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October 24, 20

Salties Welland Canal Friday - John McCreery
1-Brant-10-22-10-jm.jpg (87055 bytes)
Brant upbound in ballast at Allenburg
2-Brant-10-22-10-jm.jpg (85621 bytes)
Another view
3-Brant-10-22-10-jm.jpg (111681 bytes)
Stern view at bridge 11
4-FedHudson-10-22-10-jm.jpg (87532 bytes)
Federal Hudson downbound at Port Robinson
5-Brant-Hudson-10-22-10-jm.jpg (84566 bytes)
Brant and Federal Hudson passing
6-FedHudson-10-22-10-jm.jpg (82030 bytes)
Stern view of the Federal Hudson
7-FedAsahi-10-22-10-jm.jpg (78095 bytes)
Federal Asahi departing from lock 1
8-FedAsahi-10-22-10-jm.jpg (82091 bytes)
Bow view
9-FedAsahi-10-22-10-jm.jpg (86618 bytes)
Stern view
10-FedAsahi-10-22-10-jm.jpg (49762 bytes)
Wide angle view of the Federal Asahi as she makes her way between locks 1 and 2
11-FedAsahi-10-22-10-jm.jpg (68446 bytes)
Beginning her slide into lock 2
12-FedAsahi-10-22-10-jm.jpg (72975 bytes)
Another view
13-FedAsahi-10-22-10-jm.jpg (72774 bytes)
Federal Asahi at the entrance to lock 2 and destined for Toledo Ohio
14-FedHudson-10-22-10-jm.jpg (92399 bytes)
Federal Hudson exiting lock 3 as daylight fades
15-FedHudson-10-22-10-jm.jpg (66457 bytes)
The Federal Hudson approaching the Homer bridge and bound for Montreal

Recent pictures from the Stewart J. Cort -
Mike Sipper
1-SJC-10-14-10-MS1.JPG.jpg (114233 bytes)
Loading at BN, Superior, Wi.
2-SJC-10-14-10-MS1.JPG.jpg (74612 bytes)
Departing Superior, Wi.
3-SJC-10-15-10-MS.JPG.jpg (65326 bytes)
Soo Locks at night.
4-SJC-10-16-10-MS.JPG.jpg (41421 bytes)
Waiting for fog in the St. Mary's River.
5-SJC-10-16-10-MS.JPG.jpg (89588 bytes)
Lifting anchor after waiting for fog.
6-SJC-10-16-10-MS.JPG.jpg (76481 bytes)
Going through the rock cut.
7-SJC-10-16-10-MS.JPG.jpg (52002 bytes)
 Passing under the Mac Bridge.
8-SJC-10-16-10-MS.JPG.jpg (40428 bytes)
Entering Lake Michigan.
9-SJC10-18-10-MS.JPG.jpg (47436 bytes)
Unloading at Burns Harbor, Indiana            
1-SJC-10-14-10-MS.JPG.jpg (81606 bytes)
Pilot House
2-SJC-10-14-10-MS.JPG.jpg (87719 bytes)
Starboard Engines
3-SJC-10-14-10-MS.JPG.jpg (104664 bytes)
Engine Room Control Room
4-SJC-10-14-10-MS.JPG.jpg (79423 bytes)
Unloading Shuttle
5-SJC-10-14-10-MS.JPG.jpg (84104 bytes)
Unloading System Control Room
6-SJC-10-14-10-MS.JPG.jpg (66829 bytes)
Crew Dining
7-SJC-10-14-10-MS.JPG.jpg (70168 bytes)
Officer Dining
8-SJC-10-14-10-MS.JPG.jpg (81068 bytes)

- Ron Beaupre
1-beluga-23-10-10-rb.jpg (50994 bytes)
Beluga Faculty passing Mariatown.
2-progress-23-10-10-rb.jpg (55290 bytes)
Canadian Progress approaching Mariatown.

Cleveland, Ohio -
Kate White
1-Algoway-10-22-10-kw.jpg (131579 bytes)
Algoway from the Hope Memorial Bridge.
2-Dutch-Runner-10-22-10-kw.jpg (51303 bytes)
 Dutch Runner passing the old Coast Guard station.

Toledo -
Steve Feher
HPIM0310.jpg (76467 bytes)
Calumet leaving Toledo from Midwest Terminal International Dock

Port Burwell and Port Stanley Fishtugs
- Monty Young
Slo-Moe-Port-Burwell.jpg (92305 bytes)
Port Burwell - tug Slo Moe
J-P-Siddall-i-Port-Burwell.jpg (123951 bytes)
Port Burwell - J P Siddall
Ferroclad---Port-Stanley.jpg (110302 bytes)
 Port Stanley- Ferroclad
Ferroclad-Bow---Port-Stanley.jpg (80690 bytes) James-D---Bow-on-Port-Stanley.jpg (56257 bytes)
James D
James-D---Port-Stanley.jpg (151132 bytes) Brian-D-Right-Side-i-Port-Stanley.jpg (108794 bytes)
Brian D

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