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November 1, 20

Algoma Spirit in Halifax - Mac Mackay
1-Algospirit-30-10-10-mm.jpg (68342 bytes)
Algoma Spirit arrived in Halifax October 27 and tied up at pier 31 for work. She is seen here October 30.
2-Algospirit-31-10-10-mm.jpg (64866 bytes)
Algoma Spirit is shifting to another berth on October 31.
3-Algospirit-31-10-10-mm.jpg (67778 bytes)
Algoma Spirit under control of tugs off pier 25-26.
4-Algospirit-31-10-10-mm.jpg (86544 bytes)
The Algoma team spirit is already evident on this back stop.
5-Algospirit-31-10-10-mm.jpg (86403 bytes)
The tug Atlantic Wiollow backs away as Algoma Spirit is finally secured at pier 25-26, October 31.

Saginaw River -
Todd Shorkey
1-mani-10-31-10-ts-a.jpg (67482 bytes)
Manitowoc upbound nearing Saginaw
2-mani-10-31-10-ts-b.jpg (68352 bytes)
Stern view
3-cuya-10-31-10-ts-a.jpg (77556 bytes)
Cuyahoga upbound nearing Saginaw
4-cuya-10-31-10-ts-b.jpg (75544 bytes)
Stern view with Manitowoc nearing the Zilwaukee bridge
5-ljkuber-10-31-10-ts-a.jpg (60826 bytes)
Olive L. Moore - Lewis J. Kuber downbound at Carrollton
6-ljkuber-10-31-10-ts-b.jpg (86381 bytes)
 Stern view nearing Saginaw Wirt
7-bmbusch-10-31-10-ts-a.jpg (148096 bytes)
Tug Barbara Merry Busch (ex. Statesboro) at the Busch Marine Dock
8-gjbusch-10-31-10-ts-a.jpg (183231 bytes)
Tug Gregory J. Busch at the Busch Marine Dock
9-passing-10-31-10-ts-a.jpg (66693 bytes)
Moore - Kuber passing the Busch tugs in Carrollton
10-passing-10-31-10-ts-b.jpg (73863 bytes)
 Manitowoc at Saginaw Wirt and Cuyahoga at Buena Vista Dock 
11-passing-10-31-10-ts-c.jpg (80846 bytes)
 Kuber nosing in to pass the Manitowoc and Cuyahoga
12-passing-10-31-10-ts-d.jpg (69269 bytes)
Another view

St. Clair & Detroit Rivers -
Dawn Roberts
1-Hawk-10-31-10-dr1.jpg (99838 bytes)
Before the ships arrived, this member of the hawk family swooped over my head and settled down by the river -- totally unwelcomed by gulls, who chased it into a tree!
2-Roses-10-31-10-dr1.jpg (113615 bytes)
 These roses & honeybees seem rare for the last day of October (St. Clair)
3-KEB-10-31-10-dr1.jpg (58160 bytes)
Kaye E. Barker
4-KEBAmCn-10-31-10-dr1.jpg (53882 bytes)
Kaye E. Barker & American Century
5-Am.-Cen-10-31-10-dr1.jpg (130602 bytes)
American Century
6-LAT-10-31-10-dr1.jpg (71387 bytes)
Lee A. Tregurtha
7-Pilica-10-31-10-dr1.jpg (61740 bytes)
8-Pirate-10-31-10-dr1.jpg (124085 bytes)
No pirates on the Great lakes, huh?  I cornered this one (wouldn't give her name) in her hideout within a mile of the river!
9-Gull-10-31-10-dr1.jpg (64590 bytes)
It pays to be informed

Saturday and Sunday from Brockville to Prescott - Dave Bessant
1-RadiumYellowknife-10-30-10-WDB.jpg (44210 bytes)
Radium Yellowknife and Big 243 downbound past Brockville Saturday in the rain
2-RadiumYellowknife-10-30-10-WDB.jpg (60831 bytes)
Radium Yellowknife
3-Mapleglen-10-31-10-WDB.jpg (65362 bytes)
Mapleglen approaching Brockville, Sunday morning
4-Mapleglen-10-31-10-WDB.jpg (77149 bytes) 5-Katja-10-31-10-WDB.jpg (87146 bytes)
Katja about an hour behind Mapleglen
6-Katja-10-31-10-WDB.jpg (85399 bytes)
Katja across from Morristown NY
9-CommodoreStraits-10-31-10-WDB.jpg (112705 bytes)
Commodore Straits tied up at the Prescott Elevators with two barges, including BIG 503
10-CommodoreStraits-10-31-10-WDB.jpg (77424 bytes) 11-CommodoreStraits-10-31-10-WDB.jpg (83498 bytes) 12-CommodoreStraits-10-31-10-WDB.jpg (87434 bytes)

Cleveland -
Kate White
1-Algosar-10-31-10-kw.jpg (101395 bytes)
Algosar approaching Columbus Road Bridge
2-Buffalo-10-31-10-kw.jpg (101559 bytes)
Buffalo from the Hope Memorial Bridge.
3-Dorothy-Ann-Pathfinder-10-31-10-kw.jpg (110639 bytes)
Dorothy Ann Pathfinder

Goderich Ont. Friday - Bruce Douglas
1-CdnProgress-10-29-10-bjd.jpg (81654 bytes)
Canadian Progress, high winds, and anchored offshore most of the day.  Waves over the breakwall.
2-Brant-10-29-10-bjd.jpg (104328 bytes)
Brant, saltie loading grain.
3-Brant-10-29-10-bjd.jpg (127508 bytes)
Brant, behind MacDonald's tug, Donald Bert.
4-Brant-10-29-10-bjd.jpg (98299 bytes) 5-CdnProgress-10-29-10-bjd.jpg (84928 bytes)
Canadian Progress, able to load at 7 p.m.
6-LastTime-10-29-10-bjd.jpg (94789 bytes)
 Last Time, idle today from the high winds.

Tug Reliance and Ironmaster upbound below the Iroquois Lock
- Murray Blancher
2-Ironmaster&Reliance-10-30-10-mb.jpg (81657 bytes) 1-Ironmaster-10-30-10-mb.jpg (71491 bytes) 3-Reliance-10-30-10-mb.jpg (75037 bytes)    

Historical Perspectives -
Richard Palmer
dn-6.asp.jpg (66879 bytes)
Clifford Hood at Oswego, 1955 unloading pig iron. Delaware,  Lackawanna & Western GP-7 in foreground.
dn-5.asp.jpg (51131 bytes)
Steamer Fontana heads for Niagara Mohawk Power Corp., Oswego,  with 
a load of coal from Sodus Point, 1950's.

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