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October 22, 20


Welland Canal Thursday - Paul Beesley

1-cape-10-21-10-pb.jpg (64718 bytes)
Algocape started the parade of upbounders just before the clouds moved in.
2-almak-10-21-10-pb.jpg (72708 bytes)
MCT Almak above Lock 1.
3-almak-10-21-10-pb.jpg (53784 bytes)
The last time the Almak was spray-painted they did not move or cover the liferafts.
4-almak-10-21-10-pb.jpg (69957 bytes)
MCT Almak moves toward Lock 2.
5-spring-10-21-10-pb.jpg (69110 bytes)
Spring above Lock 1.
6-spring-10-21-10-pb.jpg (72656 bytes)
Spring moves toward Lock 2.
7-lamb-10-21-10-pb.jpg (126125 bytes)
CCGC Cape Lambton was put in between the upbound salties.  Looks like she's newly painted.
8-vicborg-10-21-10-pb.jpg (59672 bytes)
Victoriaborg in the rain above Lock 1.
9-vicborg-10-21-10-pb.jpg (109269 bytes)
 Plimsollmark is submerged but she's still not down to her Fresh Water mark.
10-vicborg-10-21-10-pb.jpg (59268 bytes)
Heading for sunnier skies.

CSX Torco Dock
- Bob Vincent
1GLTrader-10-21-10-bv.jpg (66044 bytes)
Great Lakes Trader and Joyce L. VanEnkevort backing into Torco slip Thursday
2-GLTrader-10-21-10-bv.jpg (89690 bytes)
Unloading iron ore (Tilden) from Marquette Michigan
3-GLTrader-10-21-10-bv.jpg (82232 bytes)
another view  
4-GLTrader-10-21-10-bv.jpg (88201 bytes)
 another view
5-LuedtkeNo.16-10-21-10-bv.jpg (120936 bytes)
Luedtke Engineering Co. Derrick boat # 16
6-LuedtkeNo.16-10-21-10-bv.jpg (106448 bytes)
another view
7-ERLuedtke-10-21-10-bv.jpg (153888 bytes)
Tug Erich R. Luedtke
8-Barge-10-21-10-bv.jpg (104574 bytes)
9-BargeNo70-10-21-10-bv.jpg (95417 bytes)
Barge No. 70
1-AMariner-10-20-10-bv.jpg (71286 bytes)
 Early morning Wednesday loading the American Mariner
2-AMariner-10-20-10-bv.jpg (69141 bytes)
Loading for the River Rouge
3-KEBarker-10-20-10-bv.jpg (115556 bytes)
Kaye E. Barker looking aft above the deck
4-KEBarker-10-20-10-bv.jpg (111250 bytes)
Forward deck housing
5-KEBarker-10-20-10-bv.jpg (60969 bytes)
Kaye E. Barker loading for Essar Steel Algoma in Sault Ste. Marie Ontario

New tug under construction at Donjon Shipbuilding & Repair in Erie, Pa. -
Chuck Reynolds
JOHN-J-BOLAND-ERIE-2010-10-21-007.jpg (89713 bytes)        

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