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October 15, 20

Toledo, Ohio - Bob Vincent
1-FederalMaas-10-14-10-bv.jpg (70667 bytes)
Federal Maas at ADM Elevator
2-FederalMaas-10-14-10-bv.jpg (94850 bytes)
Another view
3-Calumet-10-14-10-bv.jpg (85323 bytes)
Calumet under CSX Coal ship loader
4-Calumet-10-14-10-bv.jpg (129873 bytes)
Calumet boom all the way out
5-Calumet-10-14-10-bv.jpg (128964 bytes)
Looking aft above the deck
6-Calumet-10-14-10-bv.jpg (114929 bytes)
7-Calumet-10-14-10-bv.jpg (104879 bytes)
Calumet heading for Saginaw Michigan
8-CCoastGuard-10-14-10-bv.jpg (53662 bytes)
Unidentified Canadian Coast Guard vessel in front of CSX Presque Isle Coal Dock

Toledo Traffic - Maumee River -
Luke Archer
1-Michipicoten-10-14-10-la.jpg (50521 bytes)
Michipicoten backing away from the dock after unloading.
2-Michipicoten-10-14-10-la.jpg (39169 bytes)
Michipicoten waiting for a train at the NS swing bridge as the Federal Maas loads at the ADM elevators.
3-Michipicoten-10-14-10-la.jpg (63244 bytes)
Making her way through the opening of the swing bridge
4-Michipicoten-10-14-10-la.jpg (54383 bytes)
Through the bridge
5-Michipicoten-10-14-10-la.jpg (84204 bytes)
Continuing down river
6-Michipicoten-10-14-10-la.jpg (67004 bytes)
Stern view as the Michipicoten heads under the Anthony Wayne Bridge.

Soo Locks -
Dianne Donati
Walter-J-McCarthy-Jr-3-10-14-10-dd.jpg (72470 bytes)
Walter J. McCarthy Jr.
Walter-J-McCarthy-Jr-5-10-14-10-dd.jpg (78023 bytes) Walter-J-McCarthy-Jr-4-10-14-10-dd.jpg (88823 bytes) Federal-Pioneer-2-10-14-10-dd.jpg (108728 bytes)
Federal Pioneer in St Mary's River
Federal-Pioneer-10-14-10-dd.jpg (80668 bytes)

St. Clair River -
George Lee
Misc-409.jpg (71674 bytes)
Luedtke Engineering Co. tug Ann-Marie at Algonac bound for dredge
Misc-407.jpg (52795 bytes) Misc-411.jpg (86492 bytes)
Krista S. at Algonac bound for Dickenson Island disposal site

St. Lawrence Seaway -
Kent Malo
Birchglen10-14-10-km.jpg (65373 bytes)
Birchglen upbound for Burns Harbor with windmill parts from Gros Cacouna, Quebec, which is east of Riviere du Loup, (Otter River)
Birchglen10-14-10-km-b.jpg (77018 bytes)
seen here at Cote St Catherine above Montreal
NorwegianSea10-14-10-km.jpg (62393 bytes)
K-Sea's Norwegian Sea upbound at Kahnawake for Sarnia, this is the first time Norwegian Sea has been up the Seaway, usually seen at New York City.
NorwegianSea10-14-10-km-b.jpg (59130 bytes) NorwegianSea10-14-10-km-c.jpg (71574 bytes)
Algowood10-14-10-km.jpg (91686 bytes)
Algowood downbound at Kahnawake for Quebec City

Brockville Thursday afternoon
- Dave Bessant 
1-AlgomaGuardian-10-14-10-WDB.jpg (60901 bytes)
Algoma Guardian upbound near Morristown NY
2-AlgomaGuardian-10-14-10-WDB.jpg (56875 bytes)
Approaching Blockhouse with Brockville Rowing Club practice going on
3-Ojibway-10-14-10-WDB.jpg (65452 bytes)
Ojibway downbound through the Brockville Narrows
5-AlgomaGuardianOjibway-10-14-10-WDB.jpg (55115 bytes) 6-AlgomaGuardianOjibway-10-14-10-WDB.jpg (59298 bytes)
Ojibway emerging from behind Algoma Guardian
7-Ojibway-10-14-10-WDB.jpg (68091 bytes)
Ojibway approaching Blockhouse
8-Ojibway-10-14-10-WDB.jpg (56439 bytes) 10-AlgomaGuardian-10-14-10-WDB.jpg (70613 bytes)
Algoma Guardian heading into the narrows
11-Ojibway-10-14-10-WDB.jpg (58659 bytes)
Ojibway downbound towards Prescott
12-Ojibway-10-14-10-WDB.jpg (67587 bytes)

Lee A Tregurtha upbound at Sailors Encampment 
- Jerry Masson
LAT_1.jpg (49093 bytes)        

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