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October 31, 20

Saturday at Welland Canal - Bill Bird
1-Birchglen-10-30-2010-a-bb.jpg (60188 bytes)
Spruceglen clear of Lock One. (53454 bytes)
Stern shot-bound for Ashtabula
3-FederalMackinac-10-30-2010-a-bb.jpg (68637 bytes)
Federal Mackinac in Port Weller harbor
4-FederalMackinac-10-30-2010-b-bb.jpg (68956 bytes)
Federal Mackinac will stop at Port Colborne for fuel and engine parts.
5-CanadianProvider-10-30-2010-bb.jpg (69250 bytes)
High winds force Canadian Provider to anchor in Lake Ontario.  She'll be heading for Goderich  

Toledo Docks - Bob Vincent
1-Algosoo-10-29-10-bv.jpg (93027 bytes)
Algosoo under the CSX coal loader, loading for Arcelor MIttal Dofasco in Hamilton Ontario.  Saturday
2-RSPierson-10-29-10-bv.jpg (87352 bytes)
Robert S. Pierson coming for a load of coal for Essar Steel Algoma in Sault Ste. Marie Ontario.  Saturday
3-AMariner-10-29-10-bv.jpg (98873 bytes)
American Mariner unloading iron ore (tilden) from Marquette Michigan.  Saturday
4-CSLAssiniboine-10-30-10-bv.jpg (86212 bytes)
CSL Assiniboine unloading iron ore at Torco Dock
5-CSLAssiniboine-10-30-10-bv.jpg (89643 bytes)
Another view
6-Luedtke-10-30-10-bv.jpg (104042 bytes)
Luedtke Engineering Co. Derrick Boat No.16 all packed up ready to move to next job.
7-ERLuedtke-10-30-10-bv.jpg (137259 bytes)
Tug Erich R. Luedtke stored on deck
8-Luedtke-10-30-10-bv.jpg (141521 bytes)
A look at the dredge bucket on deck
9-Luedtke-10-30-10-bv.jpg (77958 bytes)
Another view of Luedtke Derrick Boat No.16

Thursday St. Lambert Lock Traffic
- Michel St-Denis
01-Algonova101028MSD.jpg (83859 bytes)
Algonova Upbound
02-Tim-S-Dool101028MSD.jpg (66003 bytes)
Tim S Dool Downbound
03-Tim-S-Dool101028MSD.jpg (57235 bytes) 04-Montrealais101028MSD.jpg (88212 bytes)
Montrealais Downbound
05-Montrealais101028MSD.jpg (48128 bytes)
06-Montrealais101028MSD.jpg (44766 bytes) 07-Chemtrans-Alster101028MSD.jpg (83578 bytes)
Chemtrans Alster Downbound
08-Chemtrans-Alster101028MSD.jpg (57899 bytes) 09-Flevoborg101028MSD.jpg (51817 bytes)
Flevoborg Upbound
10-Flevoborg101028MSD.jpg (64648 bytes)
11-Flevoborg101028MSD.jpg (75814 bytes) 12-Flevoborg101028MSD.jpg (54981 bytes) 13-Federal-Mackinac101028MSD.jpg (52211 bytes)
Federal Mackinac Upbound
14-Federal-Mackinac101028MSD.jpg (52864 bytes) 15-Federal-Mackinac101028MSD.jpg (59269 bytes)
16-J-W-Shelley101028MSD.jpg (47055 bytes)
J.W. Shelley Downbound
17-J-W-Shelley101028MSD.jpg (58599 bytes)      

Sault Ste. Marie Saturday
- Roger LeLievre
Flinterstream-10-30-10rl.jpg (57562 bytes)
Flinterstream at the Rock Cut
Beeghly,-Charles-M-10-30-10rl.jpg (60557 bytes)
Charles M. Beeghly upbound in the lower river

Recent Upper Harbor Activity in Marquette
- Rod Burdick
1jlvglt_10_19_10_rb.jpg (105797 bytes)
Joyce L. VanEnkevort and Great Lakes Trader loading ore
2lat_10_22_10_rb.jpg (79585 bytes)
Lee A. Tregurtha arriving to load ore

USCGC Mackinaw doing maneuvers in Lake Huron near Bois Blanc Island in Cheboygan Friday -
Dianne Donati
USCGC-Mackinaw-10-29-10-dd.jpg (73524 bytes)        

Brant loads grain at Goderich, Ontario Friday - Jacob Smith
brant1010.jpg (92107 bytes)        

Mount McKay built 1908 gets a makeover at Connors Point, Wis.
IMG_0011.jpg (45812 bytes)        

Fishtug Last Time at Goderich, Ontario Saturday -
James M. Carlson
IMG_0047.jpg (79856 bytes) IMG_0046.jpg (94208 bytes)      

Agawa Canyon loading stone at Badgeley Island on the Lansdowne Channel west of Killarney - June, 1997 - John G. Mackay
agawacanyon103110 (1).jpg (59038 bytes) agawacanyon103110 (2).jpg (61729 bytes)      

Historical Perspectives -
 George Lee
BH-Becker-1969.jpg (39770 bytes)
Formerly B.H. Becker with cement barge bound for Port Huron 1969, now Jenny Lynn (sunk)
Noordmere.jpg (92220 bytes)
Wreck of Nordmere 1973 Lake Huron

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