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October 8 - 9, 20


Mariatown Thursday - Ron Beaupre

1-richelieu-07-10-10-rb.jpg (38763 bytes)
Richelieu passing Mariatown on her way to load at Sarnia.
2-sunflower-07-10-10-rb.jpg (58930 bytes)
Sunflower E was launched in China last year.
3-sunfower-07-10-10-rb.jpg (58240 bytes)
 Sunflower E is registered in Italy.
4-richelieu-07-10-10-rb.jpg (96967 bytes)
A work crew is getting the stop logs ready at Iroquois Lock. The lock will be drained this winter for the first time in many years.
5-amurstar-07-10-10-rb.jpg (67016 bytes)
Amur Star departs Iroquois Lock while Sunflower E waits below in the river.
6-sunflower-07-10-10-rb-014.jpg (93886 bytes)
Sunflower E cabins. She is heading for Duluth.

St Joseph and Benton Harbor, Mich. -
Herm Phillips
IMG_2395.jpg (87060 bytes)
Thursday morning the Mississagi was unloading at the Ireland and Lester dock
IMG_2418.jpg (91915 bytes)
Around noon Mississagi departed
IMG_2421.jpg (93267 bytes) IMG_2433.jpg (59560 bytes) IMG_2482.jpg (77644 bytes)
Maumee arrived heading to the Consumers dock to unload
IMG_2495.jpg (92461 bytes) IMG_2499.jpg (81708 bytes) IMG_2503.jpg (96076 bytes) IMG_2507.jpg (102496 bytes) IMG_2509.jpg (71830 bytes)
IMG_2511.jpg (105245 bytes)        

Erie Canal -
Jason LaDue
1-Urger-9-19-2010-JL.jpg (198102 bytes)
Urger above Lock 32 Pittsford, NY
2-Urger-9-19-2010-JL.jpg (185426 bytes) 3-Seneca-9-19-2010-JL.jpg (184807 bytes)
8-Grand-Erie-9-19-2010-JL.jpg (125063 bytes)
Grand Erie Genesee River, Rochester, NY 
9-C-L-Churchill-9-19-2010-JL.jpg (173514 bytes)
C L Churchill Genesee River, Rochester, NY 

Hope Memorial Bridge
- Kate White
1-stmarycement-10-7-10-kw.jpg (135046 bytes)
Barge St. Marys Cement and tug Sea Eagle II
2-stmarycement-10-7-10-kw.jpg (100683 bytes) 3-stmarycement-10-7-10-kw.jpg (99288 bytes) 4-seaeagle-10-7-10-kw.jpg (108796 bytes)
Sea Eagle II
5-seaeagle-10-7-10-kw.jpg (109569 bytes)

St. Joseph Mich. -
Lou Gerard
DSC_0255_17884.jpg (79234 bytes)
Mississagi unloading salt at Ireland & Lester dock.
DSC_0278_17907.jpg (78917 bytes)
Backing through the Main St. bridge.
DSC_0303_17932.jpg (86178 bytes)
Backing past North Pier Lighthouse.
DSC_0323_17952.jpg (83154 bytes)
Out in Lake Michigan Mississagi turns north and Maumee waits to come in.
DSC_0403_18032.jpg (85834 bytes)
Maumee in St. Joe River channel.
DSC_0426_18055.jpg (82674 bytes)
Passing CSX bridge.
DSC_0467_18096.jpg (355711 bytes)
Crewmen boarding boat to cast lines for tieup.
DSC_0486_18115.jpg (96383 bytes)
Tied up at Consumers dock for unloading.

Robert S. Pierson at the Upper Harbor in Marquette
- Rod Burdick
1_rsp_10_3_10_rb.jpg (105306 bytes)
Arriving at sunset to load ore
2_rsp_10_3_10_rb.jpg (109606 bytes)

Salvage operation of the Tug Kristin J and Barges which ran aground off of Glencoe Illinois Oct. 2 -
Mike Hughes
1-Kristin-J-&-Barge-10-8-2010-mh.jpg (57045 bytes)
One barge has already been removed
2-Kristin-J-&-Barge--10-8-2010-mh.jpg (54985 bytes) 3-Tug-Kristin-J-&-Barge--10-8-2010-mh.jpg (75440 bytes) 4-Tug-Kristin-J-&-Barge-10-8-2010-mh.jpg (39357 bytes)  

Cote St Catherine, St. Lawrence Seaway
- Kent Malo
WilfSeymour10-08-10-km.jpg (63702 bytes)
Wilf Seymour and barge Alouette Spirit tying up at the Cote Wharf due to heavy traffic in the lock area,
Silos-for-Thurso-Que10-08-10-km.jpg (53894 bytes)
Silos off loaded from the Stella Prima to be loaded on a barge for Thurso Quebec, via the Ottawa river.
Boatman6-&Barge10-08-10-km.jpg (82059 bytes)
Barge and Boatman 6 along with the Lac Manitoba will move the barge and its contents (Silos) through the locks at St Anne de Bellevue, and Carillion, Quebec, for a paper mill at Thurso, Quebec.

Soo and Munising -
 Lee Rowe
StClaireLR10061010.jpg (76343 bytes) TammyKelliAnnLR10061004.jpg (167696 bytes) CMBeeghleyLR10071004.jpg (82895 bytes) NancyAnnLR10061002.jpg (119040 bytes) ChampionLR10071005.jpg (82853 bytes)
SpeerLR10071004.jpg (72793 bytes) KEBarkerLR10061008.jpg (56177 bytes) AlgowoodLR10061006.jpg (63282 bytes) ClarkeMunsonLR10061008.jpg (73351 bytes) EemsborgLR10061015.jpg (62126 bytes)
JRBarkerLR10061001.jpg (40338 bytes) MontrealaisLR10061006.jpg (58703 bytes) AmRepublicLR10071004.jpg (74880 bytes) ManitowocLR10071001.jpg (107439 bytes)  

Soo Locks -
Michael Hurd
100_0299.jpg (54651 bytes)
St. Clair downbound above the locks
100_0301.jpg (65231 bytes)
Peter R. Cresswell at Essar Steel
100_0307.jpg (70174 bytes)
Avenger IV with the barge PML 2501 heading to Essar Steel
100_0315.jpg (74697 bytes)
Paul R. Tregurtha waiting for the St. Clair to clear the Poe Lock.

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