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October 28, 20


Welland Canal - Paul Beesley

1-chjack-1-25-1-pb.jpg (57210 bytes)
Capt Henry Jackman approaches Lock 1.
2-carisl-1-25-1-pb.jpg (76371 bytes)
CCGS Caribou Isle heads home to Prescott after a summer working out of Amherstburg.
3-nogat-1-25-1-pb.jpg (52338 bytes)
Nogat below Lock 2, Algosoo slides into the lock while Stephen B Roman waits on top.
4-nogat-1-25-1-pb.jpg (130626 bytes)
Blue compass binnacle on the Nogat.
5-zielod-1-25-1-pb.jpg (59120 bytes)
Ziemia Lodzka above Lock 3.
6-palem-1-26-1-pb.jpg (66760 bytes)
Palembang above Lock 1.
7-palem-1-26-1-pb.jpg (111141 bytes)
Another delivery by AGP.
8-petcre-1-26-1-pb.jpg (79062 bytes)
Peter R Cresswell approaches Lock 1.
9-hamene-1-26-1-pb.jpg (82418 bytes)
Hamilton Energy preparing to fuel the Canadian Enterprise in Port Weller.
10-juliet-1-26-1-pb.jpg (75159 bytes)
Julietta inbound Port Weller.
11-juliet-1-26-1-pb.jpg (84645 bytes)
Julietta's distinctive hull construction.
12-phcres-1-26-1-pb.jpg (80252 bytes)
Cresswell passes the enterprise below Lock 1.
13-jul-1-26-1-pb.jpg (95443 bytes)
Julietta approaches Lock 1.
14-palem-1-26-1-pb.jpg (83699 bytes)
Palembang on her way to Lock 2.

Charles M Beeghly anchored Tuesday in Hedgehog Harbor at the north end of the Door County peninsula - Ham Rutledge
DSC02109.jpg (87676 bytes)        

St Lawrence Seaway above Montreal -
Kent Malo
RthonPauljMartin.jpg (84928 bytes)
Rt. Hon Paul J. Martin upbound in the St Lawrence Seaway at Cote St Catherine, Que. for Toledo, Ohio.
RTHonPaulJMartyin10-27-10-km-a.jpg (87363 bytes) BargeBMI-!92-10-27-20-km.jpg (86838 bytes)
Basic Marine tug Nickelena and her barge  BMI 192 upbound at Cote St Catherine after off loading at Belledune New Brunswick, destination Burns Harbor, Ind.
Nickelena10-27-10-km.jpg (79555 bytes)  

Iroquois Lock -
Ron Beaupre
1-spring-27-10-10-rb.jpg (45604 bytes)
Spring meeting Canadian Provider below the Iroquois Lock.
2-provider-27-10-10-rb.jpg (80270 bytes)
Canadian Provider slides the wall into Iroquois Lock.
3-tracer-27-10-10-rb.jpg (47945 bytes)
Tracer passing Loyalist Park west of Mariatown.
4-tracer-27-10-10-rb.jpg (41228 bytes)
 A silhouette of Tracer.

St. Marys Challenger In Milwaukee
- Lou Gerard
DSC_0287_19451.jpg (74848 bytes)
St. Marys Challenger waiting out the storm at her terminal in Milwaukee.
DSC_0285_19449.jpg (76195 bytes)
Another view in Milwaukee.

Herbert C. Jackson. in Portage Lake Shipping Canal near Michigan Tech in Houghton, Mich. -
Danielle Adams
3-HCJ-10-27-2010DA.jpg (17044 bytes) 2-HCJ-10-27-2010DA.jpg (11352 bytes) 1-HCJ-10-27-2010DA.jpg (157111 bytes)    

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