytes)
Federal Ems departing lock 1
2-Ems-Cape-Roger-10-1-10-jm.jpg (95012 bytes)
Passing Cape Roger
3-Ems-Algocanada-10-1-10-jm.jpg (99882 bytes)
Meeting the downbound Algocanada
4-Federal-Ems-10-1-10-jm.jpg (85415 bytes)
Bow view
5-Federal-Ems-10-1-10-jm.jpg (80447 bytes)
Stern view
6-Federal-Ems-10-1-10-jm.jpg (95132 bytes)
Bow dead on
7-Federal-Ems-10-1-10-jm.jpg (95389 bytes)
Dusk arrives as Federal Ems slides the wall toward lock 2 destination Ashtabula
8-Eider-10-1-10-jm.jpg (87979 bytes)
Eider holding position after exit from lock 3
9-Eider-10-1-10-jm1.jpg (74096 bytes)
Finally underway
10-Eider-10-1-10-jm1.jpg (75500 bytes)
Approaching the Homer bridge at days end and destined for the anchorage in Hamilton harbor

Tugboat Kristin J. hard aground on Glencoe Shoal near Glencoe, Ill. Saturday
- Petty Officer 1st Class Jason Ford
tugaground.jpg (100449 bytes)
 Three people aboard the vessel were rescued by the U.S. Coast Guard after Kristin J., with two construction barges in tow, began taking on water.

Barbara Andrie from the Hope Memorial Bridge -
Kate White
1-BarbaraAndrie-10-2-10-kw.jpg (107914 bytes) 2-Barbara-Andrie-10-2-10-kw.jpg (116936 bytes) 3-BarbaraAndrie-10-2-10-kw.jpg (105655 bytes)    

Mariatown -
Murray Blancher
1-Avonborg-09-30-10-mb.jpg (52001 bytes)
Avonborg upbound at Mariatown in a very heavy rain
2-Sea-Owl-10-01-10-mb.jpg (83052 bytes)
Sea Owl downbound at Mariatown
3-Sea-Owl-10-01-10-mb.jpg (52257 bytes) 4-BBC-Volga-10-01-10-mb.jpg (80617 bytes)
BBC Volga upbound at Mariatown
5-BBC-Volga-10-01-10-mb.jpg (83888 bytes)
6-Federal-Saguenay-10-01-10-mb.jpg (82229 bytes)
Federal Saguenay downbound at Mariatown
7-BBC-Volga-10-01-10-mb.jpg (93522 bytes)
 BBC Volga upbound at Iroquois
8-BBC-Volga-10-01-10-mb.jpg (115981 bytes) 9-John-Spencer&Niagara-Spirit-10-01-10-mn.jpg (119320 bytes)
John Spencer & Niagara spirit upbound at Iroquois
10-J-W-Shelley-10-01-10-mb.jpg (86983 bytes)
J W Shelley upbound at Iroquois
11-J-W-Shelley-10-01-10-mb.jpg (86651 bytes) 12-Beluga-Festival-10-01-10-mb.jpg (52617 bytes)
 Beluga Featival downbound at Iroquois

Friday evening at Brockville
- Dave Bessant
1-JWShelleyJohnSpenceCdnEmpress-01-10-10-WDB.jpg (54483 bytes)
Looking down to Prescott from Brockville, 3 ships approaching which turn out to be J W Shelley, John Spence and Canadian Empress, you can almost tell from the silhouettes.
4-JWShelley-01-10-10-WDB.jpg (40451 bytes)
J W Shelley approaching Brockville
6-JWShelley-01-10-10-WDB.jpg (46349 bytes)
 Stern view into setting sun
7-CanadianEmpressJWSpence-01-10-10-WDB.jpg (30951 bytes)
Canadian Empress has overtaken John Spence as she must come in to stay overnight at Brockville
9-CanadianEmpress-01-10-10-WDB.jpg (76758 bytes)
Across from Morristown
10-CanadianEmpress-01-10-10-WDB.jpg (53816 bytes)
Saluting with her high pitched whistle
13-JohnSpence-01-10-10-WDB.jpg (56212 bytes)
John Spence with her barge Spirit and a flashing yellow light at the bow
15-JohnSpence-01-10-10-WDB.jpg (81619 bytes) 16-Algocanada-02-10-10-WDB.jpg (78067 bytes)
Saturday morning at Prescott and the Algocanada about to pass under the Prescott Ogdensburg International bridge downbound

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