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October 10, 20

Spruceglen arriving in Hamilton Saturday - Bill Bird
1-Spruceglen-09-10-2010-a-bb.jpg (70250 bytes)
Spruceglen approaching Burlington piers-Toronto skyline in background.
2-Spruceglen-09-10-201-b-bb.jpg (71569 bytes)
Winds are fresh as Spruceglen passes through Burlington ship canal
3-Spruceglen-09-10-2010-c-bb.jpg (63241 bytes)
Stern shot into the harbour.

CSL Tadoussac downbound at Marine City Saturday
- Paul Magyar
1-TADOUSSAC-10-9-10-PM.jpg (69864 bytes)        

Flinterstream in the Welland Canal Saturday -
Eric Holmes
1-Finterstream-09-10-10-eh.jpg (72286 bytes) 2-Flinterstream-09-10-10-eh.jpg (75208 bytes) 3-Flinterstream-09-10-10-eh.jpg (73593 bytes)    

Straights of Mackinac
- Dianne Donati
Algorail-10-9-10-dd.jpg (66334 bytes)
Algorail in Lake Huron passing Bois Blanc Island
USCGC-Mackinaw-10-9-10-dd.jpg (86958 bytes)
USCGC Mackinaw at its home mooring in Cheboygan River

Point Edward, Ont. Purdies Fisheries - Monty Young
Mary-Dale-Point-Edward.jpg (64043 bytes)
MaryDale High and Dry
Rand-J-(Right)-and-Unknown-Point-Edward.jpg (107883 bytes)
Randy J and unknown
Tywne---Point-Edward.jpg (133559 bytes)
Unknown---Downbound-Point-Edward.jpg (129105 bytes)
Unknown downbound on the St Clair

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