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November 7, 20

St. Marys River Friday and Saturday - Roger LeLievre
Algoma-Discovery-11-6-10rl.jpg (58622 bytes)
Algoma Discovery entering the Rock Cut
Beluga-Family-11-5-10rl.jpg (61128 bytes)
Beluga Famil at Mission Point Friday
Birchglen-11-6-10rl.jpg (64764 bytes)
Birchglen upbound Saturday morning
Cresswell,-Peter-11-6-10rl.jpg (70443 bytes)
Peter R. Cresswell downbound
Lee-A---Cresswell-11-6-10rl.jpg (77389 bytes)
Peter R. Cresswell and Lee A. Tregurtha passing
PML-Ironmaster.jpg (63629 bytes)
PML Ironmaster and Yankcanuck laid up at Sault Ste. Marie, Ont.

Soo Activity Saturday
- Luke Archer
1-PRT-11-6-10-la.jpg (42524 bytes)
Paul R. Tregurtha approaching the lock, using the bow thruster.
2-Dorthy-Ann-11-6-10-la.jpg (56035 bytes)
Dorothy Ann and Paul R. Tregurtha superstructures.
3-PRTCresswell-11-6-10-la.jpg (57993 bytes)
Paul R. Tregurtha departing the locks with the Peter R. Cresswell coming in. 
4-PRCresswell-11-6-10-la.jpg (49222 bytes)
Cresswell in the Mac lock.
5-PRCresswell-11-6-10-la.jpg (74654 bytes)
Stern detail- notice the orange box with a pumpkin face.
6-LATregurtha-11-6-10-la.jpg (52629 bytes)
The Lee A. Tregurtha at Mission Point.
7-AlgomaGuardian-11-6-10-la.jpg (54146 bytes)
The Algoma Guardian at Mission Point.
8-AGuarLATreg-11-6-10-la.jpg (61046 bytes)
Algoma Guardian and Lee A. Tregurtha pass.
9-AlGuarLATreg-11-6-10-la.jpg (44543 bytes)
Bow and stern
10-stacks-11-6-10-la.jpg (50237 bytes)
Stack markings

- Bob Vincent
1-Saginaw-11-6-10-bv.jpg (83642 bytes)
Saginaw loading for the GM plant in Bowmanville Ontario
2-HLWhite-11-6-10-bv.jpg (77914 bytes)
H. Lee White under the CSX coal loader
3-HLWhite-11-6-10-bv.jpg (69276 bytes)
4-HLWhite-11-6-10-bv.jpg (109424 bytes)
Boom all the way out
5-HLWhite-11-6-10-bv.jpg (71869 bytes)
H. Lee White heading for Zug Island
6-NiagaraSpirit-11-6-10-bv.jpg (127161 bytes)
The barge Niagara Spirit and tug John Spence coming in
7-CSLLaurentien-11-6-10-bv.jpg (128048 bytes)
CSL Laurentien coming in
8-Mississippi-11-6-10-bv.jpg (97041 bytes)
Great Lakes Tug Mississippi leading the way
9-Nebraska-11-6-10-bv.jpg (84684 bytes)
Great Lakes tug Nebraska helping the Laurentien turn around in the turn basin in front of ADM elevators
10-CSLLaurentien-11-6-10-bv.jpg (64537 bytes)
The CSL Laurentien turning
11-Nebraska-11-6-10-bv.jpg (65129 bytes)
Great Lakes tug Nebraska helping guide the Laurentien into Andersons K dock
12-Mississippi-11-6-10-bv.jpg (94817 bytes)
Great Lakes tug Mississippi guiding the Laurentien at the forward end
13-CSLLaurentien-11-6-10-bv.jpg (84597 bytes)
CSL Laurentien at the Andersons K dock
14-Energy11103-11-6-10-bv.jpg (82114 bytes)
Barge Energy 11103 and tug Freedom Service at the Hocking Valley dock which is the Sunoco terminal

Mariatown and Iroquois -
Ron Beaupre
1-pilica-02-11-10-rb.jpg (74529 bytes)
Pilica sailing down the river past Mariatown.
2-bbcgreen-02-11-10-rb.jpg (71105 bytes)
BBC Greenland follows Pilica down the river.
3-fivelborg-03-11-10-rb.jpg (55507 bytes)
Fivelborg sails past Mariatown on her first trip through the Lakes.
4-shelley-03-11-10-rb.jpg (100506 bytes)
J W Shelley loading grain at Prescott Elevators.
5-ruddy-05-11-10-rb.jpg (59634 bytes)
Ruddy at Iroquois undergoing bottom inspection after touching bottom yesterday evening above Eisenhower Lock.
6-puffin-05-11-10-rb.jpg (75007 bytes)
Puffin passing Ruddy at Iroquois.

Buffalo, N.Y. -
Brian W.
1-CBC-1658-11-5-10-BW.jpg (74057 bytes)
Republic Steel Ore Dock on the Buffalo River from 1 p.m. on the 6th, after the John M Selvick - Lake Trader had departed, leaving the empty dock face seen behind the CBC-1268. The rubber fendering on the steel sheet pile is the only remaining structure to hint at the large steel mill that once occupied this property.
2-CBC1658-11-6-10-BW.jpg (84820 bytes)
Close up of the CBC-1268 showing the empty barge, the huge crane rig, some riser tubes, and a pile of braces laying on the ground that they use to transport them with.

Undaunted and barge PM41 wait out weather in Grand Traverse Bay -
Mark Mather
IMG_2892.jpg (67350 bytes) IMG_2886.jpg (88299 bytes) IMG_2889.jpg (77774 bytes)    

Historical perspectives
- Roger LeLievre
CanLeader62309rl.jpg (50611 bytes)
Canadian Leader in 2009, her last year of operation.
FeuxFollets-71-rl.jpg (52391 bytes)
Under her original name, Feux-Follets, in the early 1970s.

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