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November 4, 20

Presque Isle Coal Dock - Bob Vincent
1-CSLLaurentien-11-3-10-bv.jpg (67470 bytes)
CSL Laurentien loading coal for US Steel Canada in Hamilton Ontario
2-CSLLaurentien-11-3-10-bv.jpg (93217 bytes)
View of the boom and aft deck house

St. Marys River Wednesday
- Roger LeLievre
Algoma-Discovery-11-3-10rl-1.jpg (25705 bytes)
Algoma Discovery in the rain at Mission Point
Algoma-Discovery-11-3-10rl-2.jpg (49486 bytes)
Stern view
Algoma-Discovery---Rega-11-3-10rl.jpg (53548 bytes)
Algoma Discovery and Rega pass in Soo Harbor

Buffalo, N.Y. -
Brian W.
1-John-M-Selvick-11-3-10-BW.jpg (64560 bytes)
The old Republic Steel Ore Dock with the tug John M Selvick rafted to the barge CBC 1268 with the Lake Trader barge moored behind them. Huge ore bridges and a large raw material storage pit were once located here.
3-John-M-Selvick-11-3-10-BW.jpg (54049 bytes)
CBC 1268 showing that as of 4 p.m. no windmill parts had been loaded yet. The tug that brought her in on the 1st, the Capt. Bud Bisso was no where to be found.
2-John-M-Selvick-11-3-10-BW.jpg (90283 bytes)
Lake Trader barge with a few riser tube sections secured on deck. She is tucked back into the corner of the Buffalo River Turning Basin #2.
4-John-M-Selvick-11-3-10-BW.jpg (86369 bytes)
Trucks bringing in more risers are seen waiting at the old Republic Steel property after crossing a union picket line at the gate. The once massive steel mill that sat here has been reduced to an open field, perfect for storing and transloading big dimensional cargo like windmill parts.

Detroit and Lake St. Clair Nov. 1 - Mike Nicholls
MAUMEEb01110110mn.jpg (54067 bytes)
Maumee downbound off Belle Isle.
MAUMEEs04110110mn.jpg (46878 bytes) PML25001AVENGERIVb05110110m.jpg (47044 bytes)
PML 2501 & Avenger IV downbound at Belle Isle Coast Guard Station.
AVENGERIVPML25001s06110110.jpg (47527 bytes) A397REBECCALYNNb07110110mn.jpg (45914 bytes)
A 397 Rebecca Lynn downbound at Belle Isle.
REBECCALYNNA397s081100110mn.jpg (53925 bytes) AMERICANMARINERb02110110mn.jpg (36063 bytes)
American Mariner downbound in Lake St. Clair.
AMERICANMARINERs03110110mn.jpg (39046 bytes) ALGONOVAb08110110mn.jpg (39403 bytes)
Algonova downbound in Lake St. Clair.
ALGONOVAs11110110mn.jpg (39198 bytes)
ISLEROUGEb13110110mn.jpg (39920 bytes)
C.C.G.S. Isle Rouge downbound in Lake St. Clair.
ISLEROUGEs14110110mn.jpg (42662 bytes) ATLANTICHURONb18110110mn.jpg (34882 bytes)
Atlantic Huron downbound in Lake St. Clair.
StClairCribLt15110110mn.jpg (87121 bytes)
St. Clair Crib Light.
ALGOWAYb23110110mn.jpg (43498 bytes)
Algoway downbound in the St. Clair Cut-Off.
ALGOWAYs24110110mn.jpg (41152 bytes)        

Calumet inbound Saginaw Bay Nov. 2 - Mike Nicholls
CALUMETb26110210mn.jpg (45026 bytes)        

St Clair at Mistersky Fuel Dock Nov. 3 - Mike Nicholls
STCLAIRs31110310mn.jpg (40273 bytes)        

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