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October 18, 20


Duluth- Superior - Tom Caine

1-FedMir-10-13-10-tc.jpg (71438 bytes)
Federal Miramichi at Cenex Harvest States
2-FedPio-10-16-10-tc.jpg (93770 bytes)
Federal Pioneer at Berth 1
3-FedPio-10-16-10-tc.jpg (53626 bytes)
Federal Pioneer departing
4-BeFreq-10-16-10-tc.jpg (92353 bytes)
Beluga Frequency unloading at Port Terminal
5-BeFreq-10-16-10-tc.jpg (119058 bytes)
Oversize load from Beluga Frequency requires specialized truck
6-BeFreq-10-16-10-tc.jpg (90568 bytes)
Oversize load moves to final staging area
7-AmCent-10-17-10-tc.jpg (96105 bytes)
 American Century at CN Missabe
8-JGMun-10-17-10-tc.jpg (71138 bytes)
John G. Munson approaching C. Reiss Inland Dock
9-JGMun-10-17-10-tc.jpg (94966 bytes)
 John G. Munson getting lines out
10-JGMun-10-17-10-tc.jpg (67777 bytes)
John G. Munson unloads limestone
11-PRT-10-17-10-tc.jpg (75280 bytes)
Paul R. Tregurtha pumped out for bow thruster repairs
12-Sndew-10-17-10-tc.jpg (96751 bytes)
Retired USCGC Sundew

St. Marys Challenger in Milwaukee Sunday -
Lou Gerard
DSC_0008_19176.jpg (80393 bytes)
Challenger docked behind Kinnickinnic Ave. bridgetenders tower.
DSC_0046_19213.jpg (80595 bytes)
Backing away from dock around 1 pm.
DSC_0048_19215.jpg (79558 bytes)
Backing past Skipper Bud's Marina always draws a crowd.
DSC_0057_19224.jpg (66921 bytes)
Passing tug Donald C. in Kinnickinnic River.
DSC_0067_19234.jpg (51453 bytes)
Watchman on bow during turning in the Inner Harbor.
DSC_0070_19237.jpg (56519 bytes)
Turned and heading out to Lake Michigan.
DSC_0076_19243.jpg (100539 bytes)
Only floating objects allowed on Greenfield Ave. beyond this point.
DSC_0084_19251.jpg (53809 bytes)
Approaching Hoan Bridge.
DSC_0103_19270.jpg (60427 bytes)
Steaming under Hoan Bridge.
DSC_0104_19271.jpg (56506 bytes)
Heading out to lake she passes lighthouse and fisherman on a beautiful afternoon.

Welland Canal Sunday -
Bill Bird
1-Algocanada-10-17-10-a-bb.jpg (75689 bytes)
Algocanada clear of Lock 3
2-Algocanada-10-17-10-b-bb.jpg (90927 bytes)
Stern shot headed for Sept Iles
3-PeterRCresswell-10-17-10-a-bb.jpg (72660 bytes)
Peter R Cresswell upbound at Thorold.
4-PeterRCresswell-10-17-10-b-bb.jpg (70339 bytes)
 Bound for Detroit with cement
5-Cuyahoga-10-17-10-a-bb.jpg (61584 bytes)
As Cuyahoga clears lock 7 captain blows salute for wheelsman's family on the wall.
6-Cuyahoga-10-17-10-b-bb.jpg (60661 bytes)
Next port of call is  Cleveland
7-CSLNiagara-10-17-10-bb.jpg (52463 bytes)
CSL Niagara above Lock 2 headed for Baie Comeau
8-CSLNiagara-JBAird-10-17-10-a-bb.jpg.jpg (68046 bytes)
As CSL Niagara makes the wall John B Aird exits the lock
9-CSLNiagaraJBAird-10-17-10-b-bb.jpg (66385 bytes)
passing entry for the two ships
10-JBAird-10-17-10-a-bb.jpg (58974 bytes)
John B Aird clear of the lock
11-JBAird-10-17-10-b-bb.jpg (63469 bytes)
stern shot

Recent Upper Harbor Activity in Marquette
- Rod Burdick
1manithcj_10_7_10_rb.jpg (89066 bytes)
Manitowoc loading ore at sunset with Herbert C. Jackson at anchor

St Lawrence Seaway Cote Ste Catherine and Kahnawake -
Kent Malo
FreedomService10-17-10-km-a.jpg (72513 bytes)
Hornbeck Off Shore services tug Freedom Service and barge Energy 11103 upbound at Cote Ste Catherine above lock 2 destination, Toledo, Ohio
FreedomService10-17-10-km-b.jpg (67812 bytes) wilfseymour.jpg (89038 bytes)
McKiel tug Wilf Seymour and barge Alouette Spirit upbound at Kahnawake St Lawrence Seaway for Oswego, New York,

Palau in Lake Huron passing Bois Blanc Island Sunday
- Dianne Donati
Palau-2-10-17-10-dd.jpg (87726 bytes)        

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