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October 19, 20

Recent Photos - Paul Beesley
1-ladymor-10-15-10-pb.jpg (101493 bytes)
Lady Morency anchored in  Baie Verte, Newfoundland.
2-ladymor-10-15-10-pb.jpg (88633 bytes)
 Formerly the Canadian Coast Guard Ship Montmorency.
3-ladymor-10-15-10-pb.jpg (156363 bytes)
It has been over a decade since she was taken out of service and sold to private industry.
4-msjes-10-15-10-pb.jpg (111024 bytes)
 Fishing Vessel Ms Jessie in Baie Verte.
5-sealpr-10-15-10-pb.jpg (126260 bytes)
Sealers Pride in Baie Verte.
6-ladymor-10-16-10-pb.jpg (89512 bytes)
Wheelhouse of the Lady Morency.  Much of the interior has been stripped to remove asbestos.
7-ladymor-10-16-10-pb.jpg (139296 bytes)
One of the vents on the wheelhouse top.  She's quite worn out.
8-ladymor-10-16-10-pb.jpg (129525 bytes)
The buoy deck of the Lady Morency.
9-aird-10-17-10-pb.jpg (62042 bytes)
  Back to the Welland canal!  John B Aird upbound above Lock 1.
10-songdia-10-17-10-pb.jpg (62536 bytes)
Songa Diamond above Lock 1.
11-songdia-10-17-10-pb.jpg (74827 bytes)
Songa Diamond above Lock 1.
12-songdia-10-17-10-pb.jpg (63752 bytes)
Songa Diamond approaching Lock 2.
13-bbcvol-10-17-10-pb.jpg (87898 bytes)
BBC Volga below Lock 2.
14-bbcvol-10-17-10-pb.jpg (87481 bytes)
BBC Volga below Lock 2.
15-bbcvol-10-17-10-pb.jpg (79275 bytes)
 BBC Volga approaching Lock 1.

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