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October 12, 20


St. Marys Challenger outbound the Calumet River Monday- Tom Kort 

01-stmary-10-11-tk.jpg (111663 bytes)
South of the E.100th St. Bridge
02-stmary-10-11-tk.jpg (102851 bytes)
Passing through the draw bridge
03-stmary-10-11-tk.jpg (143401 bytes)
Rail road lift bridge
04-stmary-10-11-tk.jpg (72359 bytes)
Last turn before the straight away to the lake.  Bow thruster hard at work
05-stmary-10-11-tk.jpg (57199 bytes)
Rudder at the same turn.
06-stmary-10-11-tk.jpg (92395 bytes)
Sail boat slipping by at the last turn
07-stmary-10-11-tk.jpg (145567 bytes)
Last draw bridge at Hy 41
08-stmary-10-11-tk.jpg (119185 bytes)
 Down the straight away.
09-stmary-10-11-tk.jpg (36554 bytes)
Entering the lake
10-stmary-10-11-tk.jpg (23805 bytes)
Approaching the sea wall.
11-stmary-10-11-tk.jpg (29224 bytes)
Sea wall opening.
12-stmary-10-11-tk.jpg (98019 bytes)
Bow shot in open water.

Fall Sunrise at the Upper Harbor in Marquette
- Rod Burdick
2_hcj_10_8_10_rb.jpg (62553 bytes)
 Herbert C. Jackson at anchor
1_sag_10_6_10_rb.jpg (52789 bytes)
Saginaw departing after loading ore

St. Lambert Traffic -
Michel St-Denis
01-CatherineDesgagnes101010MSD.jpg (68874 bytes)
Catherine Desgagnes downbound
02-CatherineDesgagnes101010MSD.jpg (65979 bytes) 03-Isadora101010MSD.jpg (57919 bytes)
Isadora upbound
04-Isadora101010MSD.jpg (69203 bytes) 05-Isadora101010MSD.jpg (65580 bytes)
06-BelugaFrequency101010MSD.jpg (67565 bytes)
Beluga Frequency upbound
07-BelugaFrequency101010MSD.jpg (67523 bytes) 08-BelugaFrequency101010MSD.jpg (58175 bytes) 09-DaraDesgagnes101010MSD.jpg (56311 bytes)
Dara Desgagnes downbound
10-DaraDesgagnes101010MSD.jpg (61708 bytes)

St. Clair River Monday
Roger LeLievre
Algomarine-10-11-10rl.jpg (46999 bytes)
Algomarine upbound.
Algosar-10-11-10rl.jpg (81095 bytes)
Algosar downbound under the bridge.
Algosteel-10-11-10rl.jpg (44952 bytes)
Algosteel, with H. Lee White astern.
American-Republic-10-11-10rl.jpg (85463 bytes)
American Republic under the bridge.
Can-Transfer-10-11-10rl.jpg (56247 bytes)
Canadian Transfer downbound with stone.
Cresswell,-Peter-R.-10-11-10rl.jpg (59018 bytes)
Peter R. Cresswell downbound
Drummond-Islander-tow-2-10-11-10rl.jpg (63668 bytes)
Soo-based Drummond Islander II downbound with dredging equipment.
Drummond-Islander-Tow-10-11-10rl.jpg (65879 bytes)
Dredge Arthur J. The small tugs Tammy and Madison are on the stern
Dutch-Runner-1-10-11-10rl.jpg (51085 bytes)
Canadian flag Dutch Runner upbound for Thunder Bay, passing Algocanada,
Dutch-Runner-2-10-11-10r.jpg (89660 bytes)
 Gott,-Edwin-H.-10-11-10rl.jpg (65954 bytes)
Edwin H. Gott downbound.
Mississagi-10-11-10rl.jpg (85473 bytes)
Mississagi-Richelieu-10-11-10rl.jpg (63455 bytes)
Mississagi passes Richelieu, which is loading in Sarnia.
White,-H.-Lee-10-11-10rl.jpg (60833 bytes)
H. Lee White upbound.

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