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October 17, 20


Detroit River Saturday Roger LeLievre

Palau-101610rl-1.jpg (66252 bytes)
Heavy-lift vessel Palau, built in 2010 and operated by Harren & Partner Ship Management, upbound in the Detroit River.
Palau-101610rl-2.jpg (39818 bytes)
Forward end profile.
Palau-101610rl-3.jpg (43382 bytes)
Pilot change provided by the J.W. Westcott II.
Palau-101610rl-4.jpg (87290 bytes)
The Westcott pulls away.
Palau-101610rl-5.jpg (66867 bytes)
Stern view, with U.S. Border Patrol vessel passing.

Gordon C. Leitch loading grain via conveyor at Pier 10-5 in Hamilton Ont. -
Ted and Ian Wilush
1-Gordon-C.-Leitch-[2]-16-10-10-TW.jpg (116533 bytes) 2-Gordon-C.-Leitch-[2]-16-10-10-TW.jpg (90222 bytes) 3-Gordon-C.-Leitch-[2]-16-10-10-TW.jpg (84739 bytes)
Showing conveyor loading system brand new to this pier.

Toledo Docks - Bob Vincent
1-CSLAssiniboine-10-16-10-bv.jpg (79482 bytes)
CSL Assiniboine unloading iron ore (IOC) from Seven Islands.
2-CSLAssiniboine-10-16-10-bv.jpg (85257 bytes)
another view
3-Torco-10-16-10-bv.jpg (107174 bytes)
Torco Dock load out
4-CSLAssiniboine-10-16-10-bv.jpg (52624 bytes)
CSL Assiniboine leaving Torco Dock
5-AmericanFortitude-10-16-10-bv.jpg (68881 bytes)
American Fortitude in lay-up
6-JJBoland-10-16-10-bv.jpg (72140 bytes)
John J. Boland coming in from Cleveland
7-JJBoland-10-16-10-bv.jpg (51178 bytes)
Bow, men getting ready to tie her up
8-JJBoland-10-16-10-bv.jpg (85738 bytes)
Coming under the ship loader
9-JJBoland-10-16-10-bv.jpg (79065 bytes)
Loading for Zug Island
10-StMarysCementII-10-16-10-bv.jpg (64990 bytes)
St. Marys Cement II coming in
11-AmericanValor-10-16-10-bv.jpg (79094 bytes)
American Valor in lay-up

Detroit River Friday -
Richard McLenon
1-JoeThompson-10-15-10-rm.jpg (69912 bytes)
Joe Thompson Passes the Joe Lewis arena
2-JoeThompson-10-15-10-rm.jpg (54323 bytes) 3-JoeThomFront-10-15-10-rm.jpg (44846 bytes)
Frontenac downbound
4-Frontenac-10-15-10-rm.jpg (76300 bytes) 5-Frontenac-10-15-10-rm-.jpg (65045 bytes)
Heading for Lake Erie 
6-Frontenac-10-15-10-rm-.jpg (65234 bytes)        

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