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October 23, 20

Toledo - Bob Vincent
1-JHThompson-10-22-10-bv.jpg (93059 bytes)
Bow of the barge Joseph H. Thompson
2-JHThompson-10-22-10-bv.jpg (139931 bytes)
The unloading boom
3-JHThompson-10-22-10-bv.jpg (101634 bytes)
another view
4-JHThompsonJr-10-22-10-bv.jpg (89516 bytes)
Joseph H. Thompson Jr. in the notch
5-JHThompson-10-22-10-bv.jpg (64320 bytes)
Unloading iron ore (Utac) from Duluth
6-Richelieu-10-22-10-bv.jpg (82683 bytes)
The CSL boat Richelieu under Andersons K elevator dock
7-Richelieu-10-22-10-bv.jpg (66094 bytes)
another view

Joseph H. Thompson at the Upper Harbor in Marquette
- Rod Burdick 
1_jht_10_8_10_rb.jpg (104091 bytes)
Unloading limestone into the hopper

James R. Barker passing Sarnia Wednesday -
Michael A. Turnquist
Train-and-The-Barker-Both-Headed-North.jpg (85803 bytes) The-Barker-at-Boat-Nerd-Headquarters.jpg (90133 bytes) The-Barker-Under-The-Blue-Water-Bridge.jpg (98836 bytes) The-Barker-Headed-out-to-Lake-Huron.jpg (67826 bytes) The-Barker-and-Lighthouse.jpg (71496 bytes)

Goderich Ontario, Thursday - Bruce Douglas
1-Algorail-10-21-10-bjd.jpg (70190 bytes)
Algorail turning in the basin during rain.
2-Algorail-10-21-10-bjd.jpg (92436 bytes)
MacDonalds three tugs, shoving hard.
3-Algorail-10-21-10-bjd.jpg (84987 bytes)
Algorail loading sodium-chloride.
4-Algorail-10-21-10-bjd.jpg (79105 bytes)
View from south pier.
5-Algorail-10-21-10-bjd.jpg (114425 bytes)
View from the lighthouse.
6-Algorail-10-21-10-bjd.jpg (89142 bytes)
View from the castle, another rain-storm approaching.

Detroit Traffic
Friday - Mike Nicholls
ENERGY11103b03102210mn.jpg (51768 bytes)
Barge Energy 11103 and tug Freedom Service in the Belle Isle Anchorage.
FREEDOMSERVICEb05102210mn.jpg (43734 bytes) FEDERALPOWERb07102210mn.jpg (50639 bytes)
Federal Power at Nicholson's Detroit.
FEDERALPOWERs08102210mn.jpg (44690 bytes)  

 St. Clair River - Sarnia -
George Lee
norwegiansea10-22-10-(1).jpg (51578 bytes)
Norwegian Sea at Government dock in Sarnia for repairs
norwegiansea10-22-10-(2).jpg (75680 bytes) norwegiansea10-22-10-(3).jpg (66070 bytes)
Barge DBL 103 at Sydney Smith dock
norwegiansea10-22-10-(4).jpg (90124 bytes) norwegiansea10-22-10-(5).jpg (88810 bytes)

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