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October 4 - 5, 20

Duluth-Superior - Tom Caine
1-Calla-10-3-10-tc.jpg (81307 bytes)
Cason J. Callaway loading at Hallett 5
2-JLBPRC-10-3-10-tc.jpg (107030 bytes)
Joseph L. Block loading under the chutes while Phillip R. Clarke unloads limestone.
3-AmCWJM-10-3-10-tc.jpg (59510 bytes)
American Century loading coal and Walter J. McCarthy backing into position for next berth at SMET
4-WJMcCa-10-3-10-tc.jpg (54959 bytes)
Walter J. McCarthy Jr. in position for next berth at SMET
5-OlymMr-10-3-10-tc.jpg (76925 bytes)
Olympic Miracle at Cenex Harvest States 1
6-AmCent-10-3-10-tc.jpg (106105 bytes)
American Century departing Duluth

Badger Roundtrip Ludington to Manitowoc
- Lou Gerard
DSC_0072_17160.jpg (49402 bytes)
Sunset at Ludington North Pier Lighthouse Thursday evening.
DSC_0099_17187.jpg (52631 bytes)
Badger ready to depart and Spartan on Friday morning. 
DSC_0113_17201.jpg (58622 bytes)
Departing Ludington steaming through channel.
DSC_0121_17209.jpg (57079 bytes)
Out in the open Lake.
DSC_0136_17224.jpg (203564 bytes)
 Loading 1 of 3 large wind turbine components.
DSC_0145_17233.jpg (61195 bytes)
Departing Manitowoc passing North Breakwater Lighthouse.
DSC_0166_17252.jpg (214247 bytes)
Arriving in Ludington backing into her slip.
DSC_0174_17260.jpg (82697 bytes)
Unloading the large wind turbine parts plus 3 semi's and a good load of autos

St. Marys Challenger at South Chicago Thursday -
Lou Gerard 
DSC_1005_17065.jpg (80165 bytes)
St. Marys Challenger steaming under EJ&E bridge.
DSC_0017_17105.jpg (103917 bytes)
Clear of 5 bridges and Skyway she approaches 100th St.
DSC_0050_17138.jpg (68928 bytes)
Approaching 106th St she passes the Manitowoc loading at Beemsterboer's.
DSC_0068_17156.jpg (69608 bytes)
Crewmembers enjoying the nice weather.

Quebec Traffic -
Michel St-Denis
01-Cap-Tourmente101002MSD.jpg (103467 bytes)
Cap Tourmante (Canadian Coast Guard)
02-Green-Star101002MSD.jpg (86902 bytes)
Tanker Green Star upbound
03-Algocape101002MSD.jpg (68552 bytes)
Algocape upbound
04-Vigilant101002MSD.jpg (99401 bytes)
Tug Vigilant 1 upbound after assisting the departure of Canadian Prospector for Turkey.
05-Genmar-Argus101002MSD.jpg (82638 bytes)
African Camellia upbound
06-African-Camellia101002MSD.jpg (91608 bytes) 07-African-Camellia101002MSD.jpg (85624 bytes) 08-African-Camellia101002MSD.jpg (94651 bytes) 09-GordonCLeitch101003MSD.jpg (79369 bytes)
Gordon C Leitch upbound
10-GordonCLeitch101003MSD.jpg (62715 bytes)
Gordon C Leitch stack
11-Palmerton101003MSD.jpg (82045 bytes)
Palmerton upbound
12-Palmerton101003MSD.jpg (83657 bytes) 13-MSC-Diego101003MSD.jpg (47089 bytes)
MSC Diego upbound
14-MSC-Diego101003MSD.jpg (73838 bytes)  

Welland Canal Photos from Oct 3 -
Paul Beesley
1-flint-10-03-10-pb.jpg (75003 bytes)
Flinterstream & Isolda pass above Lock
2-flint-10-03-10-pb.jpg (81257 bytes)
Flinterstream recycles.  Or, they like Lego blocks.
3-richel-10-03-10-pb.jpg (73669 bytes)
The Richelieu, here below Lock 2, and Saguenay follwed each other down the canal.
4-richel-10-03-10-pb.jpg (63868 bytes)
Richelieu, ex-Federal Ottawa and Lake Erie.
5-saguen-10-03-10-pb.jpg (66389 bytes)
Saguenay clear of Lock 2.
6-saguen-10-03-10-pb.jpg (68164 bytes)
Sagueany, ex-Federal Thames and Lake Superior.
7-saguen-10-03-10-pb.jpg (49020 bytes)
Uh, Chief.  We're getting complaints.
8-stella-10-03-10-pb.jpg (65214 bytes)
Stellaprima below Lock 2.
9-stella-10-03-10-pb.jpg (78645 bytes)
Stellaprima approaching Lock 1.
10-stella-10-03-10-pb.jpg (67469 bytes)
Canadian Navigator and Stellaprima pass above Lock 1.

Welland Canal Photos from Oct 2 -
Paul Beesley
1-volga-10-02-10-pb.jpg (76832 bytes)
BBC Volga upbound toward Lock 3.
2-volga-10-02-10-pb.jpg (78170 bytes)
BBC Volga upbound toward Lock 3.
3-heloi-10-02-10-pb.jpg (56359 bytes)
Heloise at Mile 9.
4-heloi-10-02-10-pb.jpg (57961 bytes)
The Heloise spent many days unloading in Port Weller before proceeding toward the upper lakes.
5-heloi-10-02-10-pb.jpg (94787 bytes)
Heloise ready to make the turn toward Bridge 11.

Mackinac Island ferry Capt Shepler
- Dianne Donati
Capt-Shepler-of-Shepler-Ferries.jpg (129843 bytes)        

Tug Lac Manitoba downbound at Brockville -
Dave Bessant
1-LacManitoba-03-10-10-WDB.jpg (94885 bytes)
Lac Manitoba against the wind downbound at Brockville
2-LacManitoba-03-10-10-WDB.jpg (106815 bytes)
Close up

Great Lakes Trader and Fall Colors at the Lower Harbor in Marquette
- Rod Burdick
1_glt_9_29_10_rb.jpg (119767 bytes)
Unloading stone at the Shiras Dock

Saturday in Montreal -
Bill Bird
1-OceanJupiter-10-02-2010-bb.jpg (84303 bytes)
Tug Ocean Jupiter at her berth in Montreal harbour
2-Algoisle-10-02-2010-a-bb.jpg (54443 bytes)
As we head out in tug, Algoisle sits across the slip-she's due for a tow to Aliaga Turkey beginning sometime this week.
3-Algoisle-10-02-2010-b-bb.jpg (67514 bytes)
Algoisle bow shot.
4-PetroliaDesgagnesAlgoisle-10-02-201-bb.jpg (78097 bytes)
Petrolia Desgagnes and Algoisle.  The aptly named tanker is for sale.
5-MSCTuscany-10-02-2010-a-bb.jpg (83112 bytes)
MSC Tuscany awaiting tugs.
6-MSCTuscanyGeorgieBain-10-02-2010-b-bb.jpg (69014 bytes)
Tug Ocean Georgie Bain on stern of MSC Tuscany
7-OceanJupiterMSCTuscany10-02-2010-bb-.jpg (77476 bytes)
Ocean Jupiter begins pulling MSC Tuscany away from dock
8-OceanGeorgieBainMSCTuscany-10-02-2010-bb-.jpg (94040 bytes)
Ocean Georgie Bain starts pulling on stern
9-OceanJupiterMSCTuscany-10-02-2010-b-bb.jpg (74724 bytes)
Ocean Jupiter has MSC Tuscany well out in the channel.
10-OceanGeorgieBainMSCTuscany-10-02-2010-b-bb-jpg.jpg (61666 bytes)
Ocean Georgie Bain now pushing on the stern of MSC Tuscany to complete the 180 degree turn
11-MSC-Tuscany-10-02-2010-b-bb.jpg (69692 bytes)
MSC Tuscany heading downstream from Montreal.  Headed for Dominican Republic.
12-MSC-Freedom-10-02-2010-bb.jpg (114457 bytes)
MSC Freedom loading containers.  When finished she headed for Italy.
13-CaptainGregoireJean-10-02-2010-bb.jpg (62273 bytes)
 Job completed, captain Gregoire Jean returns to his dock.  Thanks for the ride, skipper!
14-SauniereHalifax-10-02-2010-a-bb.jpg (82931 bytes)
In Old Montreal retired lakers Sauniere and Halifax await their fate.
15-SauniereHalifax-10-02-2010-b-bb-.jpg (77031 bytes)
 Stern view
16-Dutch-Runner-10-02-2010-a-bb.jpg (70777 bytes)
Dutch Runner after sitting idle for several weeks in Montreal returns to service.  Here seen passing Cote Ste Catherine dock
17-Dutch-Runner-10-02-2010-b-bb.jpg (66944 bytes)
Soon as she passed the sun came out.

Welland Canal -
Jack Zulerons
1-Algosteel-03-10-10-jz.jpg (63028 bytes)
Algosteel exiting Lock 3 passing Flinterstream loaded with more wind turbine towers, destination unknown.
2-Algosteel-03-10-10-jz.jpg (87221 bytes)
Algosteel passing through the Homer bridge
3-Algosteel-03-10-10-jz.jpg (66178 bytes)
Algosteel passing under the Garden City Skyway
4-Algosteel-03-10-10-jz.jpg (92189 bytes)
Algosteel just pass the Garden City Skyway and passing my van.

Peter A B Widener news clippings October 5, 1965 -
 John Decator
1965peterabwidenerPHTimesHerald-.jpg (191644 bytes) 1965peterabwidenerLetter-of-Commendation.jpg (134319 bytes)      

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