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October 26, 20


Welland Canal Monday October 25 - John McCreery

1-ZiemiaLodzka-10-25-10-jm.jpg (73599 bytes)
Ziemia Lodzka upbound at the Glendale bridge
2-ZiemiaLodzka-10-25-10-jm.jpg (74285 bytes)
Stern view
3-ZiemiaLodzka-10-25-10-jm.jpg (87142 bytes)
Approach to lock 4 west
4-Nogat-10-25-10-jm.jpg (86186 bytes)
Nogat downbound above lock 7
5-Nogat-10-25-10-jm.jpg (86192 bytes)
Stern view
6-Nogat-10-25-10-jm.jpg (115131 bytes)
Entering lock 7
7-Nogat-10-25-10-jm.jpg (86188 bytes)
Departure from lock 7
8-Lodzka-Nogat-1025-10-jm.jpg (103349 bytes)
Lodzka and Nogat pass in the twin flights
9-Lodzka-Roman-10-25-10-jm.jpg (92745 bytes)
Lodzka and Stephen B Roman
10-Lodzka-10-25-10-jm.jpg (104219 bytes)
Sliding into lock 7 - In ballast for Milwaukee

Agawa Canyon at Aliaga, Turkey for scrapping - Salim San
AGAWA-CANYON10-25-10-SS--(3).jpg (112612 bytes) AGAWA-CANYON-10-25-10-SS-(1).jpg (86692 bytes)      

Detroit River Monday -
John van der Doe
25-October-2010-Windsor-(3).jpg (62773 bytes)
USCGC Mackinaw arriving in Windsor
25-October-2010-Windsor-(6).jpg (60495 bytes) 25-October-2010-Windsor-(14).jpg (69331 bytes) 25-October-2010-Windsor-(17).jpg (66138 bytes)
Tug Freedom Service at the anchorage at Bell Isle
25-October-2010-Windsor-(16).jpg (82825 bytes)
Tim-S.-Dool-25-October-2010-Windsor-(37).jpg (35481 bytes)
Tim S. Dool downbound
Tim-S.-Dool-25-October-2010-Windsor-(40).jpg (77855 bytes) Federal-Power-25-October-2010-Windsor-(42).jpg (62502 bytes)
Federal Power leaves Detroit dock turns and turns upbound.
Federal-Power-25-October-2010-Windsor-(46).jpg (53328 bytes)  

Toledo Docks
- Bob Vincent
1-HLWhite-10-25-10-bv.jpg (62618 bytes)
H. Lee White under the ship loader
2-HLWhite-10-25-10-bv.jpg (105057 bytes)
Boom and Aft deck housing
3-HLWhite-10-25-10-bv.jpg (98169 bytes)
Another look at the boom and American Valor forward deck house
4-HLWhite-10-25-10-bv.jpg (62206 bytes)
H. Lee White loaded and heading for Muskegon, MI
5-Cuyahoga-10-25-10-bv.jpg (80447 bytes)
Cuyahoga coming in and heading for Kraft Food Elevator
6-SLaud-10-25-10-bv.jpg (75542 bytes)
Sam Laud coming in and going to # 2 wall to wait for the H. Lee White to finish
7-SLaud-10-25-10-bv.jpg (61952 bytes)
Backing out to head under the ship loader
8-SLaud-10-25-10-bv.jpg (70093 bytes)
Sam Laud loading for Marysville, MI
9-AtlanticHuron-10-25-10-bv.jpg (89344 bytes)
Atlantic Huron unloading iron ore (IOC) form Seven Islands
10-AtlanticHuron-10-25-10-bv.jpg (105919 bytes)
Another view

Detroit -
Mike Nicholls
BISSOBUDCAPTCBC1268b2910251.jpg (45410 bytes)
Capt Bud Bisso and barge CBC 1268, assisted by the Carolyn Hoey entering the Rouge on the way to the old Detroit Lime Dock with components for the Marathon Refinery in Detroit.
BISSOBUDCAPTb26102510mn.jpg (50914 bytes) BISSOBUDCAPTs18102510mn.jpg (63324 bytes) BISSOBUDCAPTb31102510mn.jpg (44396 bytes) CBC1268b07102510mn.jpg (49499 bytes)
HOEYCAROLYNb12102510mn.jpg (48260 bytes) HOEYCAROLYNs10102510mn.jpg (70275 bytes)      

Note: Please be advised that due to the large volume of photos being submitted for inclusion in this gallery and the time constraints involved in handling each submission, only selected photos will be used.  This page will continue to generally be used only for photos related to recent news or port/area reports and will only be released as time permits. Please visit the Public Gallery to upload and share your own photos.

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