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October 21, 20

Recent Welland Canal - Paul Beesley
1-freeser-10-19-10-pb.jpg (59127 bytes)
Freedom Service and Energy 11103 make their way toward Lock 2.
2-freeser-10-19-10-pb.jpg (62010 bytes)
Anchor arrangement on the barge.
3-cuya-10-20-10-pb.jpg (79673 bytes)
Cuyahoga above Lock 3.
4-stef-10-20-10-pb.jpg (67486 bytes)
Stefania I at the ferry crossing at Port Robinson.
5-zeus-10-20-10-pb.jpg (74882 bytes)
 Zeus early in the morning approaches Lock 1.
6-zeus-10-20-10-pb.jpg (77884 bytes)
Zeus early in the morning approaches Lock 1.
7-cannav-10-20-10-pb.jpg (72209 bytes)
Canadian Navigator clear of Lock 1, upbound.
8-rich-10-20-10-pb.jpg (72337 bytes)
Richelieu above Lock 1.
9-rich-10-20-10-pb.jpg (75106 bytes)
Another view.
10-rich-10-20-10-pb.jpg (61366 bytes)
Richelieu approaches Lock 2.

Algoma Guardian at anchor -
Kent Malo
AlgomaGuardian10-20-10-km-a.jpg (40090 bytes)
Algoma Guardian at anchor with the Ocean Hercule on her port side, after she was released from her grounding.  this photo was taken from Les Coteau, Quebec, almost at the entrance to the now defunct, Soulanges Canal.

Detroit, Mich. -
Mike Nicholls
JACKSONHERBERTCb01101710mn.jpg (48280 bytes)
Herbert C Jackson arriving at Severstal Steel in Dearborn. Oct. 17
HOEYPATRICIAb01101210mn.jpg (70646 bytes)
Patricia Hoey upbound off Zug Island. Oct. 16
ALBACOREb07101610mn.jpg (63553 bytes)
Museum sub U.S.S. Albacore at Portsmouth, NH.
ALBACOREs27101610mn.jpg (65489 bytes)  

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