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October 6, 20


Algoisle scrap tow - Michel St-Denis

01-IonionPelagos101005MSD.jpg (45667 bytes)
Tug Ionion Pelagos passing Cap de la Madeleine at 3:40 p.m. Tuesday.
02-Algoisle101005MSD.jpg (54073 bytes)
The name of Algoisle was cover by paint
03-Algoisle101005MSD.jpg (40150 bytes)
White strip was added on the bow
04-Algoisle101005MSD.jpg (57355 bytes) 05-Algoisle101005MSD.jpg (49816 bytes)
The logo on stack were covered by black paint.
06-Algoisle101005MSD.jpg (56049 bytes)
Vigilant 1 was the steering tug on the stern.
07-Algoisle101005MSD.jpg (54104 bytes) 08-Algoisle101005MSD.jpg (35540 bytes)    

Tow of the Algoisle passing Vercheres, Quebec -
Kent Malo
Algoisle10-05-10-km-b.jpg (68783 bytes)
Algoisle with the two tugs passing Vercheres, Quebec, Tuesday 8:30 a.m.
IonionPelagos10-05-10-km.jpg (53216 bytes)
Ionion Pelagos due to arrive at Aliaga Turkey, November 10, 2010.
Vigilant1-10-05-10-km.jpg (61517 bytes)
Vigilant 1 on the stern acting as rudder and brake, Vigilant 1 will let go anywhere between Poite aux pic and Escoumins, Quebec.
FederalMattawa10-05-10-km-a.jpg (49539 bytes)
Federal Mattawa meeting the tow below Vercheres,
FederalMattawa10-05-10-km-b.jpg (72888 bytes)
Federal Mattawa up bound St Lawrence river, heading for the Seaway and Toronto,
FederalMattawa10-05-10-km-d.jpg (59212 bytes)
Stern view of the Federal Mattawa, Toronto bound possible load of sugar on board.

Federal Miramichi in Marinette
- Dick Lund
1-FM-10-05-10-dl.jpg (49848 bytes)
Federal Miramichi silhouetted against a bright sun entering the inner harbor heading for Marinette Fuel & Dock on Tuesday
2-FM-10-05-10-dl.jpg (70908 bytes)
With the tug, Texas, holding the stern, the Indiana nudges the ship against the craneship, William H. Donner
3-FM-10-05-10-dl.jpg (79201 bytes)
The Texas joins the Indiana to get the ship into position
4-FM-10-05-10-dl.jpg (60014 bytes)
 Unloading later in the afternoon
5-FM-10-05-10-dl.jpg (54960 bytes)
Bows of the Federal Miramichi and William H. Donner as a crane aboard the Donner drops a load of pig iron onto the dock

Ship Traffic Hamilton
- John McCreery
1-Algocape-10-4-10-jm.jpg (70932 bytes)
Algocape arriving with ore from Port Cartier
2-Algocape-10-4-10-jm.jpg (65426 bytes)
Entering the Burlington Piers
3-Algocape-10-4-10-jm.jpg (87944 bytes)
Looking a little worse for wear
4-Merlin-10-4-10-jm.jpg (95909 bytes)
Coastguard's Merlin follows Algocape in
5-Algocape-10-4-10-jm.jpg (80255 bytes)
Entering the harbor
6-Flintermar-10-4-10-jm.jpg (78821 bytes)
Flintermar crossing the harbor
7-Flintermar-10-4-10-jm.jpg (89108 bytes)
Nearing the entrance to the ship canal
8-Flintermar-10-4-10-jm.jpg (84627 bytes)
Stern view as she departs for Montreal
9-Eider-10-4-10-jm.jpg (94400 bytes)
Eider now loading at Richardson after the morning departure of the Shelley
10-CanLeader-10-4-10-jm.jpg (68760 bytes)
Across the harbor sits the Leader her sailing career reportedly over

Olympic Melody at Brockville, Tuesday -
Dave Bessant
1-OlympicMelody-05-10-10-WDB.jpg (93994 bytes)
Olympic Melody coming out of the Brockville Narrows
2-OlympicMelody-05-10-10-WDB.jpg (73716 bytes)
Lots of water against her bow
3-OlympicMelody-05-10-10-WDB.jpg (91511 bytes)
 Approaching Blockhouse island downbound
4-OlympicMelody-05-10-10-WDB.jpg (92482 bytes)
5-OlympicMelody-05-10-10-WDB.jpg (70857 bytes)
Side view
6-OlympicMelody-05-10-10-WDB.jpg (64545 bytes)
Accommodations and Stack markings
7-OlympicMelody-05-10-10-WDB.jpg (117034 bytes)
Across from Morristown, N.Y.
8-OlympicMelody-05-10-10-WDB.jpg (65081 bytes)
Stern view at the Three Sisters

Flinterstream westbound in Lake Huron passing Bois Blanc Island on Tuesday -
 Dianne Donati
Flinterstream-10-5-10-dd.jpg (103502 bytes)        

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