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October 11, 20


Point Edward/Sarnia - Marc Dease

1-man-10-2-10-a-md.jpg (47937 bytes)
Manistee downbound above buoys 1 & 2.
2-man-10-2-10-b-md.jpg (59019 bytes)
Making the turn.
3-man-10-2-10-c-md.jpg (45930 bytes)
 Down at Fort Gratiot light under ominous skies.
4-gcl-10-8-10-a-md.jpg (82037 bytes)
Gordon C. Leitch loading at the elevator in the early morning.
5-gcl-10-8-10-b-md.jpg (66224 bytes)
Still showing some Misener blue
6-mont-10-9-10-md.jpg (63894 bytes)
Montrealais downbound at Point Edward.
7-tad-10-9-10-md.jpg (57179 bytes)
 CSL Tadoussac down bound above 1 & 2.
8-rich-10-10-10-a-md.jpg (61731 bytes)
Richelieu arriving at the elevator
9-rich-10-10-10-b-md.jpg (77721 bytes)
 First man ashore.
10-rich-10-10-10-c-md.jpg (68167 bytes)
 Loading later in the day.
11-jgm-10-10-10-a-md.jpg (58473 bytes)
John G. Munson down at 1 & 2.
12-jgm-10-10-10-b-md.jpg (78726 bytes)
Passing Fort Gratiot Lighthouse.

Detroit, Mich. -
Mike Nicholls
BARKERKAYEEb03100710mn.jpg (74495 bytes)
Kaye E Barker arriving at Severstal Steel in Dearborn.
MACASSABAYb02101010mn.jpg (58583 bytes)
Macassa Bay upbound at the Windsor Casino.
MACASSABAYs03101010mn.jpg (51010 bytes) KUBERJAMESLb05101010mn.jpg (39299 bytes)
James L Kuber and Victory unloading at Windsor.
KUBERJAMESLs07101010mn.jpg (39463 bytes)
VICTORYb06101010mn.jpg (44444 bytes)        

Cason Callaway in Huron, Ohio -
Chris Wilson
IMGP8599.jpg (47970 bytes)
Arrived early evening Saturday to unload stone at the mouth of the river.

Goderich Ontario, Friday - Ian Taylor
1-Algocape-10-8-10-it.jpg (141148 bytes)
Algocape loading grain, during strong winds.
2-Algolake-10-8-10-it.jpg (94000 bytes)
Algolake loading Sifto salt.
3-Algocape-lake10-8-10-it.jpg (106717 bytes)
Algocape, Algolake, viewed from the castle.

Algoma Discovery Halifax -
Mac Mackay
1-Algodisco-10-10-10-mm.jpg (59612 bytes)
 Algoma Discovery berthed at pier 30 in Halifax on October 10, 2010.
2-Algodsico-10-7-10-mm.jpg (75565 bytes)
Algoma Discovery arriving in Halifax October 7, 2010.

Grand Princess passes beneath the CSX Railroad bridge in Grand Ledge, Mich. -
Tom Hynes
1-GrandPrincess-10-10-10th.jpg (138213 bytes)
Grand Princess is believed to be Michigan's newest commercial riverboat, entering service in the spring of 2010.
2-GrandPrincess-10-10-10th.jpg (145092 bytes)
With an enclosed lower deck, the Grand Princess replaced the open deck Princess Laura.
3-GrandPrincess-10-10-10th.jpg (122483 bytes)
J&K Steamboat Company operates the Grand Princess at Grand Ledge, as well as the Michigan Princess at Lansing, and the Detroit Princess at Detroit.
4-GrandPrincess-10-10-10th.jpg (129792 bytes)  

Historical Perspectives - Welland Canal Salties in 1963 -
Al Howard
Flying-Independant-1963--ah.jpg (86587 bytes)
All vessels photographed above lock 7 - 1963
Torr-Head-1963---ah.jpg (80964 bytes) Castagnola-1963---ah.jpg (80250 bytes) Maltesholm-1963---ah.jpg (68943 bytes) Mogamisan-Maru-1963---ah.jpg (44481 bytes)
Montreal-City-1963---ah.jpg (50046 bytes)        

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